Keeping your bins clean

General guidance on keeping your bins clean

  • Reduce the amount of rubbish you put in your green bin - for example, buy only the food you need and use what you buy.
  • Make full use of the recycling services available in your area.
  • Food waste can be composted at home. Zero Waste Scotland has an easy guide to composting.
  • Garden waste can be composted at home or taken to a recycling centre.
  • Always bag your rubbish before putting it in the green bin.
  • Always keep your bin lid closed. This stops flies and vermin from entering the bin as well as preventing cats, dogs, birds and foxes from getting access to your rubbish and splitting the bags open.
  • Use a wheelie bin liner. These are large refuse sacks designed to fit inside the bin which can be used in addition to other bin bags/liners.  Alternatively use a sheet of newspaper in the bottom of the bin to absorb any moisture and prevent loose rubbish sticking to the bottom of the bin.
  • If possible, store your green bin out of direct sunlight. This will slow decomposition of the waste, reducing smells and also slow the development of any maggots.
  • Clean/wash your green bin out regularly to get rid of any residues. Use an anti-bacterial cleaner, disinfectant or bicarbonate of soda to kill off any germs and reduce any smells.
  • Maggots and flies' eggs can be killed by using bleach, boiling water or disinfectants. If maggots get into your wheeled bin, most of them will be removed with the rubbish when your bin is emptied.
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