Argyll and Bute Telecare Service

Who is it for?

Telecare User

The Telecare Alarm Service is available to any Argyll and Bute resident who is assessed as being at risk due to age and / or disability and / or social circumstances. This includes people who are:

  • Living alone or living with another vulnerable person
  • Living with a carer or carers where the service is essential to maintain the care arrangements
  • Carers who require support to help look after a dependent
  • Disabled due to clinical/medical condition such as MS, epilepsy or heart condition
  • Responsible for a child/children who may be at risk due to the medical condition of their carers
  • Vulnerable when living alone due to a history of domestic violence
  • Isolated or housebound due to disability, regardless of age

The Telecare Service is a 24 hour, 365 days a year service, which is currently supported by Hanover Telecare (0845 604 4686). All calls from a Telecare Unit result in immediate voice contact being made with staff in Hanover Telecare, via your telephone line. The operator on duty will deal with your call and where appropriate pass your call to your nominated keyholder.

We are also able to provide other sensors including smoke detectors, heat sensors, open door alerts, flood detectors, bed and chair sensors and a range of other equipment which can be linked to the telecare unit. These sensors will activate automatically should assistance be required. If you would like to be assessed for the Telecare Service, you should contact your local Telecare Outreach Worker, details below.

Further information on the service:

If you would more information on the Telecare service or would like to make an enquiry for yourself or someone you know to be assessed for the Telecare service, you can either use our online enquiry form, or contact us on the numbers below.

General Enquiries
Nancy MacDonald; 01546 604275

Heather Steele; 07876 355657 or 01700 501300

Kintyre/Gigha (includes Campbeltown and all the surrounding villages)
Aileen MacLean; 07876 393449 or 01586 559075

Mid-Argyll North (Lochgilphead, Inveraray, Kilmartin, Crinan)
Carol Logan (01631 567801/07920 547689)

Mid Argyll South (Ardrishaig, Tarbert, Kilberry, Ormsary)
Aileen MacLean; 07876 393449 or 01586 559075

Julie Baines; 07876 447019 or 01436 658897

Carol Logan (01631 567801/07920 547689)

Fiona Munn/Allina Langley; 01879 220765

Lloyd Wells; 01496 301350

District Nurse; 01951 200339

Rae Ogilby-Wood - 01688 301903/07824 431107

Cost and payments

A small charge of £5 per week is made for provision of the Telecare Service. This charge will commence following installation. There is a 4 week minimum contract term.

You can pay for the service in the following ways:

Telephone: 01546 605515

Online: (using our online payments system)

In person: at any of our Customer Service Points

Argyll and Bute Council is a member of the Telecare Services Association

Information for professionals

Council and NHS workers can find further information about the application process here.