Lismore bin collection

Household rubbish and recycling collections for the Isle of Lismore.

Find your bin collection calendar by entering your postcode

Please put your bin out by 7am on your collection day

Read our Questions and Answers about changes to your bin collections

Your recycling bags are put inside your blue bin

What goes in your blue bin?

Your blue bin is for paper, card, cans and plastic

Your blue bin is emptied every 2 weeks

Further information on recycling plastics, including which plastic symbol numbers we accept, can be found in our Recycling section

Please put all your recyclable materials inside the bags provided, tie the tops, and place them inside your blue bin for collection

  • Please rinse cans, cartons and plastics before putting them in the bags
  • Please leave the lids off bottles so they can be squashed, or squash them and put the lids back on
  • Please only use the opaque recycling bags provided - if you need more bags please phone us on 01546 605514
  • Shredded paper can be put into a recyclable item first, for example, a cereal box


  • food, drink and aerosol cans
  • clean plastic drinks, detergent or cosmetic bottles, plastic pots, tubs and trays
  • paper, newspaper, brochures, magazines, envelopes, books
  • food packaging cardboard / packaging sleeves
  • cereal boxes
  • egg boxes
  • cardboard boxes / packaging
  • drinks cartons / tetrapaks
  • clean foil containers (takeaway food etc)

Please don't include:

  • oil or paint tins
  • plastic bags or liners
  • other types of plastic packaging
  • tissues
  • metallic wrapping paper
  • paper and card contaminated with food
  • painted paper or card
Green bin

What goes in your green bin?

Your green bin is for general rubbish

Your green bin is emptied every 3 weeks

Please use your green bin for all the general rubbish that we can't recycle


  • nappies
  • cling film, bubble wrap, or food contaminated plastics
  • non-recyclable plastics
  • polystyrene packing
  • items that can't be recycled

Please don't include:

  • items that can be recycled
  • batteries and electrical equipment
  • rubble, soil, stone or bricks
  • bulky items
  • Only 1 green bin per household will be emptied (apart from some exceptions - find out more in our FAQs)
  • Please ensure your bin is clearly labelled with your house number or name

Please don’t, under any circumstances, put potentially flammable items such as batteries or marine flares in your household wheelie bins.

  • Batteries: these can be recycled safely at shops selling batteries or at our civic amenity sites - further information on recycling batteries.
  • Marine flares: please contact your nearest marina who will be able to advise you on the correct disposal route.
Green wheelie bin
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