Marriage and Civil Ceremonies

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Marriage Ceremonies

Lynley and Callum courtesy of Chicphoto
Courtesy of Chic Photo by Jacqui

There are lots of additional ways to make your ceremony personal.

Our Registrars can help you choose the perfect ceremony for your special day.

Holly and Liam
Courtesy of John Clark Photography

Some example vows to inspire you and make your day more personal and special to you

John and Joy (courtesy of Chloe Jane Photography)
Courtesy of Chloe Jane Photography

You may wish to make a promise to one another, you can write your own to make the meaning more personal, or have a look at our examples here

Jamie and Danielle (courtesy of Kayleigh Scott)
Courtesy of Kayleigh Scott Photography

The exchange of rings is a tradition that has been practiced for many years but it is not a compulsory part of the ceremony.

Couples can also exchange gifts if they prefer or they do not need to exchange anything.

Graeme and Lisa (courtesy of Lauren Campbell Photography)
Courtesy of Lauren Campbell Photography

Some examples to inspire you and help make your day more personal and special to you.

Many couples wish to include music into their ceremony.

Fabulous food and drink - image of wedding at distillery
Courtesy of My Islay Wedding

You can ask a family member or guest to tell the story of your life together so far, this can include how you met, how you were proposed to or what your plans for the future may be.

There are many ways you may like to remember loved ones on your day

The Registrar can include as part of your ceremony a thank you to those who have travelled from away for attending or someone who has helped with the all the arrangements.