Equality and Socio-Economic Impact Assessments

List of all SEIAs produced by Argyll and Bute Council





Youth Justice Strategy Project

Oban staff co-location and redesign of the footprint of Lorne Resource Centre (LRC) and Lynnside Day Centre (LDC)

Dementia Services Redesign

Catering Provision Across Argyll and Bute-Implementation of Universal Free School Meals-Early Years

Review of AHP workforce, redesign of services and efficiencies in non-pay budgets. (Non-pays is any budget for supplies and expenses.)

Business Admin transformation (HSCP)

Review of care at home service support for people living in Bowman Court (independent tenancies) and patients receiving inpatient care at MICH (3 bedded in patient unit).

Review of provision of day services for older people

Review of Maternity Services

Budget Saving - Children and Families Health Teams £100K from Health Visiting and School Nursing

Social Work Admin Service Review

Budget Saving Social Work Children and Families:  SLA with GG&C for CAMHS service (Fusions)

Review of Children’s Social Care Staffing

Consolidation of the SLG Living Wage and modernisation of LGE pay and grading structure and employment deal

2020-2021 Budget Preparation

2020-2021 Budget Preparation Savings CSS02 – Customer Service Centre and Registration Services

2020-2021 Budget Preparation: Commercial Services; CS01 – Remodel Estates Staff Structure

2020-2021 Budget Preparation: Commercial Services; CS02 – Remodel Business Support in Estates, Programme Management and Property Services

Remodel Property Officer Team – CS03

DEG01 – Economic Growth – 7% Savings

Transformation Projects and Regeneration

PE Facilities


Reduction of the Educational Psychology Service by 22%

CAST (Creative Art in Schools Team) support

Quality Assessment and Moderation

Admin and Finance Assistants

16+ Learning Choices

Swimming Pool Subsidies (Islay & Jura)

Swimming Pool Subsidies (Mid Argyll)

Additional Support Needs (activities)

Central Team Savings

Community Learning Service Savings 20/21

Pupil Support Assistants

Withdrawal of Third Sector Grants (unrelated to delivery of 1140hrs) / Review of Early Years staffing

Budget savings proposals 2020/21: combined EqSEIA

Procurement & Contract Management Team realignment

Advice Services Team review

Removal of School Crossing Patrollers from Argyll and Bute Council

Burials and Cremations

Public conveniences



Removal of School Crossing Patrollers within Argyll and Bute

Reduction in staff for roads maintenance team

Reduction in Grounds and Environment budget

Reduction in staff for Amenity Services Enforcement

Removal of Road Safety Unit

Reconstructing the Council’s budget -Business Gateway budget template

Reconstructing the council’s budget – Instrumental Music Tuition Service

Review of Community Learning (Youth and Adult Learning Provision)

Reduction in maintenance of street lighting columns and lights

Argyll and Bute Council Budget 2019-20

Rezoning catchment of St Columba's School

Wellbeing Strategy

Procurement Strategy and Sustainable Procurement Policy 2020/2021



Waste - Maximise Income from Commercial Agreements

Strategic Transportation Airport Commercialisation

Removal of Road Safety Unit (Rapid Impact Assessment)

Removal of Road Safety Unit (Health and Safety Impact Assessment)

Removal of Community Transport Grants Model

Rationalisation of Public Toilets

Increase of Parking Charges

Economic Development Service Redesign

Depot Rationalisation

Combine Roads and Amenity Operations Under Single Area Management

ICT Production Team - Service Desk

ICT Production Team - Print Room

Review of Non-Domestic Rates (NDR), Sundry Debt, BIDs and MACC billing and collection, and Cash Collection

Review of the Administration of Council Tax and Housing Benefit, Scottish Welfare Fund, Welfare Reform and Anti-Poverty

Budget Reconstruction Proposal - Customer Service Points (CSPs)

Creditors Section – reconstructing the council’s budget–saving of two posts over two years

Equality and Diversity policy


Argyll and Bute Manager Programme

Local Development Plan

Procurement and Commissioning Strategy 2018-19

Single Investment Plan - Rural Growth Deal

Housing Benefit Overpayment Recovery and Debt Collection Procedure

Sundry Debtors Policy



Removal of school crossing patrollers

Closure of public toilets

Changes to bin collections

Argyll and Bute HSCP Strategic Plan 2016

Psychology Services - Service Choices

Secondary Schools - All other costs - Service Choices

Primary Schools - All other costs - Service Choices

Early Years - Service Choices

Education Support and Janitorial Services - Service Choices

Education, Music Instruction and Creative Arts - Service Choices

Additional Support Needs - Service Choices

Reduction in Expenditure on Tenancy Services - Service Choices

Adult Learning and Literacies - Service Choices

Rapid Impact Assessment - Procurement and Commissioning Strategy

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