Our Roads - Regulations and Limits

Traffic Regulation Orders

Traffic regulation orders are legal orders put in place to control speed, movement and parking of vehicles and control pedestrian movement on our roads. You can view any proposed traffic regulation orders we have for our roads at the moment below.  You can find out about any traffic regulation orders on Trunk Roads on the Transport Scotland website.

Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders

The Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders currently in operation in Argyll and Bute are listed below:

Details of the order


Associated Documents

Dates Order In Operation

Campbell Drive and Hermitage Avenue, Helensburgh Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order

Campbell Drive, Hermitage Avenue, HelensburghPublic Notice- Campbell Drive/Hermitage AvenueWhen indicated by signs between 2nd April 2018 to 21st December 2018 or until the works are complete whichever is the earliest. 


(B8000 Leanach-Otter Ferry-Tighnabruaich Road) (Temporary Prohibition of Traffic) Order 2018



 B8000 Leanach-Otter Ferry-Tighnabruaich Road which extends from a point approx 100 metres north of the Lephinchapel North Bridge beyond the property named ‘Lephinchapel’ for approx 400 metres.Public Notice - Leanach - Otter Ferry 0001 hours on 26th February to 2359 hours on 27th April 2018 or until such time that the restriction is no longer required, whichever is the earliest.

A880 Rashfield to Ardentinny Road, Kilmun Temporary Prohibition of Waiting No. 2 Order

A880 at Kilmun, between Kilmun Pier and Grahams Point

Public Notice - Kilmun3rd February to 28th April 2018 or until works are complete whichever is the earlier.

Various Streets, Dunoon Temporary Traffic Management Order

Kirk Brae, Argyll Street, Hillfoot Street and Ferry Brae, Dunoon

Public Notice - Various StreetsFrom 12th February to 18th March 2018 or until works are complete whichever is the earlier.

UC059 RAF Machrihanish Road temporary prohibition of traffic order

Machrihanish Business Park entrance to junction with A83, as indicated in order

Public notice - RAF MachrihanishValid from 8th January until the 6th April 2018 (when indicated by signs) or until prohibition is no longer required

B8000 Leanach - Otter Ferry - Tighnabruaich Road temporary 3 tonnes MGW weight restriction order

4.5 km stretch of B8000 (Leanach - Otter Ferry - Tighnabruaich Road) as indicated in order

Public notice - B8000Valid from 0100hrs on 4th December 2017 to 2359 hrs on 1st August 2018, or until remedial works are complete

Proposed New Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders

Proposed new Traffic Regulations Orders currently being drafted are listed in the table below:

Details of the Draft Order

Associated Documents

Associated Maps


Bus Turning Circle, Rest and Be Thankful, Cowal - Traffic Management Order

Public Notice - Bus Turning Circle

Statement of Reasons - Bus Turning Circle

Plan- Bus Turning Circle

Closing date for objections is 13th April 2018.  Details of how to object are indicated in the public notice.

Campbeltown Town Centre Management Order (Various Streets)

Public notice - Campbeltown Town Centre Management

Statement of Reasons - Campbeltown Town Centre Management

Campbeltown Town Centre - Existing

Campbeltown Town Centre - Proposed

Consideration of objections following Statutory Consultation

Redetermination of Means of Exercise of Public Right of Passage Order - Harvey's Lane Campbeltown

Public notice - Harvey's Lane Campbeltown

Statement of Reasons - Harvey's Lane Campbeltown

Harvey's Lane, Campbeltown

Order to be made


Various street (Luss) Traffic Management Order

Old A82 Road, Luss Speed Limit Order



Objections considered - Orders not taken up

Off Street Parking and charges Inveraray order


Consideration of objections following Statutory Consultation

James Street, John Street, West Montrose Street and Sinclair Street, Helensburgh Traffic Management Amendment order


Objections considered - West Montrose Street proposal - Agreed

James Street and John Street proposals -Not taken up


Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders

Permanent Traffic Regulation Orders which have come into operation within the last 6 months are listed below for information:

Details of the order


Associated Documents

Effective Date

(Main Street, Campbeltown) (No Stopping except Taxis) OrderMain Street, Campbeltown7th May 2018
Dunbeg Village Roads 20mph Speed LimitAll Dunbeg Village Roads9th April 2018
A848 Tobermory 30mph Speed Limit ExtensionThe A848 Tobermory Pier – Salen Pier Road on its southern approach to Tobermory.9th April 2018

Off Street Parking Places and Charges, Lochgilphead Order

Lorne Street Car Park, Lochgilphead

2nd April 2018

A814 Main Road, Cardross Prohibition of Waiting Order

A814 Main Road, Cardross- Layby area at junction with Scott Gardens

26th March 2018

Disabled Street Parking - Oban Order

Croft Road (Longsdale Crescent), Drimvargie Road and Kerrera Terrace, Oban

 19th March 2018

On Street Parking and Charges, Oban Order

On Streets Parking Oban

26th March 2018

Off Street Car Parking and Charges, Oban Order

Oban Off Street Car Parks

26th March 2018

The Dunbeg Village Roads, Dunstaffnage Castle Road (Side Roads) Order 2017 - authorised improvement of a private road

Dunstaffnage Castle Road from its junction with Lorn Road near the Roman Catholic Church, to the cattle grid at the Housing Estate Boundary.


23rd October 2017

Carradale, Kintyre Speed Limit Order 2017

Shore Road and Waterfront Road, Carradale, Kintyre

Public notice, Carradale speed limit

Carradale plan 2017

4th September 2017


Abnormal Loads

"Abnormal Loads Movements" - A brief guide to Notification and Authorisation requirements.

An ‘abnormal load’ is a vehicle that has any of the following:

  • a weight of more than 44,000 kilograms
  • an axle load of more than 10,000 kilograms for a single non-driving axle and 11,500 kilograms for a single driving axle
  • a width of more than 2.9 metres
  • a rigid length of more than 18.65 metres

If you’re responsible for transporting an abnormal load, you need to follow regulations for notifying the authorities.

Before a large or heavy load can travel on the road, we need to check that there are no problems with the route it proposes to take.  If you wish to move such a load in Argyll & Bute, or for any further information, please contact abnormalloads@argyll-bute.gov.uk with the following details:

  • route proposed
  • date of journey
  • vehicle sizes
  • vehicle weight and axle configuration

N.B Abnormal Load movements on our Trunk Roads, (A82, A83, A85, A828) should be sent to Transport Scotland.

For information on restrictions on the Trunk Road network which includes the A82, A83, A85 and A828 in Argyll & Bute, please visit the Traffic Scotland website.

For information on restrictions on Scottish Canals' network which includes the Crinan Canal in Argyll & Bute, please contact Scottish Canals at SCAbnormal.Loads@scottishcanals.co.uk

Additional Abnormal loads forms and guidance can be found on the ESDAL site

Weight & Height Restrictions

An A0 map of Argyll & Bute Council's Road, Bridge, Pier & Wall Restictions can be viewed or downloaded here:
Argyll & Bute Restrictions (3Mb).

For further information, please contact:

   Infrastructure Design
   Argyll & Bute Council
   1A Manse Brae
   Argyll & Bute
   PA31 8RD


For information on restrictions on the Trunk Road network which includes the A82, A83, A85 and A828 in Argyll & Bute, please visit the Traffic Scotland website

For information on restrictions on Scottish Canals' network which includes the Crinan Canal in Argyll & Bute, please contact Scottish Canals.

Mull Roads Weight Restrictions

An exemption system has been introduced permitting vehicles with a plated MGW greater than a particular roads restriction to travel along such a road provided the GROSS VEHICLE WEIGHT (GVW) does not exceed the route MGW restriction.  Applications can be made here