Getting help at home

How to get help if you or someone you know needs assistance with their day to day living.

How to get in touch about care at home

What kind of help can you get?

Care at home

Care at home services provide help for people who need assistance while living at home, particularly after an illness, a spell in hospital or an unexpected event such as an accident or fall. You can get help with personal care, which is normally free for anyone over 65 (e.g. help with washing, dressing, taking medication, etc.), and in some circumstances you can get homecare help with domestic tasks such as shopping, housework, etc (there is normally a charge for this). This service is based on an assessment and prioritisation of need.

Aids and adaptations for your home

How to get aids and adaptations for your home, including how to get help paying for them, to make your home suitable for your needs

Occupational therapy

Our occupational therapy service works with people who have a condition that affects their daily life and activities. They work with people to improve their safety and independence at home, and recommend any aids and adaptations for the home that will make their day to day lives easier and safer.

Telecare alarm service

A full home alarm service for vulnerable people, as well as sensors to detect smoke, heat or flood, to keep you safe at home

Contact Social Work

Contact Social Work

Send us your enquiry using our online form

Phone numbers

01546 605517 (During working hours - Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)
01631 566491 or 01631 569712 (Emergency standby out of hours service)

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