Civil Partnership Paperwork

Detailed below are some of the paperwork you may need for a civil partnership in Scotland.  Please speak to your Registrar about what paperwork you are required to complete.


RCP1 Leaflet


Information Leaflet - Civil Partnership in Scotland

This leaflet provides you with information on the legal requirements for a civil partnership in Scotland and can help answer any questions you may have.




Civil Partnership Notice Application - CP10 and notes 

This form must be completed by both parties to the civil partnership and submitted to the local Registrar in the district where your partnership is to take place, no later 29 days before hand.  You cannot submit this form more than 3 months before the date of the partnership.


Additional Info


Additional Information and Witness Details

You will need to provide the names of two witnesses over the age of 16 that will be in attendance of your civil partnership.  If witnesses are being provided for you please write this on the form.


Baby and Hands


Declaration Status by Non UK Nationals

Anyone who is not a Biritish Citizen will need to complete this form and submit along with your notice to civil partnership (CP10). The Registrar will be unable to accept your notice to civil partnership without this form being completed.  You may also be required to provide passport size photographs for both parties of the civil partnershi[.  You should be aware that if you do not have the appropriate immigration status or the relevent visa for a civil partnership in the United Kingdom, your proposed civil partnership will be referred to the Home Office for investigation, which can result in a delay in your civil partnership taking place.  If you are unsure if you are subject to immigration control please speak to your Registrar who can advise or contact the Home Office.    If this applies to you please see the Home Office leaflet for more information about the referral and investigation scheme.


Baby and Hands


Provide Proof of EU Settlement Scheme

To provide proof of your EU Settlement Schemen (EUSS) you will need to provide a check code to the Registrar, this can either be done by emailing the code direct to the Registrar through the system or sending a note of the check code.  This must be provided when submitting your CP10 forms.  If you are unable to provide proof of your EUSS then you civil partnership may be referred to the Home Office before it can take place.  Please note a screen shot of your status is not acceptable.


Foreign Divorce Questionnaire


Foreign Divorce Questionnaire

if you have had a divorce that has taken place outwith the United Kindom you may be required to complete this addtional information regarding your divorce.  Your Registrar will advise you if you need to complete this form. 



Proof of Address


Proof of Address

When submitting your notice to civil partnership you will be required to provide proof of your permenant home address, please see list of acceptable documentation or speak to your Registrar.  If  residing at seperate addresses proof of each address would be required.


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