Short Term Lets - Public Register

This page holds the register of all valid applications that have been made for a Short Term Let Licence in Argyll and Bute as per the council Policy on Short Term Lets. An application is only valid once the applicant has submitted all the necessary evidences required for an assessment of the application to take place and has paid the licence fee. At that point the Application will be given a Licence Reference Number and will appear on the searchable register contained on this page.

Citizens are able to object to an application for a Short Term Let before it is granted, providing they have valid grounds to do so. The register contains a link to an objection form. Once an application has been granted it is no longer possible to object to the Let, but citizens can lodge a complaint about the operation of the Let. Complaints must be sent by email to .

Short term lets - licence types
Licence Type Code Description
Temporary exemption E A temporary exemption from the requirements to obtain a licence
Temporary licence T A temporary licence for a duration not exceeding 6 weeks (unless an application for full licence is received before expiry)
Provisional licence number issued on receipt of a licence application from existing hosts only P For existing short term let operators, for properties which were let prior to the introduction of the licencing system on 1st October 2022, who apply for a full first  licence before 1st October 2023, but who have not yet received a determination
New operator application N An application for a licence from new operators or from existing operators who miss the 1 October 2023 deadline or are applying for a licence for  properties that were previously unlet prior to the introduction of the licencing system on 1st October 2022, and who have not yet received a determination
First (full) licence F A standard full licence
Renewed licence R A licence which has been renewed by the applicant

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Current short term let applications
Company Name / Manager NameLet Type and EPC RatingAddressLicence No. and typeOccupancy and Premises TypeStatusObjectDate
Home Sharing | DGowanlea, Argyll Street, Campbeltown PA28 6AZAR00026F | First (full) licence4 | Detached houseGranted - with additional conditions2022-12-08
Turner MarySecondary Letting | GFishermans Cottage New Orleans, Campbeltown PA28 6REAR00069F | First (full) licence2 | Detached houseGranted - with additional conditions2023-03-28
jones hannahSecondary Letting | BCorputechan Cottage, Bellochantuy, Campbeltown PA28 6QEAR00030F | First (full) licence4 | Detached houseGranted - with additional conditions2023-01-23
Home Sharing | CAcacia Cottage, Kilkenzie, Campbeltown PA28 6QDAR00051F | First (full) licence4 | Detached houseGranted - with additional conditions2023-03-06
Peacock ElizabethSecondary Letting | CHigh Trodigal Cottage, Machrihanish, Campbeltown PA28 6PTAR00175F | First (full) licence2 | Detached houseGranted - with additional conditions2023-05-25
shaw vanessaSecondary Letting | DTangy, Kilchenzie, Campbeltown PA28 6QDAR00360P | Provisional licence6 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-13
Shaw VanessaSecondary Letting | FSaddell House, Saddell, Campbeltown PA28 6QSAR00372P | Provisional licence13 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-21
shaw vanessaSecondary Letting | DFerrymans Cottage, Saddell, Campbeltown PA28 6QSAR00359P | Provisional licence5 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-13
shaw vanessaSecondary Letting | AShore Cottage, Saddell, Campbeltown PA28 6QSAR00382P | Provisional licence6 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-29
shaw vanessaSecondary Letting | GCuil Na Sith, Saddell, Campbeltown PA28 6QSAR00361P | Provisional licence4 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-13
Ralston CatherineSecondary Letting | CThe Dairy, Rhoin Farm, Campbeltown PA28 6NTAR00338P | Provisional licence7 | Semi-detached housePending determination2023-09-04
Skibinska IwonaSecondary Letting | CFlat 4/2, Mafeking Place Close 1, Burnbank Street, Campbeltown PA28 6JDAR00174F | First (full) licence5 | Self-contained flatGranted - with additional conditions2023-05-25
Kat ClelandSecondary Letting | FThe Lodge, Saddell, Campbeltown PA28 6QSAR00369P | Provisional licence4 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-14
shaw vanessaSecondary Letting | FSelf Catering Units, Saddell Castle, Saddell, Campbeltown PA28 6QSAR00374P | Provisional licence8 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-21
Donna McCrimmonSecondary Letting | C2 Kilkerran Road, Campbeltown PA28 6JLAR00251F | First (full) licence4 | Self-contained flatGranted - with additional conditions2023-07-02
Iain CampbellSecondary Letting | EOld Schoolhouse, Southend, Campbeltown PA28 6RQAR00283F | First (full) licence6 | Semi-detached houseGranted - with additional conditions2023-07-18
MacMillan MichelleSecondary Letting | D20 High Street, Campbeltown PA28 6DSAR00293F | First (full) licence8 | Self-contained flatGranted - with additional conditions2023-07-26
Park SimonSecondary Letting | DFlat 1/2, 19 Longrow South, Campbeltown PA28 6AHAR00291F | First (full) licence3 | Self-contained flatGranted - with additional conditions2023-07-24
Ross WilliamSecondary Letting | DFlat 1/2, Mclean Place, 4 Main Street, Campbeltown PA28 6AGAR00334N | New licence application4 | Self-contained flatPending determination2023-08-29
Georganas AlexanderSecondary Letting | C95E Longrow, Campbeltown PA28 6EXAR00323N | New licence application5 | Self-contained flatPending determination2023-08-21
Prospice Investments Ltd Hemmant ChristianSecondary Letting | EArdlynn, Lochruan Road, Campbeltown PA28 6TDAR00348P | Provisional licence6 | Detached housePending determinationobject2023-09-10
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