Coll bin collection

Rubbish and recycling collections on Coll

Find your bin collection calendar by entering your postcode

Please put your bin out by 8am on your collection day

Read our Questions and Answers about your bin collections

What goes in your recycling bags?

You no longer need to separate out the different types of recycling into different bags - you can now put all your paper, cardboard, tins, cans and plastics into the same recycling bag

Your bags are collected every 2 weeks

When you need more recycling bags, please contact the island's waste and recycling representative

You can continue to recycle a wide range of items at the village compound. You can also take glass bottles and jars to the shed by the Fire Station

Find out more about what can go in your recycling bags

Green bin - new

Green bin for general waste

Your green bin is for non-recyclable rubbish, and is collected every 3 weeks.

Only 1 green bin per household will be emptied (apart from some exceptions - find out more in our FAQs)

Find out more about what goes in your green bin here

Green wheelie bin
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