Private rented sector housing

Our Advice for both Landlords and Private Tenants

  • Co-operation and respect in all matters brings results for you both.
  • Use the information here to research your position, be sure of the facts and follow the correct procedures.
  • Don’t let small problems become big issues.  Deal with matters quickly and efficiently.
  • Early contact with Housing Service may provide the advice and assistance you need to prevent disputes arising.

Shelter Scotland provides a huge information resource for tenants and landlords.

The regulation of the private rented sector is a shared responsibility between the Housing and Property Chamber - First-tier Tribunal for Scotland (formerly Private Rented Housing Panel) and the Council.

Argyll and Bute Council is running a programme of random sample surveys in the private rented sector to identify houses failing the standard and to work with landlords to make improvements.

Private tenants wishing to make a direct complaint about the standard of their accommodation should follow the advice and procedures of the Housing and Property Chamber - First-tier Tribunal for Scotland. Failure to deal with repair issues may affect your registration as a Private Landlord.

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