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Making your naming ceremony unique

This ceremony can involve parents, supporting adults, or whoever you choose. Using individual candles which they will in turn use to light one unity candle. Family and friends will then be invited forward to light their own candles from the unity candle flame in a symbolic act of togetherness and the joining of the families. The Unity Candle Ceremony is often used in naming ceremonies as a gesture of unity, symbolizing that those present will always surround the child(ren) in a circle of love.

This ceremony requires the couple to provide three containers of coloured sand – one colour for parent 1,one for Parent 2 and one for the child.

The three containers of sand are then poured into a fourth larger container at different points in the ceremony, each symbolising a different aspect of the couple, their relationship and their families. The sand then forms a pattern in the container, which is kept by the family as a keepsake of their day.

Children are an important part of every family, may it be your own child, nephew, niece or even just a child that is important to you.

For this ceremony the parent(s) need to give each other a rose.

This can involve the supporting parents, siblings or other person bringing the roses forward and doing a reading.   

A fitting example being Robert Burns’ ‘My Luve is like a Red, Red Rose’ before handing them to the child/parent
Some couples prefer to opt for a straightforward exchange of the roses during the ceremony and others have even chosen to involve their children in the ceremony. 

This ceremony involves the parent(s) or anyone who wishes writing a love letter to the child. They will also prepare a special box filled with special items such as a the newspaper from the date the child was born, a item of clothing no longer fitting and other mementos.

On the day of the ceremony the box is positioned at the front of the ceremony room. At a chosen part in the ceremony those who have written a letter will be asked to place their love letters in the box which will then be sealed shut.

The box will then be opened on the child’s Twenty-first or a birthday of their choosing.