Aids and adaptations

Help for older and disabled people, grants and assistance

Help for your home

We can help you ensure that you have the most appropriate adaptations or equipment installed in your home to make life easier for you or your family.  We can also advise you of the best people and organisations to contact so that you get the best service possible.

We help individuals and families with a wide range of needs.  Some of the situations that may lead to households needing specialist equipment or adaptations or a more appropriate home can include:

  • a family have a disabled child growing up and need help with lifting or bathing,
  • a young person with learning disabilities reaching adulthood is looking for a place of their own,  
  • an elderly person with mobility problems finds an existing house unsuitable,
  • a blind person wants to stay in their home but now needs help
  • an elderly person wants to move to a smaller house or one with more manageable maintenance
  • or any other condition which may mean a house does not meet an individual's needs.

Our Advice

We recommend that you contact us as soon as possible if you require help with aids or adaptations to your home.  It can take some time to plan and implement an adaptation or to find a new home, sometimes many years.  The earlier you start to plan for your likely future housing needs, the greater the likelihood of your aspirations being met.


For many people facing barriers to independent living in their own homes having the correct equipment can be very important.  It can also make things easier for carers who provide support at home.    Equipment can assist with such activities as dressing, cooking, getting on and off the toilet or in and out of bed.  Following an assessment of need equipment may be provided free of charge.

Information can also be provided if clients wish to purchase equipment themselves.

Further information


The Argyll and Bute Telecare Service is available to any Argyll and Bute resident who is assessed as being at risk due to age and/or disability and/or social circumstances.  Telecare is easy to use communications technology designed to give those at risk greater independence in their own homes.

Telecare is delivered by Argyll and Bute Council Adult Care Services.

Our Advice

  • Telecare provides peace of mind for carers, friends and family as well as the individual occupier.
  • Telecare has uses not just for the elderly but for young disabled people too.
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