Marriage and Civil Ceremonies

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The story behind your family

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Including a story about your family can make your ceremony more personal to you.  The information can include how long you and the child’s other parent been together, if you are raising the child as a single parent mentioning the important people in your child life or include a story about one of their siblings.  You may also want to explain why you have chosen to give the name to your child.

Example 1

We are all sharing in the joy of (child)’s arrival – everyone here will help share the responsibility of shaping them as a person.  (parent 1) and (parent 2) were married in this beautiful venue five years ago surrounded by the people they love.  After moving to a new home and travelling to many beautiful countires,  (parent 1) and (parent 2) decided they wanted to start their family.  First came along their beautiful daughter (child) and on (date), a sunny summer’s day (child) was born and their family was complete. 

Example 2

As many of you know, (child) took their time and patience come to (parent 1) and (parent 2).   Anyone who was around during the time knows that (child) has been dearly wished for and has been much wanted. 

Example 3

(parent 1) has chosen to give (child) a special name.  Let me explain they reason for such a beautiful name.  (name) was chosen after (parent 1) lost their aunt suddenly last year.  Aunt (name) was there for (parent 1) when she was growing up and loved to have a sleepover during the holidays.  They would have trips to the cinema and (parent 1) would always go to her for advice.