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Remembering loved ones

Remembering loved ones

There are many ways you may like to remember loved ones on your day, the most obvious of which being to ask your Registrar to mention loved ones in your ceremony. However you may also wish to include one of the following acts of remembrance:

  • The lighting of a memorial candle in memory of an individual or a group of individuals.
  • A table of remembrance with a photograph of your loved one(s) – you can also include a memorial candle here.  
  • Have a friend or family member do a reading or small speech in memory of the person/people.  
  • Include a favourite song of your loved ones within your ceremony music.
  • Release balloons in memory of your loved ones (for outdoor ceremonies)

Example 1

It is [Party1] and [Party 2]’s wish that as we get started today you all join with them in a moment to remember those who, for whatever reason, could not be here physically, but who are here in spirit and wishing them a lifetime of happiness.

Example 2

It is a day for happiness but sadly there is always someone who cannot be with us to celebrate.  [Party1] and [Party 2] would like to [light this candle,play this song etc] to remember [loved one] who would have loved to have joined them on this their special day.

Example 3

On this special day we remember

That loved ones are missing today,

Ones our hearts hold on to

As we travel along life’s way

Loved ones who made life so special,

For all those who gather here,

Ones who won’t be forgotten,

But cherished from year to year

And now as we pause to remember,

Let us all fondly recall,

How dearly each of us loved them,

And oh… how they loves us all!

Although we can’t see you

We know that you are here.

We feel the warmth of your smile

And can sense that you are near

And we want for you to know

Your love is still our guide

Memories carried in our hearts

You are always at our side.

It’s so sad you will not be here

On the day (Party 1) and (Party 2) say ‘I Do’

And so they say their vows today

In loving memory of you .