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Why Choose a Registrar for Your Ceremony?

Courtesy of Wonderful & Strange Photography
Courtesy of Wonderful & Strange Photography

Why Should I Choose a Registrar from Argyll and Bute?

Ask any newly married couple and they’ll tell you that organising a wedding can be stressful – there’s so much to plan. Here in Argyll and Bute, we want the run up to your big day to be an enjoyable experience, which is why our team of professional, experienced registrars are only too happy to help guide you through all the legal requirements. Not only will we help you to ensure that everything is completed as smoothly as possible, we will create a bespoke ceremony that is truly personal and unique to you. 

Unlike religious and non-belief ceremonies, there will be no need to attend the office to collect your marriage schedule prior to your wedding, or return it afterwards, as this is included in our service, giving you one less thing to worry about.


Have a look at our Registrars Gallery to see them conducting real ceremonies. 

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Do Registrars have any hidden costs?

There are no hidden extra charges, our fees include the processing of all your legal paperwork, personal ceremony, Registrar’s travel and your marriage certificate.

Are Argyll and Bute Registrars Qualified?

All our Registrars are very experienced and have participated in many ceremonies over the years. All New staff are given authority by the Registrar General and full training is provided by an experienced Registrar before they can conduct a ceremony on their own. 

Some of our Registrars have even undertaken a qualification in the Proficiency of the Law and Practice of Registration in Scotland, which is a qualification recognised by the Association of Registrars of Scotland, the Convention of Scottish Local Authorities and National Records of Scotland.  This qualification is not mandatory for conducting ceremonies.

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Why Should I have a Registrar Deliver My Ceremony?

Standing up in front of your friends and family can be a nerve-wracking experience but the Argyll and Bute Registrars will be on hand to put your mind at ease and help you through every step of the way.

We will guide you on the day making sure you know where to go and what you need to say – you don’t need to worry about learning your lines or forgetting what to say. You also have the benefit of having someone there on the day who is experienced in the full process of your marriage registration so if you have any last minute questions or there needs to be any changes on the day we can help you every step of the way.

Is a Registrars Ceremony Short and Basic?

A Registrar ceremony is whatever you want it to be. We want to help you to make your big day a truly memorable occasion for you and your guests. The ceremony can be as long as you wish it to be, and ideas and suggestions can be discussed with the Registrar beforehand.

Our motto is ‘It is your day so we do it your way’ and our focus is on making it possible for couples to have the day they are dreaming of.

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Photo courtesy of Margaret Soraya Photography

Describe your typical process with couples

As soon as a couple make contact and wish to book their ceremony, we add them to our diary and explain the paperwork/ceremony process to them.

We take a deposit to secure the booking and answer any questions they may have. Once they are within 3 months of the big day, we make contact to guide them through organising their paperwork and to start planning what they would like their ceremony to be like. We would then keep in regular contact to discuss the ceremony and the plans of the day.

What is a No.1 ceremony planning tip for couples?

Research your options for what you want to include in your ceremony, no couple or ceremony are the same. Speak to your family and friends to see if they want to take part, someone may want to do a reading or participate with the handfasting ceremony. These personal touches are the things you and your guests will remember for years to come.

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As a Registrar what are you most proud of?

We love that we are making someone’s day the best it can be. Supporting each couple guiding them through the paperwork stage and then being able to get to know them as a couple and create a memorable ceremony just the way they want it to be.  

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What is a favourite personal touch you have seen at a wedding?

During COVID restrictions when couples couldn’t have all the guests or family at a ceremony. Our registrars got loved ones to email messages in as a surprise for the couple during the ceremony. The messages where them printed into a booklet for the couple to keep.

How do Argyll and Bute Registrars ensure a stress-free wedding?

By keeping in contact with the couple answering all the questions in as much details as possible. Having discussions over the phone/face to face/by email or even Zoom so that we can get to know each other well and have the plans for the day well organised.

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What is the most unusual thing as a Registrar you have been asked to plan?

One couple decided to arrange their marriage as a surprise for their guests, they had all gathered for a party and the couple walked in wearing a wedding dress and kilt. It was amazing being able to help them make this possible.

What is a Registrars most memorable wedding?

 If you were to ask each Registrar I am sure they will all have a ceremony that is memorable to them. The people that we meet always have an impact on our ceremonies and we get to meet some amazing people. 

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