Topic Sheets

We have produced sheets on a wide variety of topics and information sheets and will continue to add to the list.

Topic Sheets and Information Sheets - are prepared to offer

topic sheet graphic

consistent information to enquiries received by the Council.  They do not form a definitive list of all the options but are a guide to where to start looking.  They will be updated periodically and show the latest revision date.

Topic Sheets available;

Cost of Living search   Social Enterprise, Festivals and Events, Renewables, Heritage, Procurement

Topic Sheets consist of:

Information page - This part of the topic sheet provides general background on the topic subject.

Contacts List - These pages lists useful contacts, addresses and links to web pages which should point you in the right direction of where to obtain further information, advice and guidance.

Additional Information - We have attached a few extra documents that you may find useful.

Grantfinder report - Is a detailed funding search undertaken in respect of the specific topic and is saved on the Grantfinder website. If you have access to this site you can run an updated search.  It will be updated periodically showing the latest search date.


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