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Council Tax is a property based tax payable by the resident, owners or tenants of each property.

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A full breakdown and explanation of council tax, and water and sewerage charges, showing increases for each band between 2023/24 and the new charges for 2024/25 is available here - Your council tax bill explained

Council Tax Bands for 2024-25

Council tax charges 2024/25
Band Council Tax (£) Water (£) Sewerage (£) Total Scottish Water (£) Total Payable 2024/25 (£)
A 986.13 168.60 195.66 364.26 1350.39
B 1150.49 196.70 228.27 424.97 1575.46
C 1314.84 224.80 260.88 485.68 1800.52
D 1479.20 252.90 293.49 546.39 2025.59
E 1943.50 309.10 358.71 667.81 2611.31
F 2403.70 365.30 423.93 789.23 3192.93
G 2896.77 421.50 489.15 910.65 3807.42
H 3624.04 505.80 586.98 1092.78 4716.82

*(based on market value at 01/04/91)

To get details about specific properties including what Band applies, please visit the Scottish Assessors Association website (Scotland) or on  (England and Wales)

Water and Sewerage Charges

Argyll and Bute Council is not responsible for setting these charges but is required by law to include these charges in its bill.

The level of the charges is set by the Water Authority and is subject to scrutiny by the Water Industry Commissioner and the Scottish Government.  Please refer to the Scottish Water website for further information on the service provided.

Water and sewerage charges are not included in your bill if you have a metered or private water supply and are connected to a private septic tank.  Please contact the Council’s Customer Service Centre on 01546 605511 if you believe you are wrongly charged for water and sewerage.

For more information on water and sewerage rates please visit the Scottish Water Website

Water Direct - for low income households in receipt of Council Tax Reduction, arrears in water and sewerage charges can be collected through benefits deductions through a scheme called Water Direct - find out more about Water Direct here

Council Tax Bands for 2023-24

Council tax bands 23/24
BandCouncil Tax (£)Water (£)Sewerage (£)Total Scottish WaterTotal Payable 2023/24 (£)


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