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Parent promises

Child's hand in adult hand

Here is a selection of promises you can choose to make to your child, you can make as many as you wish but it is suggested to have at least three.  You can also create your own promises if you prefer.

Sample 1

Registrar:  (parent 1) and (parent 2), will you be the best, most patient and most loving parents you can possibly be?

Parents: We will.

Sample 2 

Registrar: Will you always love, honour, and respect (child name)?

Parents:  We will.

Sample 3

Registrar: Will you help her/him learn to love truth, even when it goes against her/him?

Parents: We will.

Sample 4

Registrar: Will you cultivate in her/him a kind, generous, and sympathetic spirit?

Parents: We will.

Sample 5

Registrar:  Will you teach him/her that he/she is stronger than the things he/she fears?

Parents: We will.

Sample 6

Registrar:  Will you encourage him/her natural courage, curiosity, and sense of justice?

Parents:  We will.

Sample 7

Registrar:  Will you model for him/her a healthy and loving relationship that someday he/she may enjoy the same?

Parents:  We will.