This guide provides useful information and guidance when planning an event including duties and responsibilities, identifies key tasks and gives advice you may need.

Before applying, ensure you have sufficient time for your application:

TTRO (Temporary Traffic Regulation Order) if required, minimum 3 months notice

All events require a minimum 28 days’ notice, to allow the relevant services and partners to be contacted.

Where Events require a licence (drinks, food etc.), this may require you to adopt more stringent controls and conditions, allow enough time for licence application process.

We will process your event application and keep you informed of its progress.  It is the event organisers responsibility to ensure that they have read and understood our terms and conditions, our guidance notes (available on the web) and also complete all application forms and licence applications on time and accurately. 

We reserve the right to refuse applications and should this happen, we will provide a reason for any refusal.  We appreciate the hard work and effort organisers put into staging any event and will ensure all applications receive proper consideration.  Where possible, we will aim to approve and support events proposed across the region.  Our community and economy benefit from events and we appreciate the work you are doing to contribute to this.

Event applications must be completed on-line.  There are different categories of events, please ensure you complete the correct on-line application, a minor event will require less information than a major one and it is important that you provide the correct details to the Council for the event type you are planning.  Numbers referred to below are total attendees, including organisers, officials and attendees.

                                Minor (less than 50 people at event)

                                Major (more than 50 people at event)


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