Plastic bottles, pots and trays

Recycle more, cut waste to landfill

Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill saves money, helps protect services and through re-use and recycling is climate-friendly.

22 March 2024

Screen industry brings £1.3 million boost for Argyll and Bute

Accommodation providers, local shops and caterers are all benefitting from an increase in filming across Argyll and Bute, with an estimated local production spend of £1.3M over the last 12 months – up £720,000 compared to 2022.

21 March 2024

Council approves new development plan for Argyll and Bute

Argyll and Bute Council has formally adopted a plan for the area that will help deliver new development, safeguard the outstanding environment, attract external investment and address barriers to economic growth.

20 March 2024

Council completes Rothesay restoration project

After 13 years of successful heritage-led regeneration, Argyll and Bute Council has completed its project to restore and preserve key parts of Rothesay’s historic built environment.

20 March 2024
funding 1

Council to consider council tax freeze

Argyll and Bute Council is to consider freezing council tax at a special meeting next month, following a series of discussions with the Scottish Government over the last few weeks.

19 March 2024

Campbell Bequest/McNeil Bequest

People living in the Parish of Kildalton and Oa, Islay, might be eligible for funding from the Campbell Bequest/McNeil Bequest.

18 March 2024
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