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Grandparent promises

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Grandparents will play a big part of your child’s life and may wish to take part in the ceremony.

We have a selection of promises they can choose from to make to your child but they can also create their own promises if desired.

Sample 1

Registrar: Will you promise to offer your love, support and guidance to (parents name) whilst they raise (name of child)

GP: We will

Sample 2

Registrar: Will you promise to give (name of child) the benefit of your wisdom and experience of life to enhance his/her development.

GP: We will

Sample 3

Registrar: Will you promise to provide a haven of fun, love, giggles and special treats

GP: We will

Sample 4

Registrar: Will you promise to always be there for (name of child), be someone to listen when they need someone and give hugs when needed

GP: We will