Register of land and assets

To help community bodies identify assets that may be available through asset transfer, section 94 of the Act requires Argyll and Bute Council to establish, maintain and make available a register of land which it owns or leases, "to the best of its knowledge and belief."

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To view the location of an asset on a map, please click on the "Name" or go to the land and assets toolkit and use the mapping tool.

To check if an asset is being actively progressed to a commercial sale follow this link - Properties available for sale and rent

NameAddressTypeEasting / NorthingUPRN reference
Coll Airfield Main BuildingBallyhough Landing Ground,Coll,Ballard,PA78 6TEAirfield116589 / 754797PR05102240001
Colonsay Airfield Main BuildingMachrins,PA61 7YRAirfield135894 / 693105PR05211720001
Connel Airfield (Oban Airport) RunwayOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWAirfield0 / 0PR06406860001
Connel Airfield Radio BeaconOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWAirfield190951 / 735329PR06406860001
Connel Airfield Terminal BuildingOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWAirfield190789 / 735556PR06406860001
Bendarroch Sports Facility All Weather PitchFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DLAll Weather Pitch223798 / 691394PV10911560001
Black Park All Weather PitchBlack Park,Union Street,Dunoon,PA23 8ERAll Weather Pitch217472 / 677637PV00514010001
Campbeltown Grammar School All Weather Pitch - 3GHutcheon Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JSAll Weather Pitch0 / 0PE03201300001
Dunoon Grammar School All Weather Pitch - 2G64,Ardenslate Road,Dunoon,PA23 8LUAll Weather Pitch217570 / 678244PE00512090001
Dunoon Grammar School All Weather Pitch - 3G64,Ardenslate Road,Dunoon,PA23 8LUAll Weather Pitch217570 / 678244PE00512090001
Hermitage Academy All Weather Pitch - 2GCardross Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LAAll Weather Pitch231638 / 681308PE11012100001
Hermitage Academy All Weather Pitch - 3GCardross Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LAAll Weather Pitch231638 / 681308PE11012100001
Innellan Primary School All Weather PitchWyndham Road,Innellan,PA237SJAll Weather Pitch215142 / 670796PE00705200001
Islay High School All Weather PitchFlora Street,Bowmore,PA437JYAll Weather Pitch130821 / 659651PE01900870001
King George V All Weather PitchTobermory,Strongarbh,PA75 6AGAll Weather Pitch150595 / 755490PV09110680001
Kinloch Green All Weather Pitch - 3GKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6DNAll Weather Pitch171911 / 620752PV03201430001
Kirkmichael Park Helensburgh All Weather PitchKirkmichael Park,Helensburgh,G84 7LZAll Weather Pitch231161 / 682437PV11004800001
Lochgilphead Joint Campus All Weather Pitch - 3GA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryAll Weather Pitch186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Lochnell Primary School All Weather PitchLedaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZAll Weather Pitch190660 / 738648PE04705860001
Oban Community Playing FieldSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4JBAll Weather Pitch186154 / 729253PE06507740001
Oban Joint Primary Campus All Weather Pitch - 2GSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4SBAll Weather Pitch185990 / 728571PE06512080001
Park Primary School All Weather PitchKerrera Terrace,Oban,PA34 5AUAll Weather Pitch186105 / 731256PE06507320001
Port Ellen All Weather PitchLennox Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7BWAll Weather Pitch136988 / 645282PE02808130001
Rosneath Primary School All Weather PitchClachan Road,Rosneath,G84 0RJAll Weather Pitch0 / 0PE11508420001
Rothesay Joint Campus All Weather Pitch - 3GTownhead Road,Rothesay,PA20 9JHAll Weather Pitch208502 / 663361PE09712110001
Strath of Appin All Weather PitchAppin,PA38 4BCAll Weather Pitch193616 / 746349PE04500100001
Tarbert All Weather PitchTarbert,Back Street/Easfield,PA29 6URAll Weather Pitch186255 / 668384PV08410060001
Tiree School All Weather PitchScarinish,Corrnaigmore,PA77 6XAAll Weather Pitch97721 / 747591PE06702350002
Argyll Street Gardens BandstandArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7LUBandstand217523 / 676652PV00503030001
Ardrishaig Primary School Bicycle ShelterGlengilp Road,Ardrishaig,Glengilp,PA30 8HFBike Shelter0 / 0PE06900330001
Tarbert Sports Area Bike ShelterTarbert,Back Street/Easfield,PA29 6URBike Shelter0 / 0PV08410060001
Ardrishaig Primary School Biomass BoilerhouseGlengilp Road,Ardrishaig,Glengilp,PA30 8HFBiomass Boilerhouse0 / 0PE06900330001
Inveraray Primary School Biomass BoilerhouseThe Avenue,Inveraray,PA32 3UEBiomass Boilerhouse0 / 0PE07705350001
Kilcreggan Primary Biomass ShedSchool Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HTBiomass Boilerhouse0 / 0PE11105630001
Kilmory Castle Biomass BoilerhouseLochgilphead,Kilmory,PA318RTBiomass Boilerhouse186887 / 686743PP08206170001
Park Primary School Biomass BoilerhouseKerrera Terrace,Oban,PA34 5AUBiomass Boilerhouse186105 / 731256PE06507320001
Tiree School Biomass BoilerhouseScarinish,Corrnaigmore,PA77 6XABiomass Boilerhouse97696 / 747552PE06702350002
Tobermory School Biomass BoilerhouseBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBBiomass Boilerhouse150518 / 755447PE09110480002
Kilcreggan Primary School Blaes PitchSchool Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HTBlaes Pitch222794 / 681004PE11105630001
Bridge at Mill Street/Ladeside Street GardensMill Street,Rothesay,PA20 0EXBridge208608 / 664446PV09714110001
Appin Bus Shelter at Creagan Bridge NorthboundA828,Appin,Kirkton,North Shian road end & Creagan Bridge,PA38 4DLBus Shelter197750 / 744658PT04513520001
Appin Bus Shelter at Creagan Bridge SouthboundA828,Appin,Kirkton,North Shian road end & Creagan Bridge,PA38 4DLBus Shelter197742 / 744631PT04513520001
Appin Bus Shelter at KirktonA828,Appin,Kirkton,North Shian road end & Creagan Bridge,PA38 4DLBus Shelter193784 / 746009PT04513520001
Appin Bus Shelter at North Shian Road EndA828,Appin,Kirkton,North Shian road end & Creagan Bridge,PA38 4DLBus Shelter195890 / 745030PT04513520001
Appin Bus Shelter opp KirktonA828,Appin,Kirkton,North Shian road end & Creagan Bridge,PA38 4DLBus Shelter193797 / 746030PT04513520001
Ardbeg Bus ShelterArdbeg Road,Rothesay,PA20 0NNBus Shelter208273 / 666823PT09712830001
Arden Bus Shelter at Arden LodgeAt Duck Bay & Arden Lodge,Alexandria,Arden,G83 8RBBus Shelter236000 / 684476PT10113190001
Arden Bus Shelter at Duck BayAt Duck Bay & Arden Lodge,Alexandria,Arden,G83 8RBBus Shelter237215 / 683362PT10113190001
Arden Bus Shelter opp Duck BayAt Duck Bay & Arden Lodge,Alexandria,Arden,G83 8RBBus Shelter237190 / 683360PT10113190001
Ardgartan Bus Shelter near Visitor CentreArdgartan Visitor Centre,Arrochar,G83 7ARBus Shelter227042 / 703596PT10213400001
Ardgartan Bus Shelter opp Visitor CentreArdgartan Visitor Centre,Arrochar,G83 7ARBus Shelter227055 / 703604PT10213400001
Ardnadam Bus Shelter - Shore Road opp Ferry RoadShore Road,Dunoon,Sandbank,PA23 8QDBus Shelter217333 / 680237PP01209690001
Ardnadam Pier Bus Shelter - Shore Road Opp Pier RoadShore Road,Dunoon,Sandbank,PA23 8QDBus Shelter216610 / 680365PP01209690001
Ardpeaton Bus ShelterNear Peaton Cottage,Shore Road,Cove,Ardpeaton,G84 0PEBus Shelter221587 / 685592PT10513410001
Ardrishaig Bus Shelter at Argyll Arms HotelA83,Park Road and Brae Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYBus Shelter185171 / 685672PT06913680001
Ardrishaig Bus Shelter at Brae RoadA83,Park Road and Brae Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYBus Shelter185165 / 685191PT06913680001
Ardrishaig Bus Shelter opp Primary SchoolA83,Park Road and Brae Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYBus Shelter185122 / 686186PT06913680001
Ardrishaig Bus Shelter opp RS McCollA83,Park Road and Brae Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYBus Shelter185171 / 685672PT06913680001
Arrochar Bus Shelter at CemeteryA814 at Cemetery & Church Road,Arrochar,G83 7AGBus Shelter229537 / 703679PT10213420001
Arrochar Bus Shelter at SuccothA814 at Cemetery & Church Road,Arrochar,G83 7AGBus Shelter229716 / 705311PT10213420001
Arrochar Bus Shelter Church RoadA814 at Cemetery & Church Road,Arrochar,G83 7AGBus Shelter229748 / 703793PT10213420001
Ballygrant Bus Shelterat Gartness Cottages,Ballygrant,PA45 7QNBus Shelter139164 / 666017PT01812970001
Barcaldine Bus Shelter at Sealife CentreA828,Barcaldine,Oak Tree Cottage and Sealife Centre,PA37 1SGBus Shelter194266 / 741137PT04613530001
Barcaldine Bus Shelter near Oak Tree CottageA828,Barcaldine,Oak Tree Cottage and Sealife Centre,PA37 1SGBus Shelter195982 / 741564PT04613530001
Barcaldine Bus Shelter opp Oak Tree CottageA828,Barcaldine,Oak Tree Cottage and Sealife Centre,PA37 1SGBus Shelter195907 / 741571PT04613530001
Bellochantuy Bus ShelterA83 opp Argyll Hotel,Bellochantuy,PA28 6QEBus Shelter166269 / 632345PT03613050001
Benderloch Bus Shelter at Ford Spence CourtA828,Benderloch,PA37 1QWBus Shelter190474 / 738079PT04713540001
Benderloch Bus Shelter at Lochnell SchoolA828,Benderloch,PA37 1QWBus Shelter190660 / 738610PT04713540001
Benderloch Bus Shelter at Lynn of LorneA828,Benderloch,PA37 1QWBus Shelter190508 / 738185PT04713540001
Benderloch Bus Shelter opp Lochnell SchoolA828,Benderloch,PA37 1QWBus Shelter190687 / 738596PT04713540001
Benmore Bus Shelter at Botanic GardensBenmore,PA23 8QUBus Shelter214358 / 685496PR12711170001
Benmore Bus Shelter opposite Botanic GardensBenmore,PA23 8QUBus Shelter214358 / 685496PR12711170001
Blairmore Bus Shelterat Pier,Blairmore,PA23 8TJBus Shelter219527 / 681718PT00312900001
Blairvadach Bus Shelter at Gullybridge HomeA814,Shandon,Blairvadach,G84 8NNBus Shelter226038 / 685342PT11413430001
Blairvadach Bus Shelter opp Outdoor CentreA814,Shandon,Blairvadach,G84 8NNBus Shelter226171 / 685209PT11413430001
Bonawe Bus ShelterKenmore Cottages,Bonawe,PA37 1RJBus Shelter200271 / 734025PT06613550001
Bowmore Bus Shelter - BankMain Street,Bowmore,PA43 7JJBus Shelter131067 / 659835PP01900950001
Bowmore Bus Shelter - Co-opMain Street,Bowmore,PA43 7JJBus Shelter131067 / 659835PP01900950001
Brenfield Bus ShelterTarbert Road,Ardrishaig,A83 at Kilberry Road End,PA30 8ERBus Shelter185099 / 681969PT06913670001
Bridge of Awe Bus ShelterA85,Bridge of Awe,at filling station,PA35 1HTBus Shelter203328 / 729673PT06613560001
Bruichladdich Bus ShelterNear An Taigh Osda,Bruichladdich,PA49 7UNBus Shelter126460 / 661050PT02112980001
Bunessan Bus ShelterA849,Bunessan,at Fire Station,PA67 6DGBus Shelter138214 / 721812PT08613770001
Bus Shelter at Cnoc an Raer CemeteryPort Bannaytne,PA20 0LSBus Shelter205500 / 667293PT09612880001
Cairnbaan Bus ShelterB841,Cairnbaan,Opp Cairndubh Cottages,PA31 8SQBus Shelter183302 / 690759PT13213690001
Cairndow Bus Shelter opp Road End JunctionA83,Cairndow,PA26 8BNBus Shelter218452 / 711328PT01312800001
Cairndow Bus Shelter Road End JunctionA83,Cairndow,PA26 8BNBus Shelter218448 / 711356PT01312800001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Argyll StreetCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171911 / 620321PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Bus Teminus Stance 2Campbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171999 / 620592PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Bus Terminal Stance 1Campbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171994 / 620608PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Calton AvenueCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171315 / 620997PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Castlehill Primary SchoolCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171870 / 620119PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Davaar AvenueCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171211 / 621084PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at High StreetCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171994 / 620608PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Hillside RoadCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171527 / 621180PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Kilkerran RoadCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter173050 / 619298PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Lorne Campbell CourtCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171554 / 620946PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Meadow ParkCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171824 / 619948PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Meadows AvenueCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171443 / 619931PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Mill StreetCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171630 / 621041PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Millknowe StoresCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171576 / 621071PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Ralston RoadCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171994 / 620608PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at TescoCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171836 / 620853PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter at Tomaig RoadCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171295 / 619897PT03213840001
Campbeltown Bus Shelter near Range RoadCampbeltown,PA28 6EGBus Shelter171558 / 619912PT03213840001
Caol Ila Bus Shelterat Caol Ila Road End,Port Askaig,PA46 7RBBus Shelter142440 / 669060PT02612990001
Cardross Bus Shelter at Cardross CrematoriumMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter233170 / 678745PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter at Colgrain FarmMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter232373 / 680204PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter at Golf ClubMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter234776 / 677407PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter at Smithy RoadMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter234231 / 677775PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter at War MemorialMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter234519 / 677576PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter opp Bainfield RoadMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter234948 / 677122PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter opp Cardross CrematoriumMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter233087 / 678847PT10313850001
Cardross Bus Shelter opp Smithy RoadMain Road & Cardross Crematorium,Cardross,G82Bus Shelter234162 / 677849PT10313850001
Carradale Bus Shelter at Port Righ Road EndSurgery Car Park & Port Righ Road End,Carradale,PA28 6QGBus Shelter181306 / 638306PT03313060001
Carradale Bus Shelter at SurgerySurgery Car Park & Port Righ Road End,Carradale,PA28 6QGBus Shelter179794 / 638034PT03313060001
Carrick Castle Bus Shelterat Car Park,Carrick Castle,PA24 8AFBus Shelter219351 / 694437PT01012910001
Clachaig Bus Shelteropp Brae Cottage,Nr Sandbank,Clachaig,PA23 8REBus Shelter211834 / 681542PT01212920001
Clachan Bus Shelternear Corrie Cottage,Clachan,PA29 6XLBus Shelter176503 / 656095PT11613070001
Clynder Bus Shelter at The SoundingsRosneath Road,Clynder,G84 0QEBus Shelter224469 / 684924PT10413440001
Clynder Bus Shelter opp Clynder StoresRosneath Road,Clynder,G84 0QEBus Shelter224800 / 684225PT10413440001
Clynder Bus Shelter opp Pier RoadRosneath Road,Clynder,G84 0QEBus Shelter224627 / 684720PT10413440001
Connel Bus Shelter near Bridge JunctionA85,Connel,Near Bridge Junction,PA37 1PJBus Shelter190879 / 734223PT06413580001
Connel Bus Shelter opp Bridge JunctionA85,Connel,Near Bridge Junction,PA37 1PJBus Shelter190867 / 734241PT06413580001
Cove Bus ShelterAt Burgh Hall,Shore Road,Cove,G84 0LTBus Shelter222419 / 680861PT10513450001
Craigmore Bus Shelter Opp PierWellpark Road,Rothesay,PA20 9LBBus Shelter210326 / 665440PP09709410001
Craignure Bus Shelter at Fishnish Ferry TerminalA849,Craignure,opp Java Road End,PA65 6BBBus Shelter165711 / 742329PT08713780001
Craignure Bus Shelter at Java Road EndA849,Craignure,opp Java Road End,PA65 6BBBus Shelter171215 / 737645PT08713780001
Craobh Haven Bus ShelterA816,Craobh Haven,at Road End,PA31 8QWBus Shelter180999 / 708364PT07213710001
Dalavich Bus ShelterDalavich,at Post Office,PA35 1HNBus Shelter196890 / 712709PT05713590001
Dalmally Bus Shelter A85 SouthboundDunbeg,PA37 1QBBus Shelter188053 / 733369PT05513610001
Dalmally Bus Shelter at GlenviewDalmally,PA33 1AYBus Shelter217187 / 727310PT05413600001
Dalmally Bus Shelter at StationDalmally,PA33 1AYBus Shelter216009 / 727251PT05413600001
Dalmally Bus Shelter opp Glenorchy Lodge HotelDalmally,PA33 1AYBus Shelter216321 / 727268PT05413600001
Drumlemble Bus Shelterbeside Village Hall,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWBus Shelter166297 / 619741PT03413080001
Dunbeg Bus Shelter A85 NorthboundDunbeg,PA37 1QBBus Shelter188197 / 733500PT05513610001
Dunbeg Bus Shelter at Meadow RoadDunbeg,PA37 1QBBus Shelter188103 / 733456PT05513610001
Dunbeg Bus Shelter at Turning CircleDunbeg,PA37 1QBBus Shelter187701 / 733428PT05513610001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at Co-opDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217282 / 677299PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at General HospitalDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217252 / 677860PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at GlenmoragDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter216823 / 676082PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at MorrisonsDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217366 / 677008PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at St John's ChurchDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217284 / 676959PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at Tor AluinnDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter215967 / 673396PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter at Walkers Garden CentreDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217228 / 677862PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter Bullwood Road at RockvaleDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter216304 / 674001PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter Bullwood Road at Tigh-Na-CladachDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter216639 / 675106PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter opp Bus DepotDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217549 / 677511PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter opp CragroyDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217928 / 677331PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter opp Riverside LeisureDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217478 / 676877PV00511190001
Dunoon Bus Shelter Park RoadDunoon,PA23 8BEBus Shelter217713 / 677802PV00511190001
Dunoon New Breakwater Bus Shelter 1Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJBus Shelter217590 / 676392PV00512180001
Dunoon New Breakwater Bus Shelter 2Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJBus Shelter217590 / 676405PV00512180001
Dunoon New Breakwater Bus Shelter 3Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJBus Shelter217590 / 676418PV00512180001
Dunoon New Breakwater Bus Shelter 4Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJBus Shelter217590 / 676431PV00512180001
Ettrick Bay Bus ShelterEttrick Bay,PA20 0QTBus Shelter203494 / 666462PT09712840001
Faslane Bus Shelter at Station RoadA814,Faslane,G84 8PABus Shelter224997 / 687503PT10713460001
Faslane Bus Shelter Glen FruinA814,Faslane,G84 8PABus Shelter224961 / 687547PT10713460001
Faslane Bus Shelter near CemeteryA814,Faslane,G84 8PABus Shelter224901 / 689790PT10713460001
Faslane Bus Shelter opp Station RoadA814,Faslane,G84 8PABus Shelter224961 / 687547PT10713460001
Ford Bus ShelterFord,opp Hatchery Cottages,PA31 8RHBus Shelter186884 / 703565PT07513720001
Furnace Bus Shelter at Coille MhinneanFurnace,at Village Hall & Coille Mhinnean,PA32 8XNBus Shelter200360 / 698762PT07613700001
Furnace Bus Shelter at Village HallFurnace,at Village Hall & Coille Mhinnean,PA32 8XNBus Shelter202340 / 700109PT07613700001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter at Bromley PlaceGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter223985 / 691261PT10913870001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter at Dunivard RoadGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter224094 / 690913PT10913870001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter at Linn WalkGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter223726 / 691700PT10913870001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter at RowmoreGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter224414 / 689853PT10913870001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter opp Dunivard RoadGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter224085 / 690872PT10913870001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter opp Queens CrescentGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter223898 / 691443PT10913870001
Garelochhead Bus Shelter opp Station RoadGarelochhead,G84 0DFBus Shelter223976 / 691254PT10913870001
Glenbarr Bus Shelter A83 Northboundat Glenbarr Cottages,Glenbarr,PA29 6UXBus Shelter167023 / 636876PT03613090001
Glenbarr Bus Shelter A83 Southboundat Glenbarr Cottages,Glenbarr,PA29 6UXBus Shelter167023 / 636878PT03613090001
Glenbranter Bus Shelter A815 at Road EndA815 Glenbranter Road End,Strachur,Glenbranter,PA27 8DJBus Shelter211387 / 698034PT01312810001
Glenbranter Bus Shelter A815 Opp Road EndA815 Glenbranter Road End,Strachur,Glenbranter,PA27 8DJBus Shelter211389 / 679039PT01312810001
Glenegedale Bus Shelter at AirportIslay Airport,Port Ellen,Glenegedale,PA42 7ASBus Shelter133071 / 651603PT02813000001
Glenegedale Bus Shelter opp AirportIslay Airport,Port Ellen,Glenegedale,PA42 7ASBus Shelter133102 / 651576PT02813000001
Gruline Bus ShelterB8035,Gruline,at Crossroads wtih B8073,PA71 6HRBus Shelter154706 / 740722PT09013790001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at 12 Marmion AvenueHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231095 / 681462PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at 42 Marmion AvenueHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231234 / 681361PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at 46 West Princes StreetHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter229495 / 682426PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at Hardy HillHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231256 / 682923PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at Hermitage AcademyHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231521 / 681202PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at Nursery StreetHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter230877 / 681960PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at StationHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter229750 / 682347PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter at West Princes StreetHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter229479 / 682426PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter near Talisman CrescentHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter230955 / 681700PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter Old Luss RoadHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter230881 / 681827PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp 42 Marmion AvenueHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231225 / 681377PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp Cairndhu AvenueHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter228453 / 682884PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp Hardy HillHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231194 / 682913PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp Hermitage AcademyHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter231505 / 681198PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp Nursery StreetHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter230901 / 681955PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp StationHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter229789 / 682317PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter opp Sutherland StreetHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter228856 / 682780PT11013880001
Helensburgh Bus Shelter Stuckleckie RoadHelensburgh,Craigendoran to Cairndhu Avenue,G84 8TDBus Shelter230992 / 682407PT11013880001
Innellan Bus Shelter at Bowling GreenInnellan,PA23 7SS - PA23 7TNBus Shelter214594 / 669916PP00705120001
Innellan Bus Shelter at Cluniter RoadInnellan,PA23 7SS - PA23 7TNBus Shelter215715 / 672103PP00705120001
Innellan Bus Shelter at Dalriada GroveInnellan,PA23 7SS - PA23 7TNBus Shelter214339 / 669575PP00705120001
Innellan Bus Shelter at Newton ParkInnellan,PA23 7SS - PA23 7TNBus Shelter214140 / 669266PP00705120001
Innellan Bus Shelter at Newton RoadInnellan,PA23 7SS - PA23 7TNBus Shelter214951 / 670247PP00705120001
Innellan Bus Shelter at Sandy BeachInnellan,PA23 7SS - PA23 7TNBus Shelter214264 / 669479PP00705120001
Inveraray Bus Shelter at Argyll Caravan ParkFront Street,Barn Brae & Argyll Caravan Park,Inveraray,PA32 8UYBus Shelter207276 / 705468PT07713730001
Inveraray Bus Shelter Barn BraeFront Street,Barn Brae & Argyll Caravan Park,Inveraray,PA32 8UYBus Shelter209353 / 707904PT07713730001
Inveraray Bus Shelter Front Street ShoresideFront Street,Barn Brae & Argyll Caravan Park,Inveraray,PA32 8UYBus Shelter209630 / 708595PT07713730001
Inveraray Bus Shelter Front Street TownsideFront Street,Barn Brae & Argyll Caravan Park,Inveraray,PA32 8UYBus Shelter209616 / 708576PT07713730001
Inverbeg Bus Shelter at HotelA82,Inverbeg,G83 8PDBus Shelter234571 / 697959PT11213460001
Inverbeg Bus Shelter opp HotelA82,Inverbeg,G83 8PDBus Shelter234581 / 697958PT11213460001
Kames Bus Shelterat Post Office,Kames,PA21 2ABBus Shelter197161 / 671428PT00812930001
Keills Bus ShelterLaoigan Place,Port Askaig,Keills,PA46 7RQBus Shelter141750 / 668610PT02613010001
Kilchattan Bay Bus ShelterKilchattan Bay,PA20 9NGBus Shelter209997 / 655176PT09412860001
Kilchenzie Bus Shelterat Wellpark,Kilchenzie,PA28 6QFBus Shelter167514 / 624871PT03713100001
Kilmartin Bus Shelter beside hotelKilmartin,PA31 8RQBus Shelter183505 / 698858PP07905670001
Kilmartin Bus Shelter opp HotelKilmartin,PA31 8RQBus Shelter183505 / 698858PP07905670001
Kilmelford Bus Shelter at Car ParkKilmelford,PA34 4XBBus Shelter184836 / 712894PT05813740001
Kilmelford Bus Shelter opp Car ParkKilmelford,PA34 4XBBus Shelter184865 / 712901PT05813740001
Kilmichael Bus Shelter at BridgendOpp Dalriada Place & Opp Church,Kilmichael Glassary,PA31 8QABus Shelter185319 / 692945PT08013690001
Kilmichael Bus Shelter at ChurchOpp Dalriada Place & Opp Church,Kilmichael Glassary,PA31 8QABus Shelter185860 / 693520PT08013690001
Kilmore Bus ShelterA816,Kilmore,opp Village Hall,PA34 4XTBus Shelter187664 / 725450PT05913620001
Kilmun Bus Shelter at Graham's PointA880,Kilmun,Riverbank Surgery to Johnston Avenue,PA23 8SABus Shelter217452 / 681316PT00912810001
Kilmun Bus Shelter at Johnston AvenueA880,Kilmun,Riverbank Surgery to Johnston Avenue,PA23 8SABus Shelter217680 / 681221PT00912810001
Kilmun Bus Shelter at Riverbank SurgeryA880,Kilmun,Riverbank Surgery to Johnston Avenue,PA23 8SABus Shelter215969 / 682558PT00912810001
Kilmun Bus Shelter opp Riverbank SurgeryA880,Kilmun,Riverbank Surgery to Johnston Avenue,PA23 8SABus Shelter215922 / 682582PT00912810001
Kilninver Bus ShelterA816,Kilninver,at Cnoc An Dariach,PA34 4UYBus Shelter183049 / 721040PT06013630001
Kingarth Bus ShelterBeside Former Police Station,Kingarth,PA20 9NPBus Shelter209829 / 655802PT09512870001
Kinloch Bus ShelterB8035,Nr Pennyghael,Kinloch Crossroads,PA70 6HQBus Shelter154628 / 729230PT11713800001
Kirn Bus Shelter at Hunter's QuayArdenslate Road & Marine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8LUBus Shelter218375 / 669916PT00512940001
Kirn Bus Shelter Marine ParadeArdenslate Road & Marine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8LUBus Shelter218406 / 678102PT00512940001
Kirn Bus Shelter opp Dunoon GrammarArdenslate Road & Marine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8LUBus Shelter217527 / 678177PT00512940001
Lochawe Bus ShelterA85,Lochawe,St Conans Road junction,PA33 1ALBus Shelter211447 / 726671PT06213650001
Lochgair Bus Shelter at HotelLochgair,PA31 8SABus Shelter192214 / 690468PP08105990001
Lochgair Bus Shelter opp HotelLochgair,PA31 8SABus Shelter192239 / 690469PP08105990001
Lochgilphead Bus Shelter at Burns BraeLochgilphead,PA31 8JLBus Shelter186660 / 688329PT08213860001
Lochgilphead Bus Shelter at Kilmory Industrial EstateLochgilphead,PA31 8JLBus Shelter186387 / 686637PT08213860001
Lochgilphead Bus Shelter at Lochnell Street ShoresideLochgilphead,PA31 8JLBus Shelter186259 / 687918PT08213860001
Lochgilphead Bus Shelter at Lochnell Street TownsideLochgilphead,PA31 8JLBus Shelter186254 / 687946PT08213860001
Lochgilphead Bus Shelter at Swimming PoolLochgilphead,PA31 8JLBus Shelter185677 / 688854PT08213860001
Lochgilphead Bus Shelter opp Highbank ParkLochgilphead,PA31 8JLBus Shelter185793 / 688401PT08213860001
Lochgoilhead Bus Shelter at Car Parkat Car Park & Drimsynie,Lochgoilhead,PA24 8AQBus Shelter219997 / 701293PT01012950001
Lochgoilhead Bus Shelter at Drimsynieat Car Park & Drimsynie,Lochgoilhead,PA24 8AQBus Shelter219566 / 701634PT01012950001
Luss Bus Shelter at Car ParkLuss,G83 8PABus Shelter235914 / 693089PP11206730001
Luss Bus Shelter at Glendarroch TearoomA82,Luss,G83 8NYBus Shelter235725 / 692855PT11213470001
Luss Bus Shelter opp Glendarroch TearoomA82,Luss,G83 8NYBus Shelter235725 / 692855PT11213470001
Machrihanish Bus Shelteropp Village Hall,Machrihanish,PA28 6PZBus Shelter163760 / 620719PT03813110001
Marine Road Bus ShelterPort Bannaytne,PA20 0LSBus Shelter207113 / 667308PT09612880001
Minard Bus Shelter at Birdfield QuarryMinard,PA32 8YDBus Shelter195532 / 694021PT08313750001
Minard Bus Shelter near traffic lightsMinard,PA32 8YDBus Shelter197903 / 696224PT08313750001
Muasdale Bus Shelter A83 NorthboundA83,Muasdale Cottages,Muasdale,PA29 6XEBus Shelter167944 / 640100PT13113120001
Muasdale Bus Shelter A83 SouthboundA83,Muasdale Cottages,Muasdale,PA29 6XEBus Shelter167953 / 640074PT13113120001
North Connel Bus Shelter at Bonawe Road EndNorth Connel,PA37 1SXBus Shelter191088 / 734900PT06413640001
North Connel Bus Shelter at Etive ParkNorth Connel,PA37 1SXBus Shelter190883 / 734832PT06413640001
North Connel Bus Shelter at Ledaig TP SiteNorth Connel,PA37 1SXBus Shelter190845 / 735520PT06413640001
North Connel Bus Shelter at North Ledaig Caravan parkNorth Connel,PA37 1SXBus Shelter190820 / 736853PT06413640001
North Connel Bus Shelter at Oban AirportNorth Connel,PA37 1SXBus Shelter190845 / 735520PT06413640001
Oban Bus Shelter at Atlantis LeisureOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186081 / 730700PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Corran BraeOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185700 / 730886PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Corran Halls Car ParkOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185734 / 730584PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Creag Bhan VillageOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185157 / 728295PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Fire StationOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185818 / 728697PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Glencruitten CourtOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186425 / 729365PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Jura Road junctionOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186416 / 728913PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Lochside StreetOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185940 / 729663PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Longsdale CrescentOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186435 / 730708PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Mossfield StadiumOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186492 / 729529PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at North Pier Car ParkOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185801 / 730264PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Soroba LaneOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185963 / 729554PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter at Ulva Road junctionOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186283 / 728833PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter Lonan DriveOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186108 / 728347PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter near McKelvie Road junctionOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185429 / 728472PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter opp Breda DriveOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185226 / 728535PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter opp Fire StationOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185794 / 728699PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter opp HospitalOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185659 / 728687PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter opp Lochavullin Car ParkOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185902 / 729439PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter opp Lower SorobaOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter185884 / 728489PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter opp Morvern Hill junctionOban,PA34 4NTBus Shelter186145 / 728654PP06507390001
Oban Bus Shelter Station Road at Bank of ScotlandOban,PA34 4LLBus Shelter185856 / 7299887PV06507590001
Oban Bus Shelter Station Road Stance 1Oban,PA34 4LLBus Shelter185849 / 729861PV06507590001
Oban Bus Shelter Station Road Stance 2Oban,PA34 4LLBus Shelter185841 / 729872PV06507590001
Oban Bus Shelter Station Road Stance 3Oban,PA34 4LLBus Shelter185839 / 729889PV06507590001
Oban Bus Shelter Station Road Stance 4Oban,PA34 4LLBus Shelter185843 / 729900PV06507590001
Peninver Bus Shelterat Car Park,Peninver,PA28 6QPBus Shelter175924 / 624913PT03213130001
Pier Lane Junction Bus ShelterPort Bannaytne,PA20 0LSBus Shelter207597 / 667317PT09612880001
Port Ann Bus ShelterPort Ann,Opp Port Ann Village,PA31 8SEBus Shelter190649 / 686635PT08213760001
Port Askaig Pier Bus ShelterPort Askaig,PA46 7RBBus Shelter143109 / 669282PR02607900002
Port Charlotte Bus Shelter at Daal TerraceWest End to Daal Terrace,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TLBus Shelter125325 / 658566PT02713020001
Port Charlotte Bus Shelter at West EndWest End to Daal Terrace,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TLBus Shelter124972 / 657899PT02713020001
Port Charlotte Bus Shelter near Post OfficeWest End to Daal Terrace,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TLBus Shelter125252 / 658156PT02713020001
Port Ellen Bus Shelter at Charlotte StreetBetween Antrim View and Lennox Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7DFBus Shelter136446 / 645318PT02813030001
Port Ellen Bus Shelter at Lennox StreetBetween Antrim View and Lennox Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7DFBus Shelter136837 / 645246PT02813030001
Port Ellen Bus Shelter opp Antrim ViewBetween Antrim View and Lennox Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7DFBus Shelter136051 / 645861PT02813030001
Port Wemyss Bus ShelterShore Street,Port Wemyss,Opp Main Street Junction,PA47 7STBus Shelter116860 / 651735PT02913040001
Portavadie Bus Shelterat Ferry Terminal,Portavadie,PA21 2DABus Shelter192681 / 669787PT01112960001
Rest and be Thankful Bus ShelterBy Arrochar,Car Park at Turning Circle,G84 7ASBus Shelter0 / 0PT10214420001
Rhu Bus Shelter after Aros RoadGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PABus Shelter226424 / 684683PT11413480001
Rhu Bus Shelter at Rhu Ellen CourtGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PABus Shelter226884 / 638887PT11413480001
Rhu Bus Shelter before Rhu Road HigherGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PABus Shelter226884 / 638887PT11413480001
Rhu Bus Shelter opp MarinaGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PABus Shelter227322 / 683559PT11413480001
Rhu Bus Shelter opp Rhu Ellen CourtGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PABus Shelter226884 / 638887PT11413480001
Rhubodach Bus ShelterAt Ferry Terminal,Rhubodach,PA20 0QWBus Shelter202723 / 674235PT09612890001
Rosneath Bus Shelter at CourthillMain Road,Rosneath,G84 0RFBus Shelter225370 / 683378PT11513490001
Rosneath Bus Shelter at RahaneMain Road,Rosneath,G84 0RFBus Shelter223652 / 687051PT11513490001
Rosneath Bus Shelter at St Modans ChurchMain Road,Rosneath,G84 0RFBus Shelter225490 / 683197PT11513490001
Rosneath Bus Shelter at The LochansMain Road,Rosneath,G84 0RFBus Shelter225554 / 683017PT11513490001
Rosneath Bus Shelter opp CourthillMain Road,Rosneath,G84 0RFBus Shelter225381 / 683363PT11513490001
Rosneath Bus Shelter opp st Modans Parish ChurchMain Road,Rosneath,G84 0RFBus Shelter225498 / 683200PT11513490001
Rothesay Bus Shelter - GallowgateRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208516 / 664930PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter - Guildford Square HarboursideRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208876 / 664707PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter - Guildford Square TownsideRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208876 / 664707PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter  opp St Johns HallRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208639 / 664678PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter at Mountstuart RoadRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter209785 / 665337PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter at Robertson DriveRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208326 / 664359PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter at Swimming PoolRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208669 / 664063PP09708580001
Rothesay Bus Shelter Ministers Brae junctionRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208774 / 664303PP09708580001
Rothesay Shelter - Opposite PavilionRothesay,PA20 9AGBus Shelter208516 / 664930PP09708580001
Saddell Bus Shelterat Car Park,Millers Park,Saddell,PA28 6RABus Shelter178607 / 632079PT04113150001
Salen Bus ShelterA848,Salen,beside Salen PC,PA72 6JGBus Shelter157140 / 743170PT09013810001
Sandbank Bus Shelter - High Road at Primary SchoolSandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter216526 / 679721PT01212820001
Sandbank Bus Shelter - Shore Road Opp Wallace CourtSandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter216364 / 680356PT01212820001
Sandbank Bus Shelter at FinbrackenSandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter216113 / 680424PT01212820001
Sandbank Bus Shelter at InvereckSandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter216113 / 680424PT01212820001
Sandbank Bus Shelter at Sandhaven Phase 2Sandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter214937 / 681767PT01212820001
Sandbank Bus Shelter opp Broxwood PlaceSandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter215371 / 681380PT01212820001
Sandbank Bus Shelter opp FinbrackenMain Street,Sandbank,PA23 8PHBus Shelter216132 / 680436PV01209650001
Sandbank Bus Shelter opp Sandhaven Phase 2Sandhaven to Finbracken,Sandbank,PA23 8QWBus Shelter214928 / 681811PT01212820001
Scarinish Bus ShelterB8065,Scarinish,at Co-op,PA77 6UHBus Shelter104301 / 744630PT06713830001
Seil Bus Shelter at BalvicarClachan Seil,Balvicar & Easdale,PA34 4TEBus Shelter176420 / 716970PT05613570001
Seil Bus Shelter at Clachan SeilClachan Seil,Balvicar & Easdale,PA34 4TEBus Shelter178087 / 718685PT05613570001
Seil Bus Shelter at EllenabeichClachan Seil,Balvicar & Easdale,PA34 4TEBus Shelter175238 / 716923PT05613570001
Seil Bus Shelter at Ellenabeich PierClachan Seil,Balvicar & Easdale,PA34 4TEBus Shelter174265 / 717346PT05613570001
Shandon Bus Shelter after the BirchesA814,Shandon,Faslane Peace Camp to Queens Point,G84 8NPBus Shelter225605 / 686060PT11413500001
Shandon Bus Shelter at Faslane Peace CampA814,Shandon,Faslane Peace Camp to Queens Point,G84 8NPBus Shelter225255 / 687188PT11413500001
Shandon Bus Shelter at Kirk BraeA814,Shandon,Faslane Peace Camp to Queens Point,G84 8NPBus Shelter225464 / 686459PT11413500001
Shandon Bus Shelter at Queens PointA814,Shandon,Faslane Peace Camp to Queens Point,G84 8NPBus Shelter225836 / 685637PT11413500001
Sound of Kintyre Bus Shelter opp No. 73Opp playground & opp No. 73,Machrihanish,Sound of Kintyre,PA28 6GABus Shelter166482 / 623679PT03813160001
Sound of Kintyre Bus Shelter opp PlaygroundOpp playground & opp No. 73,Machrihanish,Sound of Kintyre,PA28 6GABus Shelter166627 / 623472PT03813160001
Southend Bus Shelteropp Wallace Cottages,Campbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RXBus Shelter168853 / 608306PP03211110001
Stewarton Bus Shelterat turning circle,Stewarton,PA28 6PQBus Shelter169656 / 619868PT03213170001
Strachur Bus ShelterClachan Road,Strachur,Nr Forest View,PA27 8DGBus Shelter209707 / 701308PT01312970001
Strone Pier Bus ShelterStrone,PA23 8TABus Shelter218951 / 680555PR01411150001
Tarbert Bus ShelterCampbeltown Road,Tarbert,PA29 6TYBus Shelter186217 / 668624PP08410130001
Tarbet Bus Shelter A82 opp hotel car parkA83 & A82,Tarbet,Ballyhennan Crescent to Tarbet Hotel,G83 7DEBus Shelter231960 / 704524PT12513510001
Tarbet Bus Shelter A83 at Ballyhennan CrescentA83 & A82,Tarbet,Ballyhennan Crescent to Tarbet Hotel,G83 7DEBus Shelter231588 / 704497PT12513510001
Tarbet Bus Shelter A83 opp HotelA83 & A82,Tarbet,Ballyhennan Crescent to Tarbet Hotel,G83 7DEBus Shelter231904 / 704517PT12513510001
Tayinloan Ferry Terminalat Ferry Terminal,Tayinloan,PA29 6XQBus Shelter169331 / 646543PT04413180001
Taynuilt Bus ShelterAchlonan,Taynuilt,opp Achlonan Sub Station,PA35 1JJBus Shelter200725 / 731471PT06613660001
Tobermory Bus Shelter at County BuildingsTobermory,PA75 6PXBus Shelter150243 / 755134PT09113820001
Tobermory Bus Shelter at Ledaig Car ParkTobermory,PA75 6PXBus Shelter150483 / 755058PT09113820001
Tobermory Bus Shelter at Rockfield RoundaboutTobermory,PA75 6PXBus Shelter150230 / 754861PT09113820001
Tobermory Bus Shelter at Struan CrescentTobermory,PA75 6PXBus Shelter150358 / 754377PT09113820001
Wellpark Road ShelterWellpark Road,Rothesay,PA20 9LBBus Shelter210631 / 665286PP09709410001
Whitehouse Bus Shelter - Skipness Road EndA83,Whitehouse,Whitehouse & Skipness Road ends,PA29 6WXBus Shelter182272 / 661933PT08413140001
Whitehouse Bus Shelter - Whitehouse Road EndA83,Whitehouse,Whitehouse & Skipness Road ends,PA29 6WXBus Shelter181721 / 661386PT08413140001
Argyll Street Car ParkHillfoot Street,Dunoon,PA23 7DUCar Park217360 / 676721PR00512160001
Argyll Street Car Park Jane VillaArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7QTCar Park217251 / 677057PR00511000001
Beadoun Cemetery Car ParkSalen Road,Tobermory,PA75 6QACar Park150281 / 754722PV09110600001
Bridge of Orchy Car ParkBridge of Orchy,PA36 4ADCar Park229713 / 739526PR12214230001
Coal Pier Car Park DunoonAlexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8ABCar Park217544 / 676692PR00502970001
Cobbler Car Park East Luss EstateA83,Arrochar,G83 7AJCar Park229516 / 704941EST00291
Cobbler Car Park West Clydebank Development LtdA83,Arrochar,G83 7AJCar Park229839 / 704924EST00291
Cobbler Car Park West Crown EstateA83,Arrochar,G83 7AJCar Park229516 / 704941EST00291
Corran Halls Car ParkCorran Esplanade,Oban,PA34 5ABCar Park185766 / 730624PV06507010001
Dalriada House Car ParkLochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JLCar Park186266 / 687994PP08206230001
Drumlemble Primary School Car ParkCampbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWCar Park0 / 0PE03402810001
Gigha Ferry Terminal Car ParkGigha Ferry,Ardminish,PA41 7AACar Park165345 / 649125PV03504400001
Hanover Street Car ParkHanover Street,Dunoon,PA23 7ABCar Park217166 / 676928PR00512170001
Inveraray Coach ParkDalmally Road,Inveraray,PA32 8XDCar Park209418 / 708685EST00318
North Pier Car ParkNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHCar Park185791 / 730177PV06507520001
Sandy Beach Car ParkShore Road,Innellan,PA23 7SSCar Park214238 / 669455PV00705140001
Sinclair Street Car ParkSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TGCar Park217068 / 676350PR11011290001
The Helensburgh And Lomond Civic Centre Car Park38,East Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7PGCar Park229885 / 682230PE11004620001
The Old Toll House Car ParkLuss,G83 8PACar Park235916 / 693102PP11206730001
Ach Na Sithe CemeteryClachan,Ach Na Sithe,PA29 6XWCemetery176251 / 656042PV11602060001
Achnaba CemeteryArdchattan Parish Church,North Connel,PA37 1RFCemetery194477 / 735973PV06406850001
Achnabreac CemeteryLochgilphead,Achnabreac,PA31 8SGCemetery185567 / 689816PV08206020001
Appin CemeteryAppin,Portnacroish,PA38 4BDCemetery193918 / 746436PV04500110001
Balure Lochbuie CemeterySalen,Lochbuie,PA62 6AACemetery162662 / 723617PV09009500001
Barbour Cemetery CoveShore Road,Cove,G84 0NYCemetery221514 / 684661PV10502380001
Barone Road CemeteryBarone Road,Rothesay,PA20 0DZCemetery207760 / 664088PV09708650001
Beadoun CemeterySalen Road,Tobermory,PA75 6QACemetery150281 / 754722PV09110600001
Bowmore CemeteryBowmore,PA43 7JECemetery131231 / 659603PV01900790001
Brackley Cemetery CarradaleCarradale,Brackley,PA28 6QJCemetery179435 / 641869PV03302000001
Calgary CemeteryCalgary,PA75 6QUCemetery137507 / 751166PV08802730001
Cardross CemeteryMain Street,Cardross,G82 5HDCemetery233260 / 678950PV10301990003
Cardross Churchyard CemeteryMain Road (A814),Cardross,G82 5LBCemetery234936 / 677283PV10301920001
Cardross Garden Of RestMain Street,Cardross,G82 5HDCemetery233260 / 678950PV10301990003
Carrick Cemetery TarbertTarbert,Carrick,PA29 6YFCemetery184741 / 667449PV08410020001
Carsaig CemeteryBunessan,Carsaig,PA70 6HDCemetery153849 / 721718PV08601120001
Carsaig CemeteryTayvallich,PA31 8PNCemetery173462 / 687584PV08510280001
Carse Cemetery KilberryKilberry Road,Kilberry,PA29 6YBCemetery173973 / 661657PV07805480001
Clachan Church Yard CemeteryClachan,PA29 6XLCemetery176429 / 656050PV11602070001
Cladbheag Cemetery TireeKirkapol,PA77 6TWCemetery104317 / 747232PV06710430001
Cladh A Mhullin CemeteryMillhouse,PA21 2BLCemetery195919 / 670654PV01106770001
Colintraive CemeteryColintraive,PA22 3ASCemetery204178 / 673773PV00402230001
Craigneuk CemeteryBenderloch,PA37 1RTCemetery190458 / 737717PV04700710001
Crossapol CemeteryCrossapol,Crossapol,PA78 6TBCemetery112790 / 753038PV05102260001
Dalavich CemeteryKilchrenan,Dalavich,PA35 1HLCemetery196825 / 712421PV05705540001
Dunoon CemeteryHamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RHCemetery217004 / 677561PV00503500001
Faslane CemeteryHelensburgh,Faslane,G84 8HLCemetery224924 / 689917PV10704040001
Fionnphort CemeteryFionnphort,PA66 6BLCemetery130262 / 723391PV11804110001
Gartnagrenach CemeteryClachan,Gartnagrenach,PA29 6XSCemetery180118 / 660036PV11602120001
Glenorchy CemeteryDalmally,PA33 1AACemetery216706 / 727487PV05402710001
Gometra Island CemeteryGometra,PA73 6NACemetery136908 / 740471PV09009480001
Helensburgh Cemetery69,Old Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LNCemetery230921 / 682109PV11004820001
Inch Kenneth Island CemeterySalen,Inch Kenneth Island,PA68 6ELCemetery143743 / 735424PV09009510001
Innishail Island CemeteryDalmally,Loch Awe,PA35 1HECemetery209801 / 724475PV05402720001
Innisherrich CemeteryKilchrenan,Portinnisherrich,PA33 1BWCemetery197293 / 711065PV05705600001
Inverchaolain Cemetery TowardToward,Inverchaolain,PA23 7UNCemetery209095 / 675322PV01610810001
Inverlussa CemeteryTayvallich,Achnamara,PA31 8PTCemetery177526 / 685874PV08510270001
Inverlussa Cemetery JuraInverlussa,Ardlussa,PA60 7XWCemetery164479 / 687080PV02300240001
Inverneil CemeteryTarbert Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8ESCemetery184114 / 681247PV06900410001
Keiligoran CemeteryIona,PA76 6SQCemetery128591 / 724452PV11804160001
Keills Cemetery GighaGigha,PA41 7ADCemetery164318 / 648095PV03504390001
Keills Cemetery JuraCraighouse,Keills,PA60 7XGCemetery152407 / 668750PV02305390001
Keills Cemetery Port AskaigPort Askaig,Keills,PA46 7RGCemetery141449 / 668621PV02607860001
Keills Cemetery SouthendSouthend,Keills,PA28 6RWCemetery167390 / 607720PV04209780001
Keills Cemetery TayvallichTayvallich,PA31 8PQCemetery169134 / 680538PV08510290001
Kilarrow CemeteryBridgend,PA44 7PQCemetery133567 / 622601PV02001000001
Kilbrandon CemeteryBalvicar,PA34 4TECemetery176343 / 716648PV05600670001
Kilbride CemeteryKames,PA21 2AHCemetery196187 / 668167PV01106760001
Kilchattan Cemetery ColonsayUpper Kilchattan,PA61 7YRCemetery137788 / 695806PV05202300001
Kilchattan Cemetery ObanToberonochy,PA34 4TYCemetery174458 / 709103PV06306620001
Kilchenzie Cemetery CampbeltownKilchenzie,PA28 6QDCemetery167368 / 624879PV03705520001
Kilchoman Cemetery IslayKilchoman,PA49 7UXCemetery121290 / 663075PV02105530001
Kilchousland CemeteryCampbeltown,Kilchousland,PA28 6QWCemetery171173 / 622063PV03201320001
Kilchrenan CemeteryKilchrenan,PA35 1HDCemetery203708 / 722843PV05705550001
Kildalton Cemetery Port EllenPort Ellen,Kildalton,PA42 7EFCemetery145791 / 650814PV02808110001
Kilfinan CemeteryStrachur,Kilfinan,PA21 2EPCemetery193426 / 678857PV01309880001
Kilfinichen CemeteryBunessan,Tiroran,PA69 6ERCemetery149620 / 728456PV08601140001
Kilinalin CemeterySalen,Aros,PA72 6JSCemetery154575 / 745549PV09009460001
Kilkerran Road CemeteryKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNCemetery172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kilkivan CemeteryDrumlemble,Kilkivan,PA28 6PTCemetery165176 / 620110PV03201370001
Killean CemeteryCraignure,Lochdon,PA65 6BDCemetery170995 / 728394PV08702530001
Killean CemeteryTayinloan,Killean,PA29 6XFCemetery169517 / 644580PV04410190001
Killevin Cemetery CraraeCrarae,PA32 8YACemetery198633 / 697220PV07302550001
Killinver Cemetery FordFord,PA31 8RJCemetery186874 / 703562PV07504180001
Killunaig CemeteryBunessan,Pennyghael,PA70 6HECemetery149305 / 725647PV08601100001
Killunaig Cemetery CollPA78 6SYCemetery122148 / 761750PV05102270001
Kilmahumaig Cemetery CrinanCrinan,Kilmahumaig,PA31 8SWCemetery178938 / 693602PV07402570001
Kilmalieu Cemetery InverarayGlasgow Road,Inveraray,PA32 8XQCemetery210298 / 709591PV07705320001
Kilmartin CemeteryKilmartin,PA31 8RQCemetery183462 / 698816PV07905680001
Kilmelford Cuilfail CemeteryKilmelford,PA34 4XACemetery184951 / 713008PV05805730001
Kilmeney Cemetery IslayBallygrant,PA45 7QWCemetery138889 / 665311PV01800640001
Kilmichael Glassary CemeteryKilmichael Glassary,Braeface,PA31 8QACemetery185896 / 693522PV08005750001
Kilmodan CemeteryGlendaruel,Kilmodan,PA22 3AACemetery199542 / 684147PV00604480001
Kilmore CemeteryKilmore,PA34 4XXCemetery188696 / 724961PV05905760001
Kilmore New Cemetery MullDervaig Road,Dervaig,PA75 6QNCemetery143906 / 751667PV08814140001
Kilmore Old Cemetery MullDervaig Road,Dervaig,PA75 6QNCemetery143615 / 751776PV08802770001
Kilmorich CemeteryKilmorich Parish Church,Strachur,Cairndow,PA26 8BACemetery218048 / 710780PV01309870001
Kilmorich CemeteryLochgoilhead,PA24 8ADCemetery219837 / 701497PV01006540001
Kilmory Knapp CemeteryTayvallich,PA31 8PTCemetery170265 / 675102PV08510300001
Kilmun CemeteryKilmun,PA23 8SECemetery216611 / 682112PV00905780001
Kilnaish CemeteryTarbert,Kilnaish,PA29 6XZCemetery177187 / 661318PV08410040001
Kilnaughton New CemeteryKilnaughton,Port Ellen,The Oa,PA42 7AXCemetery0 / 0PV02808120002
Kilnave CemeteryGruinart,Kilnave,PA44 7PPCemetery128523 / 671534PV02708010001
Kilninian CemeteryDervaig,Torloisk,PA74 6NHCemetery139750 / 745710PV08802800001
Kilninver CemeteryKilninver,PA34 4UTCemetery183087 / 722282PV06014190001
Kilninver Old CemeteryKilninver,PA34 4UTCemetery182630 / 721798PV06005820001
Kilpatrick CemeteryKilpatrick,Bunessan,Pennyghael,PA70 6HFCemetery141965 / 723472PV08601130001
Kilpatrick CemeteryCraignure,Lochdon,PA64 6APCemetery174072 / 734396PV08702540001
Kilvickeon CemeteryBunessan,PA67 6DWCemetery141200 / 719620PV08601090001
Kilvoree CemeteryCraignish,PA31 8QSCemetery177828 / 701479PV07202460001
Kingarth CemeteryKingarth,Kingarth,PA20 9LXCemetery209113 / 656186PV09505840001
Kirkapol CemeteryTiree,Kirkapol,PA77 6TWCemetery104326 / 747220PV06710440001
Knock CemeterySalen,Gruline,PA71 6HRCemetery154055 / 739102PV09009490001
Laggan CemeteryLochbuie,PA62 6AACemetery162662 / 723617PV09009520001
Lismore CemeteryLismore,Clachan,PA34 5ULCemetery186080 / 743476PV06105880001
Lochead CemeteryAchahoish,PA31 8PACemetery177653 / 678099PV06800030001
Lochgair CemeteryLochgair,Achnaba,PA31 8SBCemetery193476 / 690795PV08105970001
Luss CemeteryPier Road,Luss,G83 8NZCemetery236119 / 692875PV11206690001
Nerabus CemeteryPort Charlotte,PA48 7UECemetery122551 / 654931PV02708040001
North Bute CemeteryCnoc An Raer,Rothesay,PA20 0QTCemetery205497 / 667313PV09302170001
Old Parish Cemetery, ObanOld Parish Church,Oban,Soroba Road,PA34 4DNCemetery186065 / 729613PV06507750001
Oronsay CemeteryOronsay,Oronsay Priory,PA61 7YSCemetery134966 / 688912PV05202310001
Patcheon Cemetery GlenbarrGlenbarr,PA28 6QECemetery166371 / 634654PV03604440001
Pennyfuir CemeteryConnel Road,Oban,PA34 5TXCemetery186673 / 731647PV06506990001
Pennygowan CemeterySalen,Glenforsa,PA72 6JNCemetery160392 / 743183PV09009470001
Port Charlotte CemeteryPort Charlotte,PA48 7UACemetery125307 / 658565PV02708050001
Red Lodge CemeteryLochgilphead,Kilmory,PA31 8URCemetery186616 / 686410PV08206200001
Rosneath CemeteryThe Clachan,Rosneath,G84 0RFCemetery225349 / 683138PV11508480001
Saddell Abbey CemeterySaddell,Saddell,PA28 6RACemetery178515 / 632082PV041094510001
Sandbank CemeteryHigh Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PBCemetery216718 / 679557PV01209600001
Shira Cemetery InverarayGlasgow Road,Inveraray,PA32 8XHCemetery211400 / 710411PV07705330001
Skipness CemeteryClachan,Skipness,PA29 6XUCemetery191060 / 657518PV11602130001
Sorobay Cemetery TireeBalemartine,PA77 6TZCemetery98436 / 741628PV06710420001
Strachur CemeteryStrachur,PA27 8DGCemetery209565 / 701561PV01309900001
Strathlachlan CemeteryStrachur,Strathlachlan,PA27 8BYCemetery207081 / 695171PV01309940001
Suie CemeteryBunessan,PA67 6DUCemetery137322 / 721956PV08601110001
Tarbert CemeterySchool Road,Tarbert,PA29 6URCemetery186328 / 668447PV08410090001
Tarbert Cemetery JuraTarbert,PA60 7XHCemetery160912 / 682204PV02305400001
Taynuilt CemeteryTaynuilt,Muckairn,PA35 1JECemetery200599 / 730987PV06610230001
Tobermory Cemetery (Dervaig Road)Dervaig Road,Tobermory,PA75 6PYCemetery150169 / 755354PV08802780001
Tomaig Road English CemeteryTomaig Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6PECemetery171032 / 619684PV03201860001
Townhead Cemetery RothesayRothesay,Townhead,PA20 9JHCemetery208512 / 663593PV09709320001
Ulva CemeteryUlva,PA73 6LZCemetery139541 / 738899PV09009560001
Waterfoot Cemetery CarradaleCarradale,PA20 6QXCemetery180092 / 637380PV03302040001
Ballyhennan CemeteryStation Road,Tarbet,G83 7DACemetery*231334 / 704526PV12512360001
Faslane Cemetery ExtensionWhistlefield Road,Garelochhead,G84 0EPCemetery*223631 / 692191PV10714390001
High Kirk CemeteryKirk Brae,Dunoon,PA23 7DPCemetery*217449 / 676540PP00501110001
Kilchiaran CemeteryPort Charlotte,PA48 7UBCemetery*120448 / 660116PV02712370001
Kilnaughton Old CemeteryKilnaughton,Port Ellen,The Oa,PA42 7AXCemetery*134414 / 645542PV02808120001
Rhu Churchyard CemeteryGareloch Road,Rhu,G84 8RPCemetery*226741 / 683966PV11412350001
Southall CemeteryColintraive,PA22 3AUCemetery*206089 / 672249PV00412380001
16 Castlewood Court16,Castlewood Court,Helensburgh,G84 8AZChildrens Home228372 / 683057PH11014460001
Ardlui House25,Charlotte Street,Helensburgh,G84 7EZChildrens Home230063 / 682644PE11004540002
Dunclutha House1 Garden Lane,Kirn,PA23 8GYChildrens Home218403 / 678581PS00512190001
East King Street Childrens Home50,East King Street,Helensburgh,G84 7QRChildrens Home230013 / 682359PS11006960001
Shellachview Childrens HomeSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4SBChildrens Home185957 / 728485PS06507780001
Kirk Brae Clock DunoonKirk Brae,Dunoon,PA23 7DPClock*217423 / 676549PP00501110001
Kirn Gardens ClockMarine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8HFClock*218424 / 678077PV00503690001
North Pier Clock TowerNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHClock*185765 / 730141PV06507520001
Station ClockOban,PA34 4LLClock*185826 / 729886PV06507590001
Bute CEC The Moat Centre Main BuildingStuart Street,Rothesay,PA20 0EPCommunity Education222985 / 680772PE09709260001
Dunoon CEC Janitor's Office170,Edward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PHCommunity Education217066 / 677135PE00503450001
Dunoon CEC Woodside Building170,Edward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PHCommunity Education217066 / 677135PE00503450001
Dunoon Community Education Centre170,Edward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PHCommunity Education217066 / 677135PE00503450001
Kintyre Community Education Centre Annex PotteryStewart Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6ATCommunity Education171931 / 620115PE03201840001
Kintyre Community Education Centre Main BuildingStewart Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6ATCommunity Education171930 / 620155PE03201840001
Kirkmichael Learning CentreTownhead Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LYCommunity Education231153 / 682502PE11004980001
Lochgilphead Community Education CentreManse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8QXCommunity Education186491 / 687824PE08206370001
Ardrishaig Primary School ContainerGlengilp Road,Ardrishaig,Glengilp,PA30 8HFContainer0 / 0PE06900330001
Bendarroch Sport Factility ContainerFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DLContainer0 / 0PV10911560001
Blackhill Civic Amenity Container 1Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBContainer0 / 0PV11011250001
Blackhill Civic Amenity Container 2Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBContainer0 / 0PV11011250001
Blackhill Civic Amenity Container 3Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBContainer0 / 0PV11011250001
Blackhill Civic Amenity Container 4Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBContainer0 / 0PV11011250001
Blackhill Civic Amenity Container 5Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBContainer0 / 0PV11011250001
Blackhill Civic Amenity Container 6Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBContainer0 / 0PV11011250001
Coll Civic Amenity Site Container 1Coll,Cliad,PA78 6TAContainer120484 / 760078PR05111890001
Coll Civic Amenity Site Container 2Coll,Cliad,PA78 6TAContainer120484 / 760078PR05111890001
Coll Civic Amenity Site Container 3Coll,Cliad,PA78 6TAContainer120484 / 760078PR05111890001
Coll Civic Amenity Site Container 4Coll,Cliad,PA78 6TAContainer120484 / 760078PR05111890001
Colonsay Roads Yard ContainerA870 Scalasaig Machrins Yard,PA61 7YWContainer137853 / 693612PR05202290001
Dunbeg Primary School ContainerDunbeg,PA371QFContainer187813 / 733275PE05502850001
Dunbeg Primary School Outside StoreDunbeg,PA371QFContainer187813 / 733275PE05502850001
Dunoon CEC Container170,Edward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PHContainer0 / 0PE00503450001
Ellis Lodge Container 1Argyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESContainer217374 / 677492PS00503020001
Ellis Lodge Container 2Argyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESContainer217374 / 677492PS00503020001
Ellis Lodge Container 3Argyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESContainer217374 / 677492PS00503020001
Ellis Lodge Container 4Argyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESContainer217374 / 677492PS00503020001
Ellis Lodge Container 5Argyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESContainer217374 / 677492PS00503020001
High Street Depot Amenity Services Container (Fertilizer Store)114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDContainer208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Criminal Justice Store/Container114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDContainer208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Nissen Hut 3114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDContainer208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Property Services Container 1114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDContainer208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Property Services Container 2114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDContainer208688 / 664168PP09708920001
King George V Container TobermoryTobermory,Strongarbh,PA75 6AGContainer150595 / 755490PV09110680001
Luss Primary School ContainerLuss,G83 8NYContainer0 / 0PE11206710001
Mossfield Park Container A - Grass Seed etcGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUContainer186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Mossfield Park Container B - Tractor Store?Glencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUContainer186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Mossfield Park Container D - Oban ArcheryGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUContainer186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Mossfield Park Container E - the Macaulay AssociationGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUContainer186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Tarbert Sports Area Steel ContainerTarbert,Back Street/Easfield,PA29 6URContainer186255 / 668384PV08410060001
Cardross CrematoriumMain Street,Cardross,G82 5HDCrematorium233268 / 678991PV10301990003
Ardfenaig BungalowTarbert Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EPDay Care Centre184926 / 684487PS06900390001
ASIST Main Building2,Tom A Mhoid Road,Dunoon,PA23 7HPDay Care Centre217337 / 676510PS00511440001
Mull & Iona Community Hospital (MICH) & Bowman CourtJava Road,Craignure,PA65 6BHDay Care Centre171293 / 738147PV08712150001
Oasis Day CentreMcAulay Place,Garelochhead,G84 0SLDay Care Centre223699 / 691510PS10914570001
Achadaphail QuarryBunessan,PA67 6DNDepot140242 / 723188PR08611050001
Appin Roads Depot GarageAppin,Portnacroish,PA38 4BLDepot192415 / 747268PR04500120001
Appin Roads Depot YardAppin,Portnacroish,PA38 4BLDepot0 / 0PR04500120001
Arkland District Depot (Former)Inveraray,Arkland,PA32 8UDDepot209549 / 708412PP07705210001
Blackhill Civic Amenity SiteLuss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBDepot231012 / 684031PV11011250001
Blackhill Depot OfficeLuss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBDepot230571 / 683768PR11011780001
Blackhill Depot Salt DomeLuss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBDepot230571 / 683768PR11011780001
Blackhill Depot WorkshopLuss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBDepot230571 / 683768PR11011780001
Bogleha Amenity SiteArthur Terrace,Dunoon,PA23 7HLDepot217172 / 677583PV00503290001
Bowmore Area Amenity DepotHigh Street,Bowmore,PA43 7JEDepot131422 / 659719PV01900920001
Bowmore Roads Depot Welfare UnitGortonvogie Road,Bowmore,PA43 7JBDepot131454 / 659704PR01900900001
Bowmore Roads Depot YardGortonvogie Road,Bowmore,PA43 7JBDepot131469 / 659743PR01900900001
Broxwood Open Storage YardSandbank,Broxwood (A815),PA23Depot215372 / 681414PR01211860001
Campbeltown Amenity Services WorkshopThe Roading,Campbeltown,PA28 6LUDepot171365 / 620850PP03201790001
Campbeltown Civic Amenity SiteThe Roading,Campbeltown,PA28 6LUDepot171365 / 620850PV03201150001
Campbeltown TLPThe Roading,Campbeltown,PA28 6LUDepot171366 / 620853PV03201780001
Coll Civic Amenity SiteColl,Cliad,PA78 6TADepot120484 / 760078PR05111890001
Colonsay Landfill & Recycling SiteKiloran,PA61 7YTDepot139943 / 695492PR05211870001
Colonsay Roads Yard & Recycling CentreA870 Scalasaig Machrins Yard,PA61 7YWDepot137853 / 693612PR05202290001
Dalmally Roads Depot OfficeDalmally,PA331AXDepot217772 / 727310PR05402680001
Dalmally Roads Depot Salt BarnDalmally,PA331AXDepot217772 / 727310PR05402680001
Dalmally Roads Depot YardDalmally,PA331AXDepot217772 / 727310PR05402680001
Dunoon Roads DepotVictoria Road,Dunoon,PA23 7PADepot217164 / 677433PR00503910001
Erray Road District DepotErray Road,Tobermory,PA75 6PSDepot150392 / 755478PP09110610001
Former Dunbeg Roads DepotKirk Road,Dunbeg,PA371PXDepot187946 / 733641PR05502860001
Gartbreck Landfill Site IslayBowmore,PA43 7JGDepot129067 / 658120PV01900800001
Glendaruel Roads DepotGlendaruel,PA223AEDepot200744 / 687333PR00604470001
Glengorm Landfill Site ShedTobermory,PA75 6QDDepot148784 / 755750PV09110710001
Glengorm Welfare PortakabinTobermory,PA75 6QDDepot148784 / 755750PV09110710001
Gott Bay Landfill Site & Recycling CentreScarinish,Gott Bay,PA77 6TNDepot103046 / 746008PR06711900001
Hamilton Street Depot DunoonHamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PADepot217172 / 677583PP00503520001
Hamilton Street Depot PortakabinHamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PADepot217172 / 677583PP00503520001
Hamilton Street GatehouseHamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PADepot0 / 0PP00503520001
High Street Depot Yard114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDDepot208688 / 664168PP09708920001
Inveraray Roads DepotDalmally Road,Inveraray,PA32 8XDDepot209371 / 708539PR07705230001
Jackson Quarry Roads Depot ObanJackson Quarry,Millpark Road,Oban,PA34 4NHDepot185737 / 729031PR06507430001
Jackson Quarry Roads Depot Salt BarnJackson Quarry,Millpark Road,Oban,PA34 4NHDepot185737 / 729031PR06507430001
Kilmory DepotKilmory Industrial Estate,Lochgilphead,Kilmory,PA318RTDepot186552 / 686751PP08206210001
Kinloch DepotBunessan,Pennyghael,PA70 6HBDepot153966 / 728350PR09111990001
Lingerton Landfill Site RenewiA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRDepot186830 / 685448PV08206220001
Lochavullin Roads Garage (Incl Office & Toilets)Torran Gorm,Lochavullin Road,Oban,PA34 4PLDepot185701 / 729087PR06514280001
Lochgilphead Plant YardBishopton Road,Lochgilphead,PA31 8PYDepot185819 / 688706PR08206040001
Machrihanish DepotCampbeltown Airport,Campbeltown,PA28 6NUDepot217524 / 676729PR03811880001
Millhouse Roads Depot PortakabinMillhouse,Tighnabruaich,PA21 2BWDepot195738 / 670628PR01106780001
Millhouse Roads Depot YardMillhouse,Tighnabruaich,PA21 2BWDepot195738 / 670628PR01106780001
Millpark District DepotMillpark Road,Oban,PA34 4NHDepot185894 / 729116PP06507450001
Moleigh Landfill SiteLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDDepot186986 / 726771PV06507560001
Monydrain DepotMonydrain Road,Lochgilphead,PA318LGDepot185905 / 688761PR08206430001
New Quay Buildings Unit 1Campbeltown,New Quay,PA28 6EDDepot172262 / 620259EST00197
Pennygowan DepotSalen Road,Salen,Glenforsa,PA72 6JNDepot160596 / 743283PR09011850001
Pennygowan Depot Salt BarnSalen Road,Salen,Glenforsa,PA72 6JNDepot160596 / 743283PR09011850001
Port A Choit District DepotTobermory,Port-A-Choit,PA75 6NUDepot150802 / 755328PP09110650001
Rothesay Roads Depot Yard19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDDepot208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Rothesay TLP (Renewi)Westlands Road,Rothesay,PA20 0RADepot207522 / 664817PV09709420001
Springbank DepotBridgend,PA43 7LWDepot0 / 0PR02014620001
Tiree Roads DepotCrossapol,The Airport,PA77 6UPDepot99697 / 744563PP06710470001
Tobermory District DepotBreadalbane Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PXDepot150259 / 755103PP09110550001
Tobermory Roads Depot Baliscate64 Site 2 & 3,Salen Road,Tobermory,PA75 6NSDepot150347 / 754591PR09110670001
Tobermory Roads Depot Salt Barn64 Site 2 & 3,Salen Road,Tobermory,PA75 6NSDepot150347 / 754591PR09110670001
Ardfenaig Home For The ElderlyTarbert Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EPElderly Home184961 / 684449PS06900390001
Eadar Glinn Home For The Elderly Main BuildingDrummore Road,Oban,PA34 4JLElderly Home185926 / 728773PS06507140001
Gortonvogie Home For The ElderlyGortonvogie Road,Bowmore,PA43 7JBElderly Home131531 / 659631PS01900820001
Struan Lodge Home For The Elderly Main BuildingBencorrum Brae,Dunoon,PA23 8HUElderly Home217284 / 678036PS00503320001
Thomson Court Home for the Elderly Main BuildingRothesay,Townhead,PA20 9JHElderly Home208746 / 663669PS09709310001
Tigh A Rudha Home For The Elderly Main BuildingScarinish,PA77 6UHElderly Home104035 / 744212PS06709750001
Dunoon Family Mediation Centre60a,Edward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7JNFamily Centre216992 / 676666PE00503470001
Park House (Woman's Refuge)56B,Hunter Street,Dunoon,Kirn,PA23 8DTFamily Centre218161 / 678201PP00511690001
Kilmory Home FarmLochgilphead,Kilmory,PA318RTFarm187051 / 686632PV08206180001
Connel Airfield Fire GarageOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWFire Garage0 / 0PR06406860001
Argyll Street Flag PolesArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HGFlag Pole217392 / 676791PP00503050001
Lochgilphead Front Green Flag PoleLochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JLFlag Pole186194 / 687935PV08206260001
Dalmally Roads Depot GarageDalmally,PA331AXGarage217772 / 727310PR05402680001
Drumlemble Primary School GarageCampbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWGarage0 / 0PE03402810001
Ellis Lodge GarageArgyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESGarage217374 / 677492PS00503020001
Garage 3, The ArchesThe Arches,Dalmally Road,Inveraray,PA32 8XDGarage0 / 0PH07714370001
Garage, Back Brae, Port EllenBack Brae,Port Ellen,PA42 7DRGarage136521 / 645357EST00051
Kilkerran Road Cemetery Vehicle GarageKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNGarage172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Port Askaig Pier Garage (Thomson)Port Askaig,PA46 7RBGarage143147 / 669358PR02607900002
Bendarroch Park Grass PitchFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DLGrass Pitch0 / 0PV10911560001
Campbeltown Grammar School Grass PitchHutcheon Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JSGrass Pitch0 / 0PE03201300001
Islay High School Grass Pitch - FootballFlora Street,Bowmore,PA437JYGrass Pitch0 / 0PE01900870001
Islay High School Grass Pitch - RugbyFlora Street,Bowmore,PA437JYGrass Pitch0 / 0PE01900870001
Mossfield Grass PitchGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUGrass Pitch0 / 0PV06507290001
North Connel Football PitchLora View,North Connel,PA37 1RRGrass Pitch0 / 0PV06414310001
Rosneath Primary School Grass PitchClachan Road,Rosneath,G84 0RJGrass Pitch0 / 0PE11508420001
Rothesay Joint Campus Grass Pitch 1Townhead Road,Rothesay,PA20 9JHGrass Pitch208502 / 663361PE09712110001
Rothesay Joint Campus Grass Pitch 2Townhead Road,Rothesay,PA20 9JHGrass Pitch0 / 0PE09712110001
Ardencraig Nurseries Greenhouse 1Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZGreenhouse0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Greenhouse 2Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZGreenhouse0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Greenhouse 3Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZGreenhouse0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Small Greenhouse 1Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZGreenhouse0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Small Greenhouse 2Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZGreenhouse0 / 0PV09708570001
1 West Clyde Street (Former Mariners Site)West Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8SQGround229603 / 682246PV11004660001
5 Java PlaceCraignure,PA65 6BGGround171352 / 738067EST00057
50 Burnside Cottages, Stewarton50,Burnside Cottages,Stewarton,PA28 6PQGround169572 / 619840EST00049
54 Sinclair Street54,Sinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TQGround229700 / 682452EST00003
7 Russell Street, RothesayRussell Street,Rothesay,PA20 0ETGround208752 / 664389EST00077
Achafolla Cottage SiteToberonochy,Achafolla,PA34 4TYGround174269 / 710542PE06306640001
Allotments, The MeadowsThe Meadows,Rothesay,PA20 0EDGround208435 / 664118EST00033
Amenity Ground at PortincapleHelensburgh,Portincaple,G84 0ETGround0 / 0PV13314320001
Ardachuple FieldColintraive,PA22 3AHGround201772 / 680671EST00157
Ardentinny Bus Shelter Ground LeaseArdentinnyGround0 / 0EST00334
Ardfillayne Cable HutBullwood Road,Dunoon,PA23 7QJGround216779 / 675805EST00158
Argyll Aero Club, Oban AirportOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWGround190717 / 735043PR06406860001
Arinagour Former Registrar's OfficeArinagour,PA786TAGround122402 / 756934PP05100440001
Arinagour Old Pier LandMain Street,Arinagour,PA786SYGround122507 / 757113PR05100450001
Balegreggan FieldBalegreggan,Campbeltown,PA28 6NNGround171682 / 621394EST00152
Balemartine Schoolhouse Ground/Playing FieldBalemartine,PA77 6UAGround98563 / 741240PE06712280001
Barcaldine Primary School Play AreaOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGGround196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Battery Place Foreshore, RothesayBattery Place,Rothesay,PA20 9DPGround209469 / 665174EST00284
Bengullion Road Pavilion SiteBengullion Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LSGround171529 / 620083EST00120
Bengullion Road Site 8Bengullion Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LSGround171429 / 620114EST00338
Bengullion Road Site 9Bengullion Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LSGround171462 / 620108EST00338
Bengullion Road Skateboard FacilityBengullion Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LSGround171494 / 620102EST00092
Black Park Grass PitchBlack Park,Union Street,Dunoon,PA23 8ERGround217472 / 677637PV00514010001
Campbeltown Finance Office FormerWitchburn Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JUGround171540 / 620314PP03201880001
Campbeltown Old Quay RNLIOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDGround172170 / 620487PR03201600001
Car Park @ Semples GarageSemples Garage,Inveraray,PA32 8UAGround209529 / 708316EST00289
Cardingmill Bay Mooring Owners AssocDungallan Park,Oban,PA34 4LSGround185134 / 729815EST00035
Clynder ForeshoreClynder,G84 0QBGround0 / 0PR10414440001
Coll Civic Amenity Site Welfare Unit (to be demolished)Coll,Cliad,PA78 6TAGround120484 / 760078PR05111890001
Coll Middle Pier Fuel Tank 1Middle Pier,Arinagour,PA78 6SYGround122609 / 756943EST00021
Coll Middle Pier Fuel Tank 2Middle Pier,Arinagour,PA78 6SYGround122609 / 756943EST00021
Community Garden Frederick CrescentFrederick Crescent,Port Ellen,PA42 7BDGround136581 / 645259PH02812340001
Connel Flying ClubOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWGround190806 / 735623PR06406860001
Connel Gliding ClubOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWGround190818 / 735746PR06406860001
Constructions Skills CentreKilmory Industrial Estate,Site 18,Lochgilphead,PA31 8SHGround186650 / 686613EST00182
Container Site - J Prentice Seafood LtdOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDGround0 / 0PR03201600001
Container Site - M MacKinnonOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDGround0 / 0PR03201600001
Container Site - Scotprime Seafoods LtdOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDGround0 / 0PR03201600001
Corran Grazings LochgilpheadLochgilphead,A83,PA31 8LRGround185753 / 687893PD08214200001
Cotton Mill Lane Site 1ACotton Mill Lane,Rothesay,PA20 9BZGround208700 / 664201PV09708740001
Cotton Mill Lane Site 2Cotton Mill Lane,Rothesay,PA20 9BZGround208665 / 664205PV09708740001
Crackaig Former Landfill SiteCraighouse,PA60 7YAGround152519 / 666334PV02312290001
Craignure Pier Bus Turning AreaCraignure,PA656AYGround0 / 0PR08702480001
Craignure Pier Muster AreaCraignure,PA656AYGround0 / 0PR08702480001
Crannog Lane Site 1Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185744 / 729352PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 10Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185729 / 729412PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 11Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185748 / 729426PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 12Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185725 / 729439PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 13Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185706 / 729435PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 14Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185708 / 729445PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 15AOban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185669 / 729441PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 15BOban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185669 / 729441PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 2 & 3Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185758 / 729357PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 4Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185740 / 729374PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 5Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185735 / 729381PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 6Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185774 / 729405PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 7Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185748 / 729410PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 8Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185727 / 729402PV06507340001
Crannog Lane Site 9Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBGround185715 / 729412PV06507340001
Cromalt Refuse Dump InverarayInveraray,Cromalt,PA32 8XTGround208456 / 707457EST00307
Cuilarstich Burn FieldBank Park,Lochgilphead,PA31 8NXGround185945 / 688220EST00032
Cuilarstich Burn FootpathBank Park,Lochgilphead,PA31 8NXGround185933 / 688248PP08206030001
Cullipool Village HallCullipool,PA34 4UBGround173957 / 713051EST00179
Dalinlongart Hill Biomass SiteSandbank,PA23 8QSGround213830 / 681452PV01212250001
Dalintart Farm Grazing LetOban,Dalintart Farm,PA34 4SBGround186642 / 729243EST00149
Dalintart Farm ObanOban,Dalintart,PA34 4EEGround186642 / 729243PV06507080001
Dell RoadDell Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JGGround171694 / 620331PP03201260001
Dinghy Park, RothesayWestbay,Rothesay,PA20 0NWGround208369 / 665423EST00094
Dunbeg Primary School Play AreaDunbeg,PA371QFGround187813 / 733275PE05502850001
Dunoon OutfallsBullwood Road,Dunoon,PA23 7QJGround216845 / 675881EST00264
Dunoon Pipe BandDunoon Stadium,Union Street,Dunoon,PA23 8ERGround217472 / 677637EST00101
Eaglesham House Grazings7 - 9,Mount Pleasant Road,Rothesay,PA20 9HQGround209129 / 664417PP09709100001
East Bay Pavilion HelensburghEast Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7ADGround230190 / 682080PV11004630001
Edward Street Car ParkEdward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PHGround217028 / 677072PH00514530001
Eleanor Lane InnellanKnockamillie Terrace,North Campbell Road & Pier Road,Innellan,PA23 7SZGround215364 / 670891PV00712120001
Faslane Peace CampHelensburgh,Faslane,G84 8NUGround225213 / 687245EST00172
Fionnphort Mobile Snack Bar SiteFionnphort,PA66 6BLGround129978 / 723348PR11812300001
Ford PCFord,PA31 8RHGround186908 / 703552PV07504170001
Former Cowal Teacher's CentreMain Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PAGround215992 / 680571PE01209640001
Former Craighouse Pier BuildingCraighouse,PA60 7XXGround152919 / 666951PR02302400001
Former Gasometer SiteEast Princes Street,Helensburgh,G84 7DEGround229861 / 682261PR11014130001
Former Medical Centre, GarelochheadFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DGGround223862 / 691449EST00178
Former Roads Depot, Oban AirportOban,North Connel,PA37 1SWGround190773 / 735295PR06406860001
Fort Road Ground/King George V Playing FieldFort Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0LGGround224561 / 680563PV11112220001
Ganavan Sands Snack Bar SiteOban,Ganavan Sands,PA34 5TUGround186242 / 732657EST00223
Ganavan Shinty Pitch Ground LeaseOban,Ganavan,PA34 5TUGround186411 / 732703EST00316
Gapsite, Old Quay StreetOld Quay Street,Campbeltown,PA28 6DBGround0 / 0PR03214550001
Garage Site 7, Jubilee TerraceJubilee Terrace,Lochgilphead,PA31 8NTGround0 / 0PH08212670001
Garelochhead Picnic AreaGarelochhead,Whistlefield,G84 0EPGround223631 / 692191EST00275
George Street Car ParkHunters Quay,Dunoon,PA23 8JUGround218376 / 679030EST00099
Glenforsa Airfield incl GrazingsGlenforsa,PA72 6JWGround159367 / 743011EST00151
Ground at Albert Street, Isle of MullAlbert Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PJGround150217 / 755311EST00118
Ground at ColumshillColumshill Place,Rothesay,PA20 0DLGround208408 / 664489PH09712210001
Ground at FurnaceInveraray,Furnace,PA32 8XSGround0 / 0EST00261
Ground Lease, 1 Argyll Road, RosneathArgyll Road,Rosneath,G84 0RPGround225559 / 683228EST00155
Ground Lease, Former Hermitage AcademyFormer Hermitage Academy,Campbell Drive,Helensburgh,G84 7JSGround231168 / 681706EST00080
Guide Hut, Stag ParkStag Park,Lochgilphead,PA31 8NUGround186077 / 688171EST00105
Helensburgh Pier Amusement SiteWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8SQGround229480 / 682192PV11004660001
Henry Bell AllotmentsHenry Bell Street,Helensburgh,G84 7DRGround0 / 0PH11014380001
Hillfoot Street Yard26B,Hillfoot Street,Dunoon,Argyll,PA23 7DSGround0 / 0PV00514450001
Isle of Bute Sailing ClubArdbeg Road,Rothesay,PA20 0NWGround208363 / 665503EST00087
Jacobs Ladder InnellanKnockamillie Terrace,North Campbell Road & Pier Road,Innellan,PA23 7SZGround215529 / 671116PV00712120001
Kilarrow House Ideas GroupShore Street,Bowmore,PA437LHGround131602 / 660091PP01900830001
Kilcreggan Primary Annex - Pre 5 Unit/P1 FormerSchool Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HTGround222794 / 681004PE11105630001
Kilmory Shinty Pitch & Adjoining FieldA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRGround186444 / 686913PV08212790001
Kilmory Shinty Pitch fieldA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRGround186444 / 686913PV08212790001
Kilmory ShowGroundKilmory Industrial Estate,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRGround186919 / 687241PD08212800001
Kilmry ShowGround Car ParkKilmory Industrial Estate,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRGround186919 / 687241PD08212800001
Kirkmichael Park Changing RoomKirkmichael Park,Helensburgh,G84 7LZGround231137 / 682481PV11004800001
Knockamillie Steps InnellanKnockamillie Terrace,North Campbell Road & Pier Road,Innellan,PA23 7SZGround215293 / 670999PV00712120001
Land adjacent to Howie Pavilion/ParkHowie Park,Rosneath,G84 0RJGround225325 / 683152PV11508470001
Land adjacent to Kilcreggan Roads Depot (Former)Fairfield Gardens,Kilcreggan,G84 0HSGround0 / 0EST00071
Land at 29 Berryburn, KamesBerryburn,Kames,PA21 2BQGround197016 / 671512PH00812260001
Land at 337 Argyll Street337,Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RJGround217240 / 677543PH00514510001
Land at ArdviewArdview,Port Ellen,PA42 7BPGround136952 / 645159PH02814090001
Land at Argyll StreetArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HWGround217285 / 677143PE00514080001
Land at BeadounTobermory,Beadoun,PA75 6QAGround150374 / 754662PD09114190001
Land at BlairmoreBlairmore,to the rear of 1- 4 Argyll Place,PA23 8TJGround219470 / 681690PH00314210001
Land at BlarbuieBlarbuie Road,Lochgilphead,PA31 8LEGround186880 / 688112PE08212240001
Land at Bridge of OrchyScott Cottages,Bridge of Orchy,PA36 4AEGround229680 / 739657PH12212560001
Land at Broxwood PlaceBroxwood Place,Dunoon,Sandbank,PA23 8PFGround215299 / 681406PH01212480001
Land at Calgary BayCalgary,PA75 6QQGround137356 / 751200PV08813890001
Land at Camsail RoadCamsail Road,Helensburgh,Rosneath,G84 0RZGround225708 / 683083PH05512520001
Land at Camus RoadCamus Road,Dunbeg,PA37 1QDGround188239 / 733615PH05512730001
Land at Castle RoadCastle Road,Oban,PA34 5ANGround185531 / 731126PH05512570001
Land at CastleacresCastleacres,Campbeltown,PA28 6SJGround171613 / 620090PH03212550001
Land at Chalmers Street  ArdrishaigChalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYGround185191 / 685829EST00116
Land at Chapelhill RoadChapelhill Road,Rothesay,PA20 0BJGround208382 / 664771PH09712400001
Land at Charles GardensCharles Gardens,Dunoon,Kirn,PA23 8EXGround217896 / 677672PH00512450001
Land at Clachan BeagStrachur,PA27 8DGGround209568 / 701465PH01314470001
Land at Clachan of GlendaruelColintraive,Glendaruel,PA22 3AAGround199787 / 684393PH00612440001
Land at Cnoc A' ChalltuinnCnoc a Challtuin,Clachan Seil,PA34 4TRGround178086 / 718692PH05612770001
Land at Cnoc na FaireCnoc na Faire,Port Ellen,PA42 7BUGround136587 / 645392PH02814100001
Land at Cruachan CottagesCruachan Cottages,Taynuilt,PA35 1JGGround200561 / 730821PH06612610001
Land at Dalriada GroveDalriada Grove,Innellan,PA23 7HBGround214344 / 669600PH00714490001
Land at Dervaig Road & Hillcrest RoadDervaig Road,Tobermory,PA75 6PYGround150074 / 755186PH09114160001
Land at Dixon AvenueDixon Avenue,Dunoon,Kirn,PA23 8JFGround217430 / 677950PH00512460001
Land at Dunselma CourtDunselma Court,Dunoon,Strone,PA23 8RTGround219014 / 680793PH01412500001
Land at Feorlin WayFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0SLGround223714 / 691480PH10912760001
Land at FladdaFladda,Cullipool,PA34 4UAGround174030 / 712235PH06312740001
Land at Foley RoadFoley Road,Rothesay,PA20 9HRGround208942 / 663893PH09712420001
Land at Forest ViewForest View,Cairndow,Strachur,PA27 8DQGround209779 / 701414PH01312490001
Land at Former Gordon VillaClyde Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HYGround217082 / 676382PH00514520001
Land at FountainheadFountainhead,Bunessan,PA67 6DPGround137998 / 721654PH08612650001
Land at Gare RoadGare Road,Helensburgh,Rosneath,G84 0RTGround225713 / 683225PH11512530001
Land at Glen LoinArrochar,G83 7AJGround0 / 0PR10214330001
Land at Glencruitten Road, ObanGlencruitten Road,ObanGround186480 / 729677EST00104
Land at Hafton EstateSandbank,Ardnadam,PA23 8QHGround216630 / 680042PH01214480001
Land at Hazeldean CrescentHazeldean Crescent,Oban,PA34 5JTGround0 / 0PH06512590001
Land at Hutcheon Road, CampbeltownHutcheon Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JLGround172269 / 619925EST00246
Land at Invergoil/AnnfieldInvergoil,Lochgoilhead,PA24 8AAGround0 / 0PH01014330001
Land at Jarvisfield PlaceJarvisfield Place,Salen,PA72 6LBGround157122 / 742999PH09012640001
Land at Java Place, CraignureCraignure,PA65 6BGGround171459 / 737897EST00015
Land at Jubilee Terrace LochgilpheadJubilee Terrace,Lochgilphead,PA31 8NTGround186120 / 688333PH08212670001
Land at Jubilee Terrace MullJubilee Terrace,Viewmount Drive,Tobermory,PA75 6PZGround150242 / 755505PH09112660001
Land at Kilchattan BayBrandon Place,Kilchattan Bay,PA20 9NHGround209996 / 655163PH09412750001
Land at Kirk RoadKirk Road,Dunbeg,PA371QFGround187924 / 733703PV05502840001
Land at Lochan AvenueDunoon,to the rear of Lochan Avenue,PA23 8HTGround217285 / 678432PH00514220001
Land at Longsdale CrescentLongsdale Crescent,Oban,PA34 5JPGround0 / 0PH06512600001
Land at Lora ViewLora View,Oban,North Connel,PA37 1RRGround190804 / 734751PH06412580001
Land at Mansefield TerraceMansefield Terrace,Port Ellen,PA42 7BLGround136753 / 645405PH02812540001
Land at McCalls TerraceMcCalls Terrace,Oban,PA34 4JEGround0 / 0PE06514540001
Land at Mill StreetMill Street,Rothesay,PA20 0EYGround208715 / 664501PH09712680001
Land at Nant BridgeTaynuilt,PA35 1JPGround0 / 0PR06614580001
Land at Newton ParkNewton Park,Dunoon,Innellan,PA23 7STGround214037 / 669192PH00712690001
Land at OakfieldOakfield,Tarbert,PA29 6TDGround186196 / 668294PH08412410001
Land at Park Square DunoonPark Square,Dunoon,Kirn,PA23 8JLGround217695 / 678038PH00512470001
Land at Pilot StreetPilot Street,Dunoon,PA23 8DBGround217461 / 677264PH00512700001
Land at Quarry ParkQuarry Park,Furnace,PA32 8XWGround202689 / 699956PH07614250001
Land at Queen Elizabeth CottagesQueen Elizabeth Cottages,Furnace,PA32 8XXGround202345 / 669962PH07614240001
Land at Rockfield Road & Dervaig RoadRockfield Road,Tobermory,PA75 6PNGround149921 / 755069PH09114170001
Land at Ruarigan TerraceRuarigan Terrace,Tobermory,Next to the Tobermory Old Slaughterhouse,PA75 6PFGround150334 / 755525PH07114050001
Land at School RoadSchool Road,Kilcreggan,at Fairfield Gardens junction,G84 0HTGround222818 / 680809PR11114020001
Land at SorobaShuna Terrace,Oban,PA34 4YEGround186398 / 729070PH06512780001
Land at StrathviewStrathview,Taynuilt,PA35 1JFGround200489 / 731083PH06612620001
Land at Strone Primary SchoolHigh Road,Dunoon,Strone,PA23 8RUGround219179 / 680792PH01412510001
Land at Struthan TerraceStruthan Terrace,Crossapol,PA77 6URGround99904 / 743833PH06712430001
Land at Tor Aluinn113,Bullwood Road,Dunoon,PA23 7QNGround215901 / 673432PH000514500001
Land at TorlochanHigh Road,Sandbank,PA34 8PBGround0 / 0PV01214640001
Land at Torran MhorTorran Mhor,Ford,PA31 8LJGround187820 / 704805PH07512630001
Land at Victoria Road, Dunoon (Girl Guides)163,Victoria Road,Dunoon,PA23 7NXGround217099 / 677220EST00204
Land at WatergateWatergate,Rothesay,PA20 9ABGround208894 / 664575PH09712710001
Land at West EndWest End,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TNGround125007 / 657928PH02714150001
Land between 8 & 9 Cuilfail Cottages, KilmelfordOban,Kilmelford,PA34 4XBGround184842 / 712897EST00187
Land to rear of 125/126 Frederick CrescentFrederick Crescent,125/126,Port Ellen,PA42 7BQGround0 / 0PH02814610001
Lochavullin Roads Garage YardTorran Gorm,Lochavullin Road,Oban,PA34 4PLGround185701 / 729087PR06514280001
Lochgilphead Joint Campus Althetics Area/Warm up areaA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryGround186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Lochgilphead Joint Campus Car ParkA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryGround186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Lochgilphead Joint Campus Grass Pitch 1 - Rugby/FootballA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryGround186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Lochgilphead Joint Campus Grass Pitch 2 - FootballA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryGround186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Lochgoilhead Car Park and ForeshoreLochgoilhead,PA24 8AQGround219985 / 701285PR01014400001
Lochside Street Snack Bar FormerLochside street,Oban,PA34 4HPGround185959 / 729594EST00224
Lochside Street Store Workshop FormerLochside Street,Oban,PA34 4HPGround185960 / 729585PV06507380001
Longhill Quarry Ground LeaseWestlands Road,Rothesay,PA20 0JYGround208156 / 664772EST00323
Lorn Community Learning FormerMccalls Terrace,Oban,PA34 4JFGround186084 / 729049PE06511600001
Luss Footpath (Pier Road)Pier Road,Luss,G83 8NYGround236122 / 692962EST00272
Luss Old Toll House CP Snack Bar SiteLuss,G83 8PAGround235885 / 693059PP11206730001
Luss Primary School - (Play) GroundLuss,G83 8NYGround235841 / 693099PE11206710001
McLennan Cottages, InnellanDunoon,Innellan,PA23 7TJGround215432 / 670878EST00177
Meadows Agricultural Society LeaseRothesay,Meadows,PA20 9BSGround208616 / 663882EST00113
Meadows Ground RothesayRothesay,PA20 0EDGround208392 / 664028EST00336
Mid Argyll Sports Centre Car ParkA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryGround186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Mill Farm FootpathLynn Road to Millpark Road,Oban,PA34 4JNGround185955 / 729154EST00326
Mill Lane Site 1Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185891 / 729425PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 10Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185877 / 729352PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 11Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185875 / 729367PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 12Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185885 / 729370PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 13Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185892 / 729377PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 14Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185899 / 729385PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 15Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185915 / 729416PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 16Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185877 / 729295PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 17Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185863 / 729292PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 2AMill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185874 / 729402PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 2BMill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185874 / 729402PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 3Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185839 / 729364PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 4Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185909 / 729355PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 5Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185839 / 729314PV06507410001
Mill Lane Site 6Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185843 / 729321PV06507410001
Mill Lane Sites 8 & 9Mill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAGround185865 / 729349PV06507410001
Mill Park Site 1Oban,Millpark,PA34 4NHGround185843 / 729069PV06507420001
Mill Park Site 2Oban,Millpark,PA34 4NHGround185850 / 729100PV06507420001
Mill Park Site 3Oban,Millpark,PA34 4NHGround185860 / 729124PV06507420001
Mill Park Site 4Oban,Millpark,PA34 4NHGround185894 / 729145PV06507420001
Mill Park Site 5Oban,Millpark,PA34 4NHGround185921 / 729165PV06507420001
Moir Street Car Park ServitudeMoir Street,Dunoon,PA23 8AAGround217416 / 676888EST00146
Multiple Sclerosis Therapy Centre (site of former Oban Celtic Shinty Club)Glencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUGround186480 / 729677EST00026
Oban Tennis CourtsOban,PA34 5JEGround186102 / 730636EST00184
Oil Depot (South Ledaig)Oban,North Connel,PA37 1SWGround0 / 0PR06406860001
Old Quay Containers SiteOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDGround172216 / 620492PR03201600001
Playing Field Kilmodan PrimaryGlendaruel,Kilmodan,PA22 3AEGround199557 / 684362PE00604490001
Port Askaig Pier RNLIPort Askaig,PA46 7RBGround143149 / 669331PR02607900002
Port Beag Garage (Currie)Port Beag,Oban,PA34 4LSGround185364 / 729727EST00145
Port Charlotte TipPort Charlotte,PA48 7UBGround123490 / 657387PV02708070001
Port Ellen Civic Amenity SiteBack Road,Port Ellen,PA42 7DRGround136522 / 645375PV02811390001
Rest and be Thankful Turning CircleBy Arrochar,Car Park at Turning Circle,G84 7ASGround0 / 0PT10214420001
Rhu Bus Stop at County CottagesGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PAGround226571 / 684241PT11413480001
Rhu Bus Stop at Rhu Ellen CourtGareloch Road,Rhu,G83 8PAGround226896 / 683860PT11413480001
Rosneath Primary School Netball Court/Overflow Car ParkClachan Road,Rosneath,G84 0RJGround0 / 0PE11508420001
Rothesay & District Pipe BandThe Stadium,Rothesay,PA20 0EDGround208487 / 664111EST00096
Rothesay Golf ClubRothesay,PA20 9HNGround209059 / 664133EST00098
Sandaig Scrap Disposal SiteScarinish,Gott Bay,PA77 6TNGround103019 / 745785PR06711900001
Sawmill Field, HelensburghCardross Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LBGround0 / 0PR11014560001
School Master's Field, CardrossDarleith Road,Cardross,G82 5EZGround234258 / 678742EST00048
Scottish Sub Aqua Club, Dungallan ParkGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LSGround185149 / 729774PV06507180001
Shop 29 Lochside Street Former29,Lochside Street,Oban,PA34 4HPGround185963 / 729603EST00221
Shore Street Hut Oban Pipe Band57,Shore Street,Oban,Argyll,PA34 4NTGround185757 / 729795PV06507650001
Site at Bruichladdich PierBruichladdich,PA49 7UNGround126485 / 660887EST00154
Site for Changing Room & Clubhouse Glencruitten RdGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4EJGround186703 / 729564EST00065
Skeoch Ground Lease, RothesayRothesay,Skeoch,PA20 0NWGround208278 / 665601EST00273
Skills Development ScotlandArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7LUGround217532 / 676628PV00503030001
Skippers Wood PathwaySkeoch Wood to Skippers Wood,Rothesay,PA20 9JZGround209943 / 664946EST00306
Small Isles Primary School PlaygroundCraighouse,PA60 7XGGround0 / 0PE02302420001
Southend Primary School PlaygroundCampbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQGround0 / 0PE04209810001
Stramash, Dungallan ParkGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LSGround185141 / 729440PV06507180001
The Building (MacLeod), North Pier, ObanNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHGround185776 / 730118PV06507520001
Thomson Court GrazingsRothesay,Townhead,PA20 9JHGround208814 / 663604PS09709310001
Tighnabruaich Primary School GrazingsTighnabruaich,PA21 2BEGround197492 / 672732PE01510370001
Tobermory Car Park LicenceBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBGround150518 / 755447PE09110480002
Upper Riochan PlaygroundInveraray,Upper Riochan,PA32 8URGround209123 / 707973EST00330
Vehicle Storage, KilcregganFairfield Gardens,Kilcreggan,G84 0HSGround222679 / 681056EST00084
Victory Hall Car ParkBenderloch,PA37 1QPGround190702 / 738574PH04712720001
West Highland Way Ground LeaseGlenkinglass & Blackmount Estate,Bridge Of Orchy,PA36 4AQGround227653 / 741262EST00314
Woodyard and Land at Kilmory Home FarmKilmory Home Farm,Lochgilphead,Kilmory,PA31 8RTGround187093 / 686677EST00028
Corran Halls Main BuildingCorran Esplanade,Oban,PA34 5ABHall185691 / 730629PV06507010001
Dunoon Combined Services Club (Ex Boxing Club)32,Union Street,Dunoon,Black Park,PA23 8ERHall217512 / 677655EST00203
Former Library HQ49,Hunter Street,Dunoon,PA23 8JRHall218145 / 678321EST00106
Hermitage Park Bowling ClubSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUHall229814 / 682742PV11004920001
Memorial Hall, StrachurFree Church Road,Strachur,PA27 8DGHall209344 / 701502EST00185
Queens Hall Main BuildingArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHHall217503 / 676575PV00503220001
Ramsay Memorial HallPort Ellen,PA42 7BYHall136380 / 645555PV02808180001
Rhu Community Education CentreHall Road,Helensburgh,Rhu,G84 8RRHall226729 / 684164PE11408340001
Rothesay Pavilion45,Argyle Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUHall208381 / 665073PV09708590001
Victoria HallKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6EGHall172022 / 620486PV03201460001
Victoria HallsSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUHall229789 / 682664PV11004930001
Creich Village HallFionnphort,PA66 6BPHall*131797 / 723306PE11804080001
Former Kirn Girl GuidesDunclutha Lane,Kirn,PA23 8LHHall*218237 / 678342PS00514120001
Former Tobermory Primary School was An TobarBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBHall*150433 / 755400PE09110500001
Fort Road PavilionFort Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0LGHall*224561 / 680563PV11112220001
Gibson HallOld School Road,Garelochhead,G84 0ATHall*223813 / 691238PE10904300001
Victoria Road (Larchhill - Former Boys Brigade)163A,Victoria Road,Dunoon,PA23 7NXHall*217120 / 677210EST00205
Dunoon Hostel Main BuildingHunter Street,Dunoon,PA23 8JRHostel218222 / 678414PE00503580001
Flats at 51 West Princes Street51,West Princes Street,Helensburgh,G84 8BNHostel229343 / 682422PS11011680001
Glencruitten HostelDalintart Drive,Oban,PA34 4EFHostel186550 / 729290PE06507090001
Glencruitten Hostel Annexe (Teachers Accommodation)Dalintart Drive,Oban,PA34 4EFHostel186550 / 729290PE06507090001
Greenwood HostelWoodland Drive,Campbeltown,PA28 6JWHostel172255 / 619819PS03201900001
33 High Bank Park33,High Bank Park,Lochgilphead,PA318NNHouse185836 / 688327PS08206150001
Ardchattan SchoolhouseBonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHHouse200143 / 734159PE06600740001
Arinagour Primary School Janitors HouseCarnan Road,Arinagour,PA78 6TAHouse122391 / 756989PE05100420001
Balemartine Schoolhouse 2Balemartine,PA776UAHouse98554 / 741284PE06700630001
Bendarroch Schoolhouse (Part Of School Bldg)Feorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DGHouse223852 / 691370PE10904270001
Bridge Of Orchy SchoolBridge Of Orchy,PA364ADHouse229958 / 739627PE12200970001
Bridge Of Orchy SchoolhouseBridge Of Orchy,PA364ADHouse229958 / 739627PE12200970001
Cornaigmore Schoolhouse 1Scarinish,Cornaigmore,PA776XAHouse97685 / 747582PE06702320001
County Buildings Ground Flat (Tob Office)Breadalbane Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PXHouse150274 / 755092PP09110550001
County Buildings Upper Flat (Tob Office)Breadalbane Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PXHouse150281 / 755092PP09110550001
Cuan Ferry CaravanBy Balvicar,Cuan Ferry,PA34 4RBHouse175436 / 714425PR06302600001
Cuan Ferrymans House 1By Balvicar,Cuan Ferry,PA34 4RBHouse175430 / 714443PR06302600001
Cuan Ferrymans House 2By Balvicar,Cuan Ferry,PA34 4RBHouse175426 / 714450PR06302610001
Cuan Ferrymans House 3By Balvicar,Cuan Ferry,PA34 4RBHouse175399 / 714453PR06302620001
Dunbeg SchoolhouseDunbeg,PA371QFHouse187862 / 733259PE05502870001
Dunoon Primary SchoolhouseHillfoot Street,Dunoon,PA23 7DRHouse217304 / 676559PE00503550001
Easdale Island Ferry HouseEasdale,PA34 4TBHouse174019 / 717064PR05604030001
Faslane Cemetery HouseHelensburgh,Faslane,G84 8HLHouse224872 / 689885PV10704040001
Fionnphort Ferry House 1Fionnphort,PA66 6BLHouse130267 / 723427PR11804090001
Fionnphort Ferry House 2Fionnphort,PA66 6BLHouse130274 / 723427PR11804100001
Flat 52b Sinclair Street52,Sinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TQHouse229688 / 682414PR11004880001
Flat 52c Sinclair Street52,Sinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TQHouse229684 / 682410PR11004880001
Furnace Primary SchoolhouseFurnace,PA32 8XUHouse202388 / 700083PE07604190001
Gigha Primary SchoolhouseArdminish,PA41 7AAHouse164911 / 648887PE03504380001
Glencreran Ex SchoolhouseAppin,Fasnacloich,PA38 4BJHouse203424 / 748805PE10804060001
Helensburgh Cemetery House69,Old Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LNHouse0 / 0PV11004820001
Hermitage Primary Schoolhouse9,East Argyle Street,Helensburgh,G83 7EWHouse229841 / 682583PP11004590001
Iona SchoolhouseIona,Village,PA76 6SJHouse128461 / 724163PE08905360001
Keills SchoolhousePort Askaig,Keills,PA467RFHouse141811 / 668696PE02607880001
Kilchattan SchoolhouseUpper Kilchattan,PA61 7YRHouse138351 / 695981PE05205500001
Ledaig Travelling Persons Site Oban (Chalet Only)Oban,Ledaig,PA37 1NYHouse190855 / 736057PV06507330001
Lismore Primary SchoolhouseAchnacroish,PA345UGHouse185046 / 740974PE06105920001
Minard Schoolhouse (Part Of School)Inveraray,Minard,PA32 8YBHouse197792 / 696185PE08306800001
Pennyfuir CottageConnel Road,Oban,PA34 5TXHouse186653 / 731555PV06506990001
Plant Yard CottageBishopton Road,Lochgilphead,PA31 8PYHouse185846 / 688713PR08206040001
Port Appin Ferryman's House1,Ferry Cottages,Port Appin,PA384DEHouse190486 / 745539PR04507830001
Port Beag SlipGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LSHouse185439 / 729761PR06507250001
Port Charlotte SchoolhouseSchool Street,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TWHouse125178 / 658243PE02708090001
Port Ellen SchoolhouseLennox Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7BWHouse136743 / 645287PE02808140001
Rothesay Pavilion Caretakers Flat45,Argyle Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUHouse208377 / 665079PV09708590001
South Pier House RNLIGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LSHouse185436 / 729746PR06507250001
Lochandubh KennelsBarcaldine,Achacha,PA37 1SFKennels194791 / 740524PV04614410001
Achaleven Primary School Dining Block 2Connel,Achaleven,PA37 1PHKitchen & Dining191807 / 734208PE12000040001
Ardchattan Primary School Dining HallBonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHKitchen & Dining200143 / 734159PE06600740001
Arrochar Primary School Block 2 External Dining/KitchenArrochar,Tarbet,G83 7DGKitchen & Dining232116 / 704672PE12510140001
Castlehill Primary School Dining Hall & KitchenRalston Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LEKitchen & Dining171891 / 620107PE03201710001
St Andrew's Primary School Annexe DiningGowanfield Terrace,Rothesay,PA20 0DXKitchen & Dining208432 / 664426PE09708890001
Dalinlongart Landfill SiteSandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSLandfill213919 / 681173PV01209580001
Glengorm Landfill SiteTobermory,PA75 6QDLandfill148784 / 755750PV09110710001
Rothesay Landfill SiteWestlands Road,Rothesay,PA20 0RALandfill207695 / 664697PV09709420001
Aqualibrium Main BuildingKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6EGLeisure Centre171962 / 620670PV03211580001
Helensburgh Swimming PoolWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8SQLeisure Centre229521 / 682229PV11004660001
Oban Swimming Pool (Private)Dalriach Road,Oban,PA34 5JELeisure Centre186088 / 730574PV06507120001
Riverside Leisure CentreMoir Street,Dunoon,PA23 8AALeisure Centre217451 / 676807PV00502960001
Rothesay Leisure PoolHigh Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BNLeisure Centre208654 / 663986PV09708980001
Cardross Library Main BuildingMain Street,Cardross,G82 5PXLibrary234493 / 677578PV10301910001
Helensburgh Library Main Building59,West King Street,Helensburgh,G84 8EBLibrary229370 / 682588PV11005070001
Lochgilphead LibraryManse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8XQLibrary186519 / 687859PV08206400001
Oban Library Albany Street77,Albany Street,Oban,PA34 4ALLibrary185659 / 729645PV06511550001
Tarbert Library (Argyll House) Main BuildingHarbour Street,Tarbert,PA29 6UALibrary186413 / 668619PP08411530001
Tiree LibraryCornaigmore Schoolhouse 2 & 3,Scarinish,Cornaigmore,PA77 6XALibrary97642 / 747579PE06702330001
High Street Depot Nissen Hut 1114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDNissen Hut208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Nissen Hut 2114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDNissen Hut208688 / 664168PP09708920001
Ardencraig Nurseries RothesayArdencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZNursery210523 / 664804PV09708570001
Bogleha NurseryArthur Terrace,Dunoon,PA23 7HLNursery217172 / 677583PV00503290001
Eastlands Farm, RothesayEastlands Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EJNursery209626 / 664401EST00090
High Street Nurseries RothesayHigh Street/Townhead,Rothesay,PA20 9JHNursery208623 / 663623PV09708940001
Kilmory NurseriesLochgilphead,Kilmory,PA31 8RTNursery186947 / 686840PV08206190001
Westlands Farm RothesayWestlands Road,Rothesay,PA20 0RANursery207038 / 665497PV09709430001
15 Bowman Court, Java Road, CraignureJava Road,Craignure,PA65 6BHOffice171293 / 738147PV08712150001
An Cala Office21,High Bank Park,Lochgilphead,PA31 8NLOffice185846 / 688257PS08206140001
Argyll House Main Building91 Alexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8AJOffice217740 / 677194PP00502930001
Blairvadach HouseHelensburgh,Blairvadach,G84 8NDOffice226291 / 685332PS11408270001
Bowmore Area Office and Service Point Main BuildingJamieson Street,Bowmore,PA43 7HPOffice131229 / 659757PP01900930001
Burnet Building Main BuildingSt John Street,Campbeltown,PA28 6BJOffice172101 / 620346PV03201280001
Bute Sub Area CEC Office Block 2Stuart Street,Rothesay,PA20 0EPOffice208735 / 664482PE09709260001
Campbeltown Service Point Former (Former Area Registrar)Witchburn Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JUOffice171540 / 620314PP03201880001
Castle HouseArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHOffice217477 / 676436PV00503100001
Castlehill OfficeCastlehill,Campbeltown,PA28 6ANOffice171824 / 620238PR03201230001
Chalmers Street Office - Criminal Justice67/69,Chalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA308DXOffice185185 / 685596PV06911040001
Chalmers Street Office Building Standards73,Chalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8DXOffice185188 / 685573PP06900320001
Chalmers Street Office IT Training71,Chalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA31 8DXOffice185187 / 685582PP06900310001
Church Street Office16,Church Street,Dunoon,PA23 8BGOffice217364 / 676924PS00503370001
Colonsay Service PointScalasaig,PA61 7YWOffice139401 / 694301PP05211330001
Community Group Dunoon CEC170,Edward Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PHOffice217110 / 677152PE00503450001
Dalriada HouseLochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JLOffice186245 / 687956PP08206230001
Dolphin Hall AnnexeManse Avenue,Dunoon,PA238DQOffice217376 / 677297PP00503660001
Dolphin Hall Main BuildingManse Avenue,Dunoon,PA238DQOffice217382 / 677291PP00503660001
Dunoon Pier Waiting Room & OfficesArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJOffice217665 / 676456PP00503140001
Eaglesham House Main Building7 - 9,Mount Pleasant Road,Rothesay,PA20 9HQOffice209052 / 664433PP09709100001
East Clyde Street Main Building83/85,East Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7PJOffice229947 / 682183PS11011380002
Election office18,Lochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA318JNOffice186342 / 687821PP08206290001
Ellis Lodge Main BuildingArgyll Road,Dunoon,PA23 8ESOffice217374 / 677492PS00503020001
Glencruitten Office Block (Education Office)Dalintart Drive,Oban,PA34 4EFOffice186558 / 729248PE06507090001
Graham Williamson IT Centre64a,John Street,Helensburgh,G84 8XJOffice229411 / 682660PP06911230001
Guildford Square Weighbridge BuildingGuildford Square,Rothesay,PA20 9APOffice208873 / 664734PP09708910001
Hamilton Street Roads Depot OfficeVictoria Road,Dunoon,PA23 7PAOffice217172 / 677583PR00503910001
High Street Office110,High Street,Rothesay,PA209HPOffice208518 / 664141PP09708930001
Hill Street Office Main Building22,Hill Street,Dunoon,PA237APOffice217037 / 676815PP00503540001
Inveraray Offices Front StreetFront Street,Inveraray,PA32 8UYOffice209627 / 708562PP07705280001
Jeanie Deans Unit93 Victoria Infirmary,East King Street,Helensburgh,G84 7BUOffice230796 / 682137PS11011970001
Jura Service PointFormer Schoolhouse,Craighouse,PA60 7XGOffice152857 / 667917PP02311320001
Kilarrow House Main BuildingShore Street,Bowmore,PA437LHOffice131625 / 660103PP01900830001
Kilbrannan HouseBolgam Street,Campbeltown,PA286HZOffice171946 / 620481PP03201180001
Kilcreggan Pier Harbourmaster's OfficeShore Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HHOffice224155 / 680448PR11105660001
Kilkerran Road Cemetery Office/WelfareKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNOffice172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kilkerran Road Cemetery WelfareKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNOffice172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kilmory CastleLochgilphead,Kilmory,PA318RTOffice186887 / 686743PP08206170001
Kintyre HouseSnipefield Business Park,Campbeltown,Drumore,PA28 6SYOffice171315 / 621662PP03212270001
Kintyre Network CentreHazelburn Business Park,Campbeltown,Millknowe,PA28 6HAOffice171698 / 620860PS03211420001
Lingerton Weigh Bridge OfficeA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RROffice0 / 0PV08206220001
Lochavullin Roads Garage Portacabin (Office)Torran Gorm,Lochavullin Road,Oban,PA34 4PLOffice185701 / 729087PR06514280001
Lochavullin Unit 4Oban,Lochavullin,PA34 4HBOffice185793 / 729306PS06507350001
Lorn HouseAlbany Street,Oban,PA344AROffice185838 / 729782PP06506940001
Manse Brae Area Office Main BuildingManse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8QUOffice186468 / 687785PP08206390001
Manse Brae Office Roads1A,Manse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RDOffice186317 / 688298PR08206350001
Manse Brae Office Roads Portacabin1A,Manse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RDOffice186317 / 688298PR08206350001
Milton HouseMilton Avenue,Dunoon,PA237DUOffice217339 / 676671PP00503760001
Mossfield Park Welfare Unit (Container F)Glencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUOffice186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Municipal Buildings ObanAlbany Street,Oban,PA34 4AWOffice185796 / 729788PP06506950001
North Argyll Carer Centre134,Albany Street,Oban,PA43 4AWOffice185784 / 729771EST00130
North Pier Former Harbour Masters OfficeNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHOffice185757 / 730150PV06507520001
North Pier White BuildingNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHOffice185801 / 730142PV06507520001
Oban Social Work Office50,Soroba Road,Oban,PA34 4HYOffice186045 / 729386PS06507730002
Office 3 Harvey's LaneHarvey's lane,Campbeltown,PA28 6GEOffice171891 / 620430PP03211800001
Old Quay Buildings Shower/Changing Facilities - Unit 6, 7 & 13Old Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDOffice172141 / 620477PR03201600001
Old Quay Head OfficesOld Quay Head,Campbeltown,PA28 6DBOffice172049 / 620408PR03201650001
Old Quay Units 1,2, 8, 9, 10 & 11Old Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDOffice172120 / 620468PR03201600001
Rothesay Roads Depot Office (Portakabin)19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDOffice208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Sandbank Headquarters Main BuildingHighland Avenue,Sandbank,PA238PBOffice216612 / 679842PV01209630001
Sinclair Street Store52,Sinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TQOffice229684 / 682410PR11004880001
Tarbert OfficeSchool Road,Tarbert,PA296UJOffice186416 / 668600PP08410100001
The Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre Main Building38,East Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7PGOffice229877 / 682163PE11004620001
The Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre Templeton Annex38,East Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7PGOffice229877 / 682163PE11004620001
The Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Janitor's House38,East Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7PGOffice229877 / 682163PE11004620001
Tiree Shared OfficeCrossapol Business Centre,Crossapol,PA77 6UPOffice100013 / 743791PP06710460001
Tobermory Area Office (County Buildings)Breadalbane Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PXOffice150273 / 755101PP09110550001
Tourist Information Inveraray OfficeFront Street,Inveraray,PA32 8UYOffice209628 / 708561PP07705280001
Townhead Cemetery Welfare UnitRothesay,Townhead,PA20 9JHOffice208512 / 663593PV09709320001
Union Street OfficeUnion Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDOffice208680 / 664276PS09709370001
Waterfront Development Enable Main Building83/85,East Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 7PJOffice229947 / 682183PS11011380002
Whitegates OfficesWhitegates Road,Lochgilphead,PA318SYOffice186555 / 687602PE08206510001
Willowview HouseSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4SBOffice185963 / 728526PS06507790001
18 Visitor MooringsVarious LocationsOther0 / 0EST00279
Ardchattan Primary School PlayparkBonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHOther200146 / 734186PE06600740001
Ardchattan Primary School PolytunnelBonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHOther200146 / 734166PE06600740001
Argyll MausoleumKilmun,PA23 8SEOther216611 / 682112PV00905780001
Argyll Street ClockArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HGOther217445 / 676680PP00503040001
Barcaldine Primary School PolytunnelOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGOther196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Bridge Of Orchy Water SupplyBridge Of Orchy,PA364ADOther230080 / 739548PE12200970001
Campbeltown Ferry Terminal Seabed LeaseCampbeltown,New Quay,PA28 6EDOther172262 / 620259EST00197
Clachan Church Yard Cemetery CanopyClachan,PA29 6XLOther0 / 0PV11602070001
Coal Pier Former WeighbridgeAlexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8ABOther0 / 0PR00502970001
Dunbeg Primary School Play ParkDunbeg,PA371QFOther187813 / 733275PE05502850001
Dunbeg Primary School PolytunnelDunbeg,PA371QFOther187813 / 733275PE05502850001
Dunoon CastleArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHOther217506 / 676432PV00503100001
East and West Bays, DunoonDunoonOther217729 / 676347EST00268
Esplanade FountainsVictoria Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUOther208662 / 664807PP09709380001
Esplanade Kiosk RothesayVictoria Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUOther208645 / 664810PP09709380001
Glengorm Landfill Wind Turbine (Miss Hoolie)Tobermory,PA75 6QDOther148784 / 755750PV09110710001
Guildford Square WeighbridgeGuildford Square,Rothesay,PA20 9APOther0 / 0PP09708910001
Henry Bell AnvilEast Clyde Street,Helesburgh,East Bay,G84 7ADOther230163 / 682087PV11014600001
Henry Bell ObeliskWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8AXOther0 / 0PP11011090001
Hermit's WellSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUOther229940 / 682741PV11004920001
Highland Mary StatueArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHOther217547 / 676372PV00503100001
Inveraray Primary Marley GarageThe Avenue,Inveraray,PA32 3UEOther0 / 0PE07705350001
Inveraray Primary School GazeboThe Avenue,Inveraray,PA32 3UEOther0 / 0PE07705350001
Iona Sandbank Site Ground LeaseIona,PA76 6SPOther128154 / 723417EST00302
Japanese ShelterSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUOther229940 / 682741PV11004920001
John Logie Baird BustWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8AXOther0 / 0PP11011090001
Jubilee BridgeAppin,PA38 4DDOther192774 / 746667PP04500080001
Jubilee Bridge Foreshore and Seabed LeaseAppin,PA38 4DDOther192774 / 746667PP04500080001
Jura Boat MooringsCraighouseOther152783 / 667185PP02302410001
King George V Grandstand RothesayHigh Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BNOther208567 / 664093PV09708960001
Kirk DamRothesay,PA20 9PAOther208132 / 662757PP09709180001
Kirn Gardens Flag PolesMarine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8HFOther218428 / 678098PV00503690001
Ledaig Lease of foreshoreLedaig Car Park Extension,Tobermory,PA75 6NROther150508 / 755047EST00150
Lingerton WeighbridgeA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RROther0 / 0PV08206220001
Lochgair BridgeLochgair,PA31 8SDOther192480 / 690345PP08105980001
Lynn of Lorne Commercial MooringPort Appin,Lynn of LorneOther190207 / 745434EST00324
Millhouse Roads Depot Fuel TankMillhouse,Tighnabruaich,PA21 2BWOther0 / 0PR01106780001
Moleigh WeighbridgeLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDOther186982 / 726771PV06507560001
Oban Foreshore Regulating LeaseOban Bay,Oban,Dungallan Park to Corran Esplanade,PA34 5QDOther185830 / 730048EST00305
Oban Notice BoardsOban,PA34 4NTOther185893 / 730071PP06507570001
Port Ellen Bay Boat MooringsPort Ellen Bay,Port Ellen,PA42 7BDOther136442 / 645106PP02808200001
Port Riddell Slipway Seabed LeaseDunoon,Port Riddell,PA23 8AWOther218036 / 677403EST00297
PS Comet Flywheel (Paddle Steamer)East Clyde Street,Helesburgh,East Bay,G84 7ADOther230163 / 682087PV11014600001
Queens Hall Notice BoardArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHOther217503 / 676575PV00503220001
Rothesay Gardens/Railings MiscPromenade,Rothesay,PA20 0AUOther208662 / 664807PP09709150001
Sea MineWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8AXOther0 / 0PP11011090001
Serpentine Road RailingsSerpentine Road,Rothesay,PA20Other209228 / 664492PP09709210001
Soroba BridgeOban,Soroba,PA34 4JLOther186114 / 728845PP06507670001
Strath of Appin Primary School Play ParkAppin,PA38 4BCOther193616 / 746349PE04500100001
Tayinloan and Ardminish Ferry SlipsTayinloan and Ardminish,Tayinloan,PA29 6XQOther169182 / 646559EST00309
Tayinloan and Gigha Ferry SlipsTayinloan and Ardminish,Tayinloan,PA29 6XQOther169182 / 646559EST00310
The ArchesDalmally Road,Inveraray,PA32 8UYOther209545 / 708610PP07705250001
The Avenue ArchesThe Avenue,Inveraray,PA32 8UYOther209596 / 708583PP07711620001
Tiree Airport Generator ShedTiree Airport,Crossapol,PA77 6UWOther99998 / 744605EST00276
Tobermory Clock TowerMain Street,Tobermory,PA75 6NUOther150548 / 755288PP09110630001
Tobermory FountainMain Street,Tobermory,PA75 6NUOther150531 / 755273PP09110700001
West Loch Pier Seabed LeaseTarbert,West Loch,PA29 6YFOther184324 / 667268EST00315
Ardencraig Nurseries AviaryArdencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZOutbuildings0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Potting ShedArdencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZOutbuildings0 / 0PV09708570001
Tobermory Area Office OutbuildingsBreadalbane Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PXOutbuildings150273 / 755101PP09110550001
Craigard ParkCraigard Road/Ardconnel Road,Oban,PA34 5DSPark/Leisure0 / 0PV06514630001
Howie ParkHowie Park,Rosneath,G84 0RJPark/Leisure225229 / 683211PV11508470001
Howie Park Play AreaHowie Park,Rosneath,G84 0RJPark/Leisure225264 / 683279PV11508470001
King George V Playpark TobermoryTobermory,Strongarbh,PA75 6AGPark/Leisure150595 / 755490PV09110680001
King George V Tennis Court TobermoryTobermory,Strongarbh,PA75 6AGPark/Leisure150595 / 755490PV09110680001
Kinloch GreenKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6DNPark/Leisure0 / 0PV03201430001
Kirkmichael ParkKirkmichael Park,Helensburgh,G84 7LZPark/Leisure0 / 0PV11004800001
Ladeside Street Garden AreaLadeside Street,Rothesay,PA20 0EAPark/Leisure208605 / 664468PV09712310001
Land at Duck BayAuchendennan Road,Alexandria,Arden,G83 8QZPark/Leisure237257 / 683454PV10114030001
Mill Street ParkMill Street,Rothesay,PA20 0EXPark/Leisure208628 / 664446PV09714110001
Mossfield Park GrandstandGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUPark/Leisure186564 / 729598PV06507290001
Quarry Green Play ParkKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNPark/Leisure0 / 0PV03214350001
Sandy Beach Picnic AreaShore Road,Innellan,PA23 7SSPark/Leisure214264 / 669479PV00705140001
Youth Playground (basketball court)Kinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6DNPark/Leisure171915 / 620855PV03201430001
Alexandra Parade GardensAlexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8AWPark/Leisure*218113 / 677580PV00502920001
Alma Crescent Gardens ObanGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LTPark/Leisure*185504 / 729620PV06507170001
Ardencaple Playing Fields RhuRhu Road Higher,Helensburgh,G89 8JZPark/Leisure*228420 / 683496PE11408350001
Ardrishaig SeafrontChalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYPark/Leisure*185186 / 685771PV06900270001
Argyll Gardens DunoonArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7LUPark/Leisure*217513 / 676663PV00503030001
Argyll Square Gardens ObanArgyll Square,Oban,PA34 4BEPark/Leisure*185884 / 729843PV06506960001
Arrochar Football FieldsArrochar,Succoth,G83 7AWPark/Leisure*229717 / 704086PV10210920001
Battery Place GardensBattery Shore,Rothesay,PA20 9DPPark/Leisure*209217 / 664955PV09708690001
Bendarroch Park Changing FacilitiesFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DLPark/Leisure*223798 / 691394PV10911560001
Bendarroch Play AreaFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DLPark/Leisure*223798 / 691394PV10911560001
Benderloch All Weather PitchBenderloch,PA37 1QSPark/Leisure*190622 / 738619EST00109
Bishops Glen DunoonDunoon,Bishops Glen,PA23 7EPPark/Leisure*216317 / 676749PV00503330001
Castle Gardens DunoonArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHPark/Leisure*217504 / 676433PV00503100001
Castle House Tennis ClubArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHPark/Leisure*217444 / 676456PV00503100001
Castle Street Garden RothesayCastle Street,Rothesay,PA20 9HAPark/Leisure*208894 / 664575PV09708720001
Chalmers Street Open AreaChalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8DXPark/Leisure*185211 / 685643PV06900290001
Chapelhill View Point RothesayChapelhill Road,Rothesay,PA20 0JYPark/Leisure*208386 / 664839PV09708730001
Church Road Play Fields ArrocharChurch Road,Arrochar,G83 7ABPark/Leisure*229656 / 703634PV10210900001
Clynder Bowling ClubShore Road,Clynder,G84 0PPPark/Leisure*224602 / 684706PV10411510001
Cove Bowling ClubCove,G84 0LZPark/Leisure*222511 / 680990PV10510990001
Crannaig View Point ObanCrannaig A Mhinister,Oban,PA34 4LUPark/Leisure*185434 / 729686PV06507060001
Dunbeg Playing FieldKirk Road,Dunbeg,PA371QFPark/Leisure*188072 / 733578PV05502840001
Dungallan Gardens ObanGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LSPark/Leisure*185126 / 729772PV06507180001
Dunoon Prom-Benches/SeatingPromenade,Dunoon,PA23 7HUPark/Leisure*216965 / 676201PV00503810001
Dunoon Reservoir (Fishing Rights)Dunoon,Bishops Glen,PA23 7EPPark/Leisure*215969 / 676698PV00503330001
Dunoon StadiumArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RLPark/Leisure*217492 / 677775PP00503190001
Dunoon Stadium GrandstandArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RLPark/Leisure*217492 / 677775PP00503190001
Eaglesham Play Area RothesayEaglesham Terrace,Rothesay,PA20 9HLPark/Leisure*209006 / 664382PV09708770001
East King St Playing FieldsEast King Street,Helensburgh,G84 7QYPark/Leisure*230190 / 682080PV11004990001
Esplanade Gardens ObanCorran Esplanade,Oban,PA34 5ABPark/Leisure*185697 / 730589PV06507050001
Esplanade Putting Greens RothVictoria Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUPark/Leisure*208647 / 664822PP09709380001
Faslane ViewpointGlen Fruin,Helensburgh,Faslane,G84 8YTPark/Leisure*225184 / 690668PV10704050001
Former Marine Parade Paddling PoolMarine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8HFPark/Leisure*218429 / 678098PV00503690001
Former West Bay Paddling PoolVictoria Parade,Dunoon,PA23 7LDPark/Leisure*216862 / 676108PV00503870001
Glencruitten Sports Field 3 - FootballOban,Glencruitten,PA34 4EJPark/Leisure*186643 / 729331PV06507280001
Glencruitten Sports Fields 1 & 2 - RugbyOban,Glencruitten,PA34 4EJPark/Leisure*186703 / 729564PV06507280001
Guildford Square Car ParkGuilford Square,Rothesay,PA20 9AGPark/Leisure*208881 / 664701PV09708900001
Guildford Square RothesayGuilford Square,Rothesay,PA20 9AGPark/Leisure*208878 / 664701PV09708900001
Helensburgh Football PavilionEast King Street,Helensburgh,G84 7QYPark/Leisure*230249 / 682314PV11004990001
Helensburgh Pier Skateboard ParkWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8SQPark/Leisure*229489 / 682245PV11004660001
Hermitage Park HelensburghSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUPark/Leisure*229940 / 682741PV11004920001
Innellan Pier Area GardensShore Road,Innellan,PA23 7TPPark/Leisure*215374 / 670834PV00705180001
Inveraray JailChurch Square,Inveraray,PA32 8TXPark/Leisure*209650 / 708398EST00122
Jacobs Ladder ObanTweedale Street,Oban,PA34 5SGPark/Leisure*186021 / 730102PV06507810001
Kilkerran Putting HutKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28Park/Leisure*172287 / 620134PV03201330001
King George V Grandstand Rothesay - GroundHigh Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BNPark/Leisure*208567 / 664093PV09708960001
King George V Park ArdrishaigPark Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8HDPark/Leisure*185022 / 685992PV06900360001
King George V Playing Field TobermoryTobermory,Strongarbh,PA75 6AGPark/Leisure*150595 / 755490PV09110680001
Kintyre Park Campbeltown (Former Pupils)Limecraigs Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JTPark/Leisure*171937 / 619812PV03201480001
Kirkmichael Park Play AreaKirkmichael Park,Helensburgh,G84 7LZPark/Leisure*231161 / 682437PV11004800001
Kirkmichael Park Skateboard ParkKirkmichael Park,Helensburgh,G84 7LZPark/Leisure*231161 / 682437PV11004800001
Kirn Gardens DunoonMarine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8HFPark/Leisure*218429 / 678098PV00503690001
Luss Play AreaPier Road,Luss,G83 8NYPark/Leisure*235961 / 692896PV11211410001
Marine Road Grass PitchMarine Road,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LTPark/Leisure*206754 / 667383PV09607980001
Marine Road Play AreaMarine Road,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LTPark/Leisure*206754 / 667383PV09607980001
Marine Road Putting GreenMarine Road,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LTPark/Leisure*206754 / 667383PV09607980001
McCaigs Tower ObanDuncraggan Road,Oban,PA34 5DTPark/Leisure*186111 / 730228PV06507150001
Meadows A Public Park C'townMeadows Avenue,Campbeltown,PA28 6LNPark/Leisure*171583 / 619977PV03201500001
Millknowe ParkMillknowe Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6NJPark/Leisure*171544 / 621207PV03201520001
Montague Street GardensMontague Street,Rothesay,PA20 0BUPark/Leisure*208812 / 664672PV09709090001
Morags Glen DunoonDunoon,West Bay,PA23 7QJPark/Leisure*216603 / 675836PV00503930001
Morrison CourtBowmore,PA43 7JJPark/Leisure*131050 / 659831PP01900850001
Mossfield ParkGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUPark/Leisure*186564 / 729598PV06507290001
Mossfield Park Changing RoomsGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUPark/Leisure*186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Mount Stuart Road GardensMount Stuart Road,Rothesay,PA20 9LEPark/Leisure*210183 / 665399PV09709120001
Playing Field Manse Brae RhuPlaying Fields,Helensburgh,Rhu,G84 8SBPark/Leisure*227022 / 684090PV11410890001
Pulpit Hill Gardens and ViewpointPulpit Hill,Oban,PA34 4LXPark/Leisure*185294 / 729578PV06507620001
Ropework Park Playing FieldsCampbell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JUPark/Leisure*186398 / 687991PV08206100001
Rose Gardens DunoonArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HWPark/Leisure*217301 / 677053PV00503260001
Sandbank Play Area & Car ParkSandbank,Sandbank,PA23 8QBPark/Leisure*216371 / 680367PV01209660001
Skating Pond HelensburghSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 9ATPark/Leisure*230659 / 683880PV11004670001
South Pier Garden Area ObanGallanach Road,Oban,PA34 4LSPark/Leisure*185416 / 729732PV06507240001
Station Square ObanOban,PA34 4LLPark/Leisure*185831 / 729879PV06507590001
Tarbert Football Park (Grass)Tarbert,Back Street/Easfield,PA29 6URPark/Leisure*186321 / 668361PV08410060001
Tarbert Play ParkTarbert,Back Street/Easfield,PA29 6URPark/Leisure*186363 / 668406PV08410060001
Tarbet Play AreaTarbet,A82,G83 7DEPark/Leisure*232053 / 704686PE12514300001
Tarbet Playing FieldsTarbet,A82,G83 7DEPark/Leisure*232074 / 704724PE12514290001
Velvet Path InnellanSouth Campbell Road,Innellan,PA23 7SLPark/Leisure*214005 / 669415PV00705160001
Victoria Gardens DunoonHanover Street,Dunoon,PA23 7ABPark/Leisure*217231 / 676900PV00503530001
Walker's RestSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 9ATPark/Leisure*230322 / 683657PV11014270001
West Bay Crazy GolfDunoon,Victoria Parade,PA23 7HUPark/Leisure*217538 / 676304PV00503270001
West Bay Recreational AreaVictoria Parade,Dunoon,PA23 7LDPark/Leisure*216845 / 676041PV00503870001
Childrens Play ParkKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6DNPavilion171868 / 620852PV03201430001
Hermitage Park PavilionSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUPavilion0 / 0PV11004920001
Former Hermitage Park PavilionSinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUPavilion*229850 / 682761PV11004920001
Howie Pavilion RosneathHowie Park,Rosneath,G84 0RJPavilion*225264 / 683279PV11508470001
Kinloch Pavilion CampbeltownKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6DNPavilion*171915 / 620855PV03201430001
Kintyre Park PavilionLimecraigs Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JTPavilion*171878 / 619808PV03201480001
Ropework Park PavilionCampbell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JUPavilion*186398 / 687991PV08206100001
Bunessan PierBunessan,PA67 6DUPier137412 / 722214PR08613910001
Campbeltown Old QuayOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDPier172187 / 620495PR03201600001
Carradale Harbour PierCarradale,PA28 6SQPier181929 / 638691PR03313920001
Craignure PierCraignure,PA656AYPier171927 / 737188PR08702480001
Crinan Ferry - SlipCrinan Ferry,PA31 8QFPier179578 / 693554PR07414000000
Crinan Harbour QuayCrinan,PA31 8SWPier178377 / 694252PR07413930001
Cuan Ferry Slip NorthCuan Ferry,Cuan Ferry,Seil,PA34 4RBPier175377 / 714323PR06302590001
Dalintober JettyNorth Shore Street,Campbeltown,PA28 6EHPier172274 / 620794PR03213970001
Dunoon New Breakwater LinkspanArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJPier217631 / 676354PV00512180001
Dunoon PierArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJPier217665 / 676456PP00503140001
Feolin Ferry SlipFeolin,PA60 7XXPier144047 / 669207PV02305380001
Fionnphort Ferry SlipFionnphort,PA66 6BLPier129990 / 723364PR11804130001
Gigha Ferry SlipGigha Ferry,Ardminish,PA41 7AAPier165372 / 649073PV03504400001
Iona Ferry SlipIona Ferry,Iona,Village,PA76 6SJPier128642 / 723999EST00304
Keills Slip/QuayKeills,Nr Keillmore,PA31 8PQPier168846 / 680694PR08513980001
Lagg JettyLagg,PA60 7XQPier159817 / 678547PR02313960001
Lismore Point JettyLismore Point,PA34 5ULPier189488 / 746174PV06105870001
North PierNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHPier185750 / 730124PV06507520001
Oban Times SlipAlexandra Parade,Corran Esplanade,Oban,PA34 5PXPier185765 / 730251PR06513950001
Port Askaig PierPort Askaig,PA46 7RBPier143159 / 669291PR02607900002
Port Charlotte PierPier Road,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TRPier125381 / 658273PR02313940001
Rothesay Harbour PierRothesay Harbour,Rothesay,PA20 9AQPier208840 / 664765PR09709190001
St Catherine's SlipSt Catherine's,Opp Old Ferry Inn,PA26 8AZPier212110 / 707566PR12913990001
Tayinloan Ferry TerminalFerry Terminal,Tayinloan,PA29 6XQPier169342 / 646560PR04411070001
West Loch PierTarbert,West Loch,PA29 6YFPier184324 / 667268EST00315
Achnacroish Pier BuildingLismore,Achnacroish Village,PA34 5UGPier Buildings185244 / 740909PR06105870001
Calmac (Rothesay Pier)Rothesay Harbour,Rothesay,PA20 9AQPier Buildings208840 / 664765PR09709190001
Campbeltown Ferry Terminal Building New QuayCampbeltown,New Quay,PA28 6EDPier Buildings172262 / 620259EST00197
Dunoon Pier Former Tearoom (Not in use)Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJPier Buildings217654 / 676437PP00503140001
Dunoon Pier Store (Beside waiting room)Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJPier Buildings217665 / 676502PP00503140001
Easdale Island Ferryman's ShedPA34 4TBPier Buildings173960 / 717084EST00267
Ellenabeich Waiting RoomEllenabeich,PA344RQPier Buildings174176 / 717329PR05604010001
Luing Waiting RoomLuing,South Cuan,PA34 4TUPier Buildings175103 / 714144PR06306630001
Old Quay New Fish ShedOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDPier Buildings172228 / 620519PR03201600001
Port Askaig Ferry Terminal and PCPort Askaig,PA46 7RBPier Buildings143140 / 669302PR02607900002
Achnacroish PierLismore,Achnacroish Village,PA34 5UGPier*185244 / 740909PR06105870001
Arinagour Old PierMain Street,Arinagour,PA786SYPier*122507 / 757113PR05100450001
Bruichladdich PierBruichladdich,PA49 7UNPier*126562 / 660923EST00287
Coal Pier Jetty DunoonAlexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8ABPier*217553 / 676743PR00502970001
Coll Middle PierMiddle Pier,Arinagour,PA78 6SYPier*122585 / 756934EST00021
Craighouse PierCraighouse,PA60 7XXPier*152949 / 666952EST00286
Easdale QuayPA34 4TBPier*173955 / 717090EST00267
East Bay Esplanade SlipwayEast Bay,Dunoon,PA23 8FJPier*217481 / 676884PP00503430001
Ellenabeich PierEllenabeich,PA344RQPier*174176 / 717329PR05604010001
Gigha South Pier Ferry BerthArdminish,PA41 7ADPier*164349 / 646346PR03500250002
Helensburgh PierWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8SQPier*229507 / 682163PV11004660001
Kilcreggan PierShore Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HHPier*224182 / 680373PR11105660001
Lismore Ferry Slip (Village)Achnacroish,PA34 5UGPier*185207 / 740947PR06105900001
Luing Ferry SlipLuing,South Cuan,PA34 4TUPier*175113 / 714144PR06306630001
Port Appin JettyPort Appin,PA38 4DEPier*190249 / 745338PR04507840001
Tighnabruaich PierTighnabruaich,PA21 2EAPier*198044 / 672918PR01510360001
Argyll College Building DunbegKirk Road,Dunbeg,Dunstaffnage,PA37 1PZPlaygroup/Nursery0 / 0PE05514650001
Campbeltown NurseryRalston Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LEPlaygroup/Nursery171883 / 620013PE03201700001
Clyde Cottage NurseryPilot Street,Dunoon,PA23 8DBPlaygroup/Nursery217333 / 677190PE00503800001
Craignish Primary School Early Learning CentreArdfern,PA31 8QNPlaygroup/Nursery180612 / 704372PE07200220001
Port Charlotte Pre 5 UnitSchool Street,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TWPlaygroup/Nursery125163 / 658282PE02708080001
Rothesay PlaygroupUnion Street,Rothesay,PA200HDPlaygroup/Nursery208714 / 664295PE09709340001
Salen Primary Gaelic Pre 5 UnitArdmore Road,Salen,PA72 6JGPlaygroup/Nursery157571 / 743314PE09000500001
Taynuilt Pre-5 Unit Block 2Taynuilt,PA35 1JEPlaygroup/Nursery200581 / 731038PE06610250001
Tayvallich Primary Pre-5 UnitLochgilphead,Tayvallich,PA318PWPlaygroup/Nursery174024 / 686741PE08510320001
Tobermory Pre 5 UnitBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBPlaygroup/Nursery150436 / 755470PE09110480002
Innellan Primary School Annexe FormerWyndham Road,Innellan,PA237SJPlaygroup/Nursery*214968 / 670642PE00705190001
Ardencraig Nurseries Polytunnel 1Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZPolytunnel0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Polytunnel 2Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZPolytunnel0 / 0PV09708570001
Ardencraig Nurseries Polytunnel 3Ardencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZPolytunnel0 / 0PV09708570001
Arrochar Primary School PolytunnelArrochar,Tarbet,G83 7DGPolytunnel0 / 0PE12510140001
Glencruitten Hostel PolytunnelDalintart Drive,Oban,PA34 4EFPolytunnel0 / 0PE06507090001
Lismore Primary School PolytunnelAchnacroish,PA345UGPolytunnel0 / 0PE06105920001
Small Isles Primary School PolytunnelCraighouse,PA60 7XGPolytunnel0 / 0PE02302420001
Achahoish Primary School Main BuildingAchahoish,PA31 8PDPrimary School176122 / 675486PE06811590001
Achaleven Primary School Main BuildingConnel,Achaleven,PA37 1PHPrimary School191807 / 734208PE12000040001
Archattan Primary School Main BuildingBonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHPrimary School200146 / 734166PE06600740001
Ardchonnel Primary SchoolDalmally,Ardchonnel,PA33 1BWPrimary School197722 / 710494PE05402650001
Ardrishaig Primary School Main BuildingGlengilp Road,Ardrishaig,Glengilp,PA30 8HFPrimary School185062 / 686177PE06900330001
Arinagour Primary School Main BuildingCarnan Road,Arinagour,PA78 6TAPrimary School122403 / 756974PE05100420001
Arrochar Primary School Main BuildingArrochar,Tarbet,G83 7DGPrimary School232116 / 704672PE12510140001
Ashfield Primary School Main BuildingLochgilphead,Achnamara,PA31 8PXPrimary School178049 / 687137PE08500060001
Barcaldine Primary School Main BuildingOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGPrimary School196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Bowmore Primary School Main BuildingFlora Street,Bowmore,PA437JXPrimary School130874 / 659592PE01900860001
Bunessan Primary School Main BuildingBunessan,PA67 6DGPrimary School139112 / 721996PE08601070001
Cardross Primary School Main BuildingKirkton Road,Cardross,G82 5PNPrimary School234217 / 678185PE10301930001
Carradale Primary School Main BuildingCarradale,PA28 6SBPrimary School181210 / 638210PE03302010001
Castlehill Primary School Main BuildingRalston Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6LEPrimary School171891 / 620107PE03201710001
Clachan Primary School Main BuildingClachan,PA29 6XLPrimary School176479 / 656151PE11602080001
Colgrain Primary School Main BuildingRedgauntlet Road,Helensburgh,G84 7TZPrimary School231130 / 681998PE11004850001
Craignish Primary SchoolArdfern,PA31 8QNPrimary School180612 / 704372PE07200220001
Dalintober Primary School Main BuildingDalaruan Street,Campbeltown,PA28 6HGPrimary School171941 / 621091PE03201240001
Dalmally Primary School Main BuildingDalmally,Glenview,PA33 1BEPrimary School217202 / 727143PE05402670001
Dervaig Primary School Main BuildingDervaig,PA75 6GWPrimary School143147 / 751782PE08802760001
Drumlemble Primary School Main BuildingCampbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWPrimary School167193 / 617793PE03402810001
Dunbeg Primary School Main BuildingDunbeg,PA371QFPrimary School187813 / 733275PE05502850001
Dunoon Primary School GymnasiumHillfoot Street,Dunoon,PA23 7DRPrimary School217374 / 676524PE00503550001
Dunoon Primary School Main BuildingHillfoot Street,Dunoon,PA23 7DRPrimary School217333 / 676581PE00503550001
Easdale Primary School Main BuildingEllenabeich,PA34 4RFPrimary School174784 / 717342PE05604000001
Former Lochgilphead Primary SchoolWhitegates Road,Lochgilphead,PA318YSPrimary School186575 / 687755PE08206500001
Furnace Primary School Main BuildingFurnace,PA32 8XUPrimary School202381 / 700080PE07604190001
Garelochhead Primary School Main BuildingFeorlin Way,Garelochhead,G84 0DGPrimary School223852 / 691380PE10904270001
Gigha Primary School Main BuildingArdminish,PA41 7AAPrimary School164932 / 648883PE03504370001
Glassary Primary School Main BuildingKilmichael Glassary,PA31 8QAPrimary School185836 / 693469PE05805740001
Glenbarr Primary School Main BuildingGlenbarr,PA29 6UTPrimary School167158 / 637410PE03604410001
Hermitage Primary AnnexEast Argyle Street,Helensburgh,G84 7EWPrimary School229891 / 682584PE11004580001
Hermitage Primary School Main BuildingEast Argyle Street,Helensburgh,G84 7EWPrimary School229891 / 682584PE11004580001
Innellan Primary School Main BuildingWyndham Road,Innellan,PA237SJPrimary School215142 / 670796PE00705200001
Inveraray Primary SchoolThe Avenue,Inveraray,PA32 3UEPrimary School209431 / 708411PE07705350001
Iona Primary School Main BuildingIona,Village,PA76 6SJPrimary School128456 / 724145PE08905360001
John Logie Baird Primary School Main BuildingWinston Road,Helensburgh,G84 9EPPrimary School231020 / 682709PE11005090001
Keills Primary School Main BuildingPort Askaig,Keills,PA46 7RFPrimary School141775 / 668671PE02607870001
Kilchattan Primary School Main BuildingUpper Kilchattan,PA61 7YRPrimary School137620 / 695767PE05205490001
Kilchrenan Primary School Main BuildingKilchrenan,PA35 1HDPrimary School203887 / 722852PE05705560001
Kilchrenan Village Hall (KVH)Kilchrenan,PA351HDPrimary School203768 / 722842PE05705580001
Kilcreggan Primary School Main BuildingSchool Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HTPrimary School222794 / 681004PE11105630001
Kilmartin Primary School Main BuildingKilmartin,PA318QFPrimary School182908 / 698105PE07905700001
Kilmodan Primary School Main BuildingGlendaruel,Kilmodan,PA22 3AEPrimary School199571 / 684289PE00604490001
Kilninver Primary School Main BuildingKilninver,PA344UTPrimary School183032 / 721053PE06005830001
Kirn Primary School Main BuildingPark Road,Dunoon,PA238EHPrimary School217678 / 677939PE00503780001
Land adjacent to Gigha Primary SchoolArdminish,PA41 7AAPrimary School0 / 0PE03504370001
Lismore Primary School Main BuildingAchnacroish,PA345UGPrimary School185045 / 740924PE06105920001
Lochdonhead Primary School Main BuildingLochdon,PA64 6APPrimary School172905 / 733470PE12605960001
Lochgoilhead Primary School Main BuildingCairndow,Lochgoilhead,PA24 8AJPrimary School220003 / 701650PE01006570001
Lochnell Primary School Main BuildingLedaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZPrimary School190660 / 738648PE04705860001
Luing Primary School Main BuildingToberonochy,Achafolla,PA34 4TYPrimary School174276 / 710500PE06306640001
Luss Primary School Main BuildingLuss,G83 8NYPrimary School235811 / 693068PE11206710001
Minard Primary School Main BuildingInveraray,Minard,PA32 8YBPrimary School197800 / 696191PE08306800001
North Bute Primary School External ClassroomCastle Street,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LZPrimary School207031 / 667310PE09607970001
North Bute Primary School Main BuildingCastle Street,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LZPrimary School207017 / 667290PE09607970001
Park Primary School Main BuildingKerrera Terrace,Oban,PA34 5AUPrimary School186105 / 731256PE06507320001
Port Charlotte Primary School Main BuildingSchool Street,Port Charlotte,PA48 7TWPrimary School125163 / 658282PE02708080001
Port Ellen Primary School Main BuildingLennox Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7BWPrimary School136988 / 645282PE02808130001
Rhu Primary School Main BuildingSchool Road,Helensburgh,Rhu,G84 8RSPrimary School226747 / 684072PE11408360001
Rhunahaorine Primary School Main BuildingTarbert,Rhunahaorine,PA29 6XGPrimary School170671 / 648123PE12808400001
Rosneath Primary School Main BuildingClachan Road,Rosneath,G84 0RJPrimary School225166 / 683429PE11508420001
Salen Primary SchoolArdmore Road,Salen,PA72 6JGPrimary School157542 / 743290PE09000500001
Sandbank Primary School Main BuildingHigh Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PWPrimary School216540 / 679459PE01209610001
Skipness Primary School Main BuildingTarbert,Skipness,PA29 6XTPrimary School189916 / 657652PE07109760001
Small Isles Primary School Main BuildingCraighouse,PA60 7XGPrimary School153032 / 668383PE02302420001
Southend Primary School Main BuildingCampbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQPrimary School169623 / 609213PE04209810001
St Andrew's Primary School Annexe ClassroomGowanfield Terrace,Rothesay,PA20 0DXPrimary School208387 / 664425PE09708890001
St Andrew's Primary School Main BuildingGowanfield Terrace,Rothesay,PA20 0DXPrimary School208410 / 664440PE09708890001
St Joseph's Primary School Main BuildingOld Luss Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LRPrimary School230765 / 682620PE11004830001
St. Muns Primary School Main BuildingPilot Street,Dunoon,PA23 8DBPrimary School217340 / 677182PE00503800001
Strachur Primary School Main BuildingCairndow,Strachur,PA27 8DHPrimary School209905 / 700783PE01309910001
Strath of Appin Primary School Main BuildingAppin,PA38 4BCPrimary School193616 / 746349PE04500100001
Strone Primary School Main BuildingDunoon,Strone,PA23 8RUPrimary School219179 / 680792PE01409960001
Taynuilt Primary School Main BuildingTaynuilt,PA35 1JEPrimary School200561 / 731058PE06610250001
Tayvallich Primary School External ClassroomLochgilphead,Tayvallich,PA318PWPrimary School174020 / 686732PE08510320001
Tayvallich Primary School Main BuildingLochgilphead,Tayvallich,PA318PWPrimary School174024 / 686741PE08510320001
Tayvallich SchoolhouseLochgilphead,Tayvallich,PA318PWPrimary School174024 / 686741PE08510320001
Tighnabruaich Primary School Main BuildingTighnabruaich,PA21 2BEPrimary School197407 / 672648PE01510370001
Toward Primary School Main BuildingDunoon,Toward,PA23 7UGPrimary School212638 / 667552PE01610850001
Ulva Primary School Main BuildingUlva Ferry,Salen,PA73 6LTPrimary School145120 / 740136PE09010870001
Achnabreac Cemetery Welfare/PCLochgilphead,Achnabreac,PA31 8SGPublic Convenience185537 / 689727PV08206020001
Ardentinny PCArdentinny,PA23 8TRPublic Convenience218761 / 687565PV00000160001
Bolgam Street PCBolgam Street,Campbeltown,PA28 6HZPublic Convenience171984 / 620449PV03201170001
Bowmore PCSchool Street,Bowmore,PA43 7JSPublic Convenience131024 / 659837PV01900960001
Bridgend PCBridgend,PA44 7PQPublic Convenience133672 / 662381PV02000990001
Bruichladdich PCMain Street,Bruichladdich,PA49 7UNPublic Convenience126439 / 660903PV02101050001
Bunessan PCA849 Bunessan Pier,Bunessan,PA67 7DGPublic Convenience138209 / 721764PV08601060001
Calgary PCCalgary,PA75 6QTPublic Convenience137408 / 750945PV08802740001
Cardross Crematorium Bothy/PCMain Street,Cardross,G82 5HDPublic Convenience233260 / 678950PV10301990003
Carradale PCShore Road,Carradale,PA28 6SQPublic Convenience181854 / 638607PV03302050001
Carrick Castle PCLochgoilhead,Carrick Castle,PA24 8AGPublic Convenience219504 / 694300PV01006530001
Chalmers Street PC ArdrishaigChalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYPublic Convenience185204 / 685735PV06900300001
Chapelhill PC RothesayEsplanade,Rothesay,PA20 0AUPublic Convenience208602 / 664845PV09708800001
Claonaig PC FormerSkipness,Claonaig,PA29 6YGPublic Convenience187563 / 656081PV11602110001
Colintraive PCFerry Terminal,Colintraive,PA22 3APPublic Convenience203104 / 674561PV00402220001
Coll Middle Pier PCMiddle Pier,Arinagour,PA78 6SYPublic Convenience122584 / 756941EST00021
Craighouse PC JuraThe Pier,Craighouse,PA60 7XXPublic Convenience152928 / 666934PV02302440001
Craignure PCFerry Terminal,Craignure,PA65 6AYPublic Convenience171790 / 737097PV08702510001
Crinan PCCrinan,PA31 8SWPublic Convenience178812 / 694337PV07402560001
Cuan Ferry PCCuan Ferry,Cuan Ferry,Seil,PA34 4RBPublic Convenience175404 / 714358PV06306600001
Duck Bay PCAuchendennan Road,Alexandria,Arden,G83 8QZPublic Convenience237333 / 683272PV10100070001
Dunoon Cemetery PCHamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RHPublic Convenience217004 / 677561PV00503500001
Dunoon New Breakwater PCArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJPublic Convenience217595 / 676393PV00512180001
Easdale PC EllenabeichEllenabeich,PA34 4RFPublic Convenience174202 / 717295PV05603990001
Feolin PC & Waiting Room JuraFeolin,PA60 7XXPublic Convenience144066 / 669214PV02305380001
Former Port Askaig PCPort Askaig,PA46 7RBPublic Convenience143140 / 669302PR02607900002
Ganavan Sands PCGanavan Road,Oban,Argyll,PA34 5TUPublic Convenience186246 / 732664PV06507260001
Gareloch Road PCGareloch Road,Helensburgh,Rhu,G84 8LAPublic Convenience226873 / 683869PV11408330001
Gigha Ferry PC PortalooGigha Ferry,Ardminish,PA41 7AAPublic Convenience165367 / 649110PV03504400001
Glendaruel PCGlendaruel,PA22 3AAPublic Convenience199653 / 684245PV00604460001
Glenmorag PC West BayVictoria Parade,Dunoon,PA23 7LDPublic Convenience216835 / 675947PV00503840001
Helensburgh Pier PCWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8SQPublic Convenience229480 / 682265PV11004660001
High Street PC RothesayHigh Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BNPublic Convenience208683 / 664147PV09708950001
Innellan PC & ShelterShore Road,Innellan,PA23 7TEPublic Convenience215411 / 670897PV00705170001
Inveraray PCFront Street,Inveraray,PA32 8UYPublic Convenience209726 / 708531PV07705290001
Iona PCFerry Terminal,Iona,Village,PA76 6SJPublic Convenience128587 / 723973PV11804140001
Kames PCKames,PA21 2ADPublic Convenience197338 / 671373PV00805420001
Kilchattan Bay PCRothesay,Kilchattan,PA20 9NWPublic Convenience210336 / 654945PV09709010001
Kilcreggan PC and GaragesShore Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HHPublic Convenience224139 / 680453PR11105660001
Kilkerran Road Cemetery Office/PCKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNPublic Convenience172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kilkerran Road Cemetery PCKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNPublic Convenience172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kilmartin PCKilmartin,PA31 8RQPublic Convenience183508 / 698860PV07905690001
Kilmun Cemetery PCKilmun,PA23 8SEPublic Convenience216611 / 682112PV00905780001
Kirk Brae PCKirk Brae,Dunoon,PA23 7HQPublic Convenience217477 / 676584PV00503630001
Lismore Pier PC Village (incl Waiting Room)Achnacroish,Village,PA34 5UGPublic Convenience185183 / 740938PV06105910001
Lismore Point PCLismore Point,PA34 5ULPublic Convenience185172 / 740938PV06105870001
Lochgoilhead PCLochgoilhead,PA24 8AQPublic Convenience220043 / 701360PV01006550001
Lochnell Street PCLochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JLPublic Convenience186230 / 687930PV08206300001
Luss Car Park PCLuss,G83 8PAPublic Convenience235896 / 693058PP11206730001
Machrihanish PCMarine Place,Machrihanish,PA28 6PZPublic Convenience163813 / 620698PV03806750001
Mossfield PC ObanGlencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUPublic Convenience186580 / 729548PV06507290001
Oban North Pier PC & ShowersNorth Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHPublic Convenience185765 / 730141PV06507520001
Pennyfuir PCConnel Road,Oban,PA34 5TXPublic Convenience186649 / 731572PV06506990001
Pensioners Row PCPensioners Row,Campbeltown,PA28 6BEPublic Convenience172217 / 620221PV03201670001
Port Appin PCPort Appin,PA34 4DEPublic Convenience190279 / 745319PV04507850001
Port Bannatyne PCMarine Road,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LTPublic Convenience206900 / 667371PV09607940001
Port Ellen PCCharlotte Street,Port Ellen,PA42 7DFPublic Convenience136361 / 645504PV02808100001
Portnahaven PCPortnahaven,PA47 7SWPublic Convenience116844 / 652228PV02908210001
Pulpit Hill PC ObanPulpit Hill,Oban,PA34 4LXPublic Convenience185266 / 729531PV06507620001
Rose Garden PCArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HWPublic Convenience217300 / 677028PV00503260001
Salen PCSalen,PA72 6JGPublic Convenience157142 / 743175PV09009530001
Sandbank Cemetery PC & Waiting RoomHigh Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PBPublic Convenience216718 / 679557PV01209600001
Sandbank PCMain Street,Sandbank,PA23 8PHPublic Convenience216127 / 680442PV01209650001
Sandy Beach PC InnellanShore Road,Innellan,PA23 7SSPublic Convenience214264 / 669479PV00705140001
Scarinish PCScarinish,PA77 6UHPublic Convenience104233 / 744541PV06710450001
Southend PCCampbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RWPublic Convenience168248 / 607994PV04209800001
Swimming Pool PC DunoonMoir Street,Dunoon,PA23 8AAPublic Convenience217442 / 676840PV00502960001
Tarbert PCHarbour Street,Tarbert,PA29 6UDPublic Convenience186608 / 668675PV08410030001
Tarbet PC ClosedTarbet,Thorndhu,G83 7DDPublic Convenience231798 / 704580PV12510170001
Tayinloan Ferry Terminal PCFerry Terminal,Tayinloan,PA29 6XQPublic Convenience169342 / 646560PV04410180001
Tayinloan PC VillageTayinloan,Village,PA29 6XGPublic Convenience169743 / 645880PV04410200001
Taynuilt PC PortalooTaynuilt,PA35 1JEPublic Convenience200391 / 731033PV06610240001
Tayvallich PCLochgilphead,Tayvallich,PA31 8PJPublic Convenience174018 / 686929PV08510310001
Tighnabruaich PCTighnabruaich,PA21 2EAPublic Convenience198578 / 673316PV01510350001
Townhead PC (& Old Office) RothesayRothesay,Townhead,PA20 9JHPublic Convenience208607 / 663631PV09709320001
Ulva Ferry PCUlva Ferry,PA73 6LTPublic Convenience144582 / 739917PV09009570001
Victorian Toilets RothesayThe Pier,Rothesay,PA20 9AQPublic Convenience208834 / 664825PV09709280001
Barone Road Cemetery PC & BothyBarone Road,Rothesay,PA20 0DZPublic Convenience*207760 / 664088PV09708650001
Jean's Bothy (102 East King Street)102,East King Street,Helensburgh,G84 7RHResource Centre230628 / 682144PE11004690001
Lochgilphead Resource CentreMcEwan Road,Lochgilphead,PA31 8STResource Centre186440 / 687601PS08206480001
Woodlands Centre Main BuildingWoodland Drive,Campbeltown,PA28 6JWResource Centre172255 / 619819PS03201900001
Barcaldine Primary School Bicycle ShelterOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGSchool Shelter196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Barcaldine Primary School Learning GazeboOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGSchool Shelter196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Kilcreggan Primary Bicycle ShelterSchool Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HTSchool Shelter0 / 0PE11105630001
Lochnell Primary School Bicycle ShelterLedaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZSchool Shelter190660 / 738648PE04705860001
Luss Primary School ShelterLuss,G83 8NYSchool Shelter235811 / 693068PE11206710001
Oban Joint Primary Campus Bike ShelterSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4SBSchool Shelter185990 / 728571PE06512080001
Southend Primary School GazeboCampbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQSchool Shelter0 / 0PE04209810001
Strath of Appin Primary School Bicycle ShelterAppin,PA38 4BCSchool Shelter193616 / 746349PE04500100001
Toward Primary School Bike ShelterDunoon,Toward,PA23 7UGSchool Shelter212638 / 667552PE01610850001
Craignure Pier - Seabed LeaseCraignure,PA656AYSeabed & Foreshore Lease171927 / 737188PR08702480001
Easdale & Ellenabeich Slip Seabed LeaseEllenabeich,PA344RQSeabed & Foreshore Lease174176 / 717329PR05604010001
Feolin Ferry Slip - Lease of SeabedFeolin,PA60 7XXSeabed & Foreshore Lease144047 / 669207PV02305380001
Groynes on Helensburgh ForeshoreWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8ERSeabed & Foreshore Lease229330 / 682203EST00298
Iona Ferry Seabed LeaseIona Ferry,Iona,Village,PA76 6SJSeabed & Foreshore Lease128642 / 723999EST00304
Kames Bay Foreshore LeaseNr. Port Bannatyne,Kames Bay,PA20 0LTSeabed & Foreshore Lease206640 / 667794EST00320
Port Appin and Lismore FerryPort Appin and Lismore,Port Appin,PA38 4DESeabed & Foreshore Lease190209 / 745397EST00331
Port Askaig Pier Seabed LeasePort Askaig,PA46 7RBSeabed & Foreshore Lease143159 / 669291PR02607900002
Rothesay Marina Seabed LeaseRothesay Harbour,Rothesay,PA20 9AQSeabed & Foreshore Lease208933 / 664814PR09709190001
Rothesay Pier Fenders Seabed LeaseRothesay Harbour,Rothesay,PA20 9AQSeabed & Foreshore Lease0 / 0PR09709190001
Tayinloan Landing Stage - Seabed LeaseFerry Terminal,Tayinloan,PA29 6XQSeabed & Foreshore Lease169342 / 646560PR04411070001
Campbeltown Grammar School 2018Hutcheon Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JSSecondary School172089 / 619671PE03201300001
Campbeltown Grammar School FormerHutcheon Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JSSecondary School172089 / 619671PE03201300001
Dunoon Grammar School64,Ardenslate Road,Dunoon,PA23 8LUSecondary School217570 / 678244PE00512090001
Former Rothesay AcademyAcademy Road,Rothesay,PA200BQSecondary School208317 / 664871PE09708500001
Islay High SchoolFlora Street,Bowmore,PA437JYSecondary School130821 / 659651PE01900870001
Oban High School 2018Soroba Road,Oban,PA34 4JBSecondary School186187 / 729132PE06507740001
Oban High School FormerSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4JBSecondary School186154 / 729253PE06507740001
Hermitage AcademyCardross Road,Helensburgh,G84 7LAShared School Campus231638 / 681308PE11012100001
Lochgilphead Joint Campus Main BuildingA83,Lochgilphead,KilmoryShared School Campus186521 / 687132PE08212070001
Oban Joint Primary Campus Main BuildingSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4SBShared School Campus185990 / 728571PE06512080001
Rothesay Joint Campus Main BuildingTownhead Road,Rothesay,PA20 9JHShared School Campus208502 / 663361PE09712110001
Tarbert School Main BuildingSchool Road,Tarbert,PA29 6TEShared School Campus186506 / 668454PE08410080002
Tiree School Main BuildingScarinish,Corrnaigmore,PA77 6XAShared School Campus97721 / 747591PE06702350002
Tobermory School Block B&FBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBShared School Campus0 / 0PE09110480002
Tobermory School Main BuildingBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBShared School Campus150518 / 755447PE09110480002
Ardchattan Primary School Shed 4 (Tin)Bonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHShed (Non-Timber)200146 / 734166PE06600740001
Kilcreggan Primary ShedSchool Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HTShed (Non-Timber)0 / 0PE11105630001
Kilnaughton Old Cemetery Former StoreKilnaughton,Port Ellen,The Oa,PA42 7AXShed (Non-Timber)134417 / 645299PV02808120001
Lochnell Primary School Shed 2Ledaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZShed (Non-Timber)190660 / 738648PE04705860001
Luss Primary School ShedLuss,G83 8NYShed (Non-Timber)0 / 0PE11206710001
Municipal Buildings Oban Gardeners ShedAlbany Street,Oban,PA34 4AWShed (Non-Timber)185796 / 729788PP06506950001
Tobermory Primary School Former Outbuildings 1Back Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBShed (Non-Timber)150433 / 755400PE09110500001
Tobermory Primary School Former Outbuildings 2Back Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBShed (Non-Timber)150433 / 755400PE09110500001
Ach na Sithe Cemetery Tool ShedClachan,Ach Na Sithe,PA29 6XWShed (Timber)176251 / 656042PV11602060001
Achaleven Primary School Garden ShedConnel,Achaleven,PA37 1PHShed (Timber)191807 / 734208PE12000040001
Achaleven Primary School Playground ShedConnel,Achaleven,PA37 1PHShed (Timber)191807 / 734208PE12000040001
Ardchattan Primary School Shed 1Bonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHShed (Timber)200146 / 734166PE06600740001
Ardchattan Primary School Shed 2Bonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHShed (Timber)200146 / 734166PE06600740001
Ardchattan Primary School Shed 3Bonawe,Ardchattan,PA37 1RHShed (Timber)200146 / 734166PE06600740001
Arinagour Primary School Shed 1Carnan Road,Arinagour,PA78 6TAShed (Timber)122403 / 756974PE05100420001
Arinagour Primary School Shed 2Carnan Road,Arinagour,PA78 6TAShed (Timber)122403 / 756974PE05100420001
Arinagour Primary School Shed 3Carnan Road,Arinagour,PA78 6TAShed (Timber)0 / 0PE05100420001
Ashfield Primary School Shed 1Lochgilphead,Achnamara,PA31 8PXShed (Timber)0 / 0PE08500060001
Ashfield Primary School Shed 2Lochgilphead,Achnamara,PA31 8PXShed (Timber)0 / 0PE08500060001
Ashfield Primary School Shed 3Lochgilphead,Achnamara,PA31 8PXShed (Timber)0 / 0PE08500060001
Barcaldine Primary School Outside ClassroomOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGShed (Timber)196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Carradale Primary School Shed 1Carradale,PA28 6SBShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03302010001
Carradale Primary School Shed 2Carradale,PA28 6SBShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03302010001
Carradale Primary School Shed 3Carradale,PA28 6SBShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03302010001
Carradale Primary School Shed 4Carradale,PA28 6SBShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03302010001
Carrick Cemetery ShedTarbert,Carrick,PA29 6YFShed (Timber)184741 / 667449PV08410020001
Clachan Churchyard Cemetery Tool ShedClachan,PA29 6XLShed (Timber)176429 / 656050PV11602070001
Dalmally Roads Depot Timber ShedDalmally,PA331AXShed (Timber)217781 / 727305PR05402680001
Drumlemble Primary School GazeboCampbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03402810001
Drumlemble Primary School PlayhouseCampbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03402810001
Drumlemble Primary School Shed 1Campbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03402810001
Drumlemble Primary School Shed 2Campbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03402810001
Drumlemble Primary School Shed 3Campbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWShed (Timber)0 / 0PE03402810001
Dunbeg Primary School Pre 5 PlayhouseDunbeg,PA371QFShed (Timber)187813 / 733275PE05502850001
High Street Depot Criminal Justice Shed (was employability)114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDShed (Timber)208688 / 664168PP09708920001
Keills Cemetery Gigha Tool ShedGigha,PA41 7ADShed (Timber)164319 / 648096PV03504390001
Kilchattan Schoolhouse ShedUpper Kilchattan,PA61 7YRShed (Timber)0 / 0PE05205500001
Killunaig Cemetery ShedPA78 6SYShed (Timber)122148 / 761750PV05102270001
Lismore Cemetery Tool Shed 1Lismore,Clachan,PA34 5ULShed (Timber)186080 / 743476PV06105880001
Lismore Cemetery Tool Shed 2Lismore,Clachan,PA34 5ULShed (Timber)186080 / 743476PV06105880001
Lismore Primary School Large Playhouse and StoreAchnacroish,PA345UGShed (Timber)0 / 0PE06105920001
Lismore Primary School Small PlayhouseAchnacroish,PA345UGShed (Timber)0 / 0PE06105920001
Lismore Primary School Tool ShedAchnacroish,PA345UGShed (Timber)185045 / 740924PE06105920001
Lochnell Primary Pre 5 ShedLedaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZShed (Timber)190664 / 738663PE04705860001
Lochnell Primary School Shed 1Ledaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZShed (Timber)190660 / 738648PE04705860001
Luss Primary School PlayhouseLuss,G83 8NYShed (Timber)0 / 0PE11206710001
North Bute Cemetery ShedCnoc An Raer,Rothesay,PA20 0QTShed (Timber)205497 / 667313PV09302170001
Oban Joint Primary Campus ShedSoroba Road,Oban,PA34 4SBShed (Timber)185990 / 728571PE06512080001
Small Isles Primary School Shed 1Craighouse,PA60 7XGShed (Timber)0 / 0PE02302420001
Small Isles Primary School Shed 2Craighouse,PA60 7XGShed (Timber)0 / 0PE02302420001
Southend Primary School PlayhouseCampbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQShed (Timber)0 / 0PE04209810001
Southend Primary School Shed 1Campbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQShed (Timber)0 / 0PE04209810001
Southend Primary School Shed 2Campbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQShed (Timber)0 / 0PE04209810001
Southend Primary School Shed 3Campbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQShed (Timber)0 / 0PE04209810001
Southend Primary School Shed 4Campbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQShed (Timber)0 / 0PE04209810001
Strath of Appin Primary School Outside ClassroomAppin,PA38 4BCShed (Timber)193616 / 746349PE04500100001
Strath of Appin Primary School ShedAppin,PA38 4BCShed (Timber)193616 / 746349PE04500100001
Tobermory Area Office ShedBreadalbane Street,Tobermory,PA75 6PXShed (Timber)150273 / 755101PP09110550001
Ardbeg Shelter at Ardbeg PointArdbeg Road to Shore Road,Rothesay,PA20 0NLShelter*208459 / 667065PP09708540001
Arinagour Primary School Bike ShelterCarnan Road,Arinagour,PA78 6TAShelter*122403 / 756974PE05100420001
Battery Shelter TarbertPier Road,Tarbert,PA29 6UFShelter*187124 / 668885PP08410070001
Bishops Glen Public ShelterDunoon,Bishops Glen,PA23 7EPShelter*216515 / 676668PV00503330001
Cove Shelter at Village StoreAt Burgh Hall,Shore Road,Cove,G84 0LTShelter*222087 / 681571PT10513450001
Cragroy ShelterAlexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA28 8BEShelter*217928 / 677331PV00513900001
Craigmore Road Shelter at PierCraigmore Road,Rothesay,PA20 9LDShelter*210302 / 665459PP09708760001
Drumlemble Primary School Bicycle ShelterCampbeltown,Drumlemble,PA28 6PWShelter*0 / 0PE03402810001
Dunoon New Breakwater Passenger ShelterArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJShelter*0 / 0PV00512180001
James Street ShelterMarine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8HHShelter*218538 / 678548PP00503680001
Kilcreggan Shelter at Pierat Pier,Shore Road,Kilcreggan,G84 7ASShelter*224114 / 680444PT11114430001
Marine Road ShelterMarine Road,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LLShelter*207257 / 667295PP09607950001
Stewart Street ShelterMarine Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8HFShelter*218417 / 678014PV00503690001
101 West Princes Street101,West Princes Street,Helensburgh,G84 8BXShop229137 / 682540EST00058
3 Montague StreetMontague Street,Rothesay,PA20 9DAShop208893 / 664660EST00115
33-37 Victoria Street33-37,Victoria Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AJShop208763 / 664723EST00063
43 Chalmers Street43,Chalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYShop185171 / 685680EST00059
51/53 Chalmers St, Ardrishaig51/53,Chalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EYShop185171 / 685655EST00043
Ardencraig TearoomArdencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZShop210543 / 664795PV09708570001
Cabman's Rest, RothesayRothesay,PA20 9AQShop208819 / 664763EST00232
Chemist Shop (52A)52,Sinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TQShop229686 / 682414PR11004880001
Children's Corner, Esplanade, Rothesay55 The Esplanade,Argyle Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUShop208551 / 664889EST00081
Coast Coffee Shop4A,Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJShop217585 / 676516EST00011
Dunoon Pier Harbour Master's Office (Former Mod Shop)Argyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJShop217588 / 676481PP00503140001
MacKinnon HouseOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDShop172103 / 620463PR03201600001
Oban North Pier Harbour Building (incl Harbourmaster's Office)North Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHShop185765 / 730141PV06507520001
Shop 15 Jane Road15,Jane Road,Dunbeg,PA37 1QEShop187953 / 733398EST00073
Stevenson Street Shop Unit43,Stevenson Street,Oban,Argyll,PA34 5NAShop185999 / 729824PE06507800001
Clynder Foreshore Slipway opp Clynder StoresClynder,G84 0QBSlipway*224793 / 684263PR10414440001
Clynder Foreshore Slipway opp ElmbankClynder,G84 0QBSlipway*224704 / 684557PR10414440001
Baliscate SUS TobermorySite 1 Baliscate SUS,Tobermory,PA75 6AESmall User Site150340 / 754534PV09110690001
Old Quay  Unit 12 - Former HarbourmasterOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDSmall User Site172187 / 620495PR03201600001
Old Quay Unit 3, 4 & 14Old Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDSmall User Site172130 / 620473PR03201600001
Sandbank SUS Site 1High Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PBSmall User Site216638 / 679630PV01209620001
Sandbank SUS Site 2High Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PBSmall User Site216647 / 679614PV01209620001
Sandbank SUS Site 3High Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PBSmall User Site216695 / 679625PV01209620001
Sandbank SUS Site 4High Road,Sandbank,PA23 8PBSmall User Site216703 / 679630PV01209620001
Tarbert Industrial Estate Site 1 & 2Campbeltown Road,Tarbert,PA29 6TXSmall User Site186040 / 668522PV08409990001
Parklands School Main BuildingCharlotte Street,Helensburgh,G84 7EZSpecial School/Unit230028 / 682699PE11004560001
Achaleven Primary School External Store Block 3Connel,Achaleven,PA37 1PHStore/Workshop191807 / 734208PE12000040001
Achnabreac Cemetery StoreLochgilphead,Achnabreac,PA31 8SGStore/Workshop185532 / 689724PV08206020001
Albert Pier RothesayEast Princess Street,Rothesay,PA20 9DNStore/Workshop209055 / 664794PR09708780001
Ardfenaig Home for the Elderly Store/LaundryTarbert Road,Ardrishaig,PA30 8EPStore/Workshop184961 / 684447PS06900390001
Arkland CellarInveraray,Arkland,PA32 8UDStore/Workshop209546 / 708389EST00173
Arrochar Primary School Block 3 External StoreArrochar,Tarbet,G83 7DGStore/Workshop232116 / 704672PE12510140001
Barcaldine Primary School Outside StoreOban,Barcaldine,PA37 1SGStore/Workshop196417 / 742186PE04600680001
Bowmore Roads Depot WorkshopGortonvogie Road,Bowmore,PA43 7JBStore/Workshop131464 / 659669PR01900900001
Brackley Cemetery Tool StoreCarradale,Brackley,PA28 6QJStore/Workshop179435 / 641869PV03302000001
Cardross Crematorium Gardeners Shed/WorkshopMain Street,Cardross,G82 5HDStore/Workshop233260 / 678950PV10301990003
Castle House Gate LodgeArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHStore/Workshop217553 / 676410PV00503100001
Church Street Social Work Store16,Church Street,Dunoon,PA23 8BGStore/Workshop217364 / 676924PS00503370001
Craignure Pier StoreCraignure,PA656AYStore/Workshop171927 / 737188PR08702480001
Dalinlongart Compost Treatment PlantSandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop0 / 0PV01209580001
Dalinlongart Paper Recycling StoreSandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop213889 / 681427PV01209580001
Dalinlongart Store 1Sandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop0 / 0PV01209580001
Dalinlongart Store 2Sandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop0 / 0PV01209580001
Dalinlongart Store 3Sandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop0 / 0PV01209580001
Dalinlongart Store 4Sandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop0 / 0PV01209580001
Dalinlongart WorkshopSandbank,Dalinlongart,PA23 8QSStore/Workshop0 / 0PV01209580001
Dalmally Roads Depot Portakabin StoreDalmally,PA331AXStore/Workshop217772 / 727310PR05402680001
Dunoon Cemetery Store 1Hamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RHStore/Workshop217004 / 677561PV00503500001
Dunoon Cemetery Store 2Hamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RHStore/Workshop217004 / 677561PV00503500001
Dunoon Stadium Storage PortakabinArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RLStore/Workshop217416 / 677715PP00503190001
Dunoon Stadium Tractor Shed/WorkshopArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RLStore/Workshop217415 / 677699PP00503190001
Dunoon Toy Library60,Ardenslate Road,Dunoon,PA23 8LUStore/Workshop217434 / 678202PE00502990001
Former Old Quay Store (Fish Shed)Old Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDStore/Workshop172251 / 620495PR03201600001
Glencruitten Hostel GaragesDalintart Drive,Oban,PA34 4EFStore/Workshop186571 / 729239PE06507090001
Hamilton Street Depot Nissan HutHamilton Street,Dunoon,PA23 7PAStore/Workshop0 / 0PP00503520001
Hermitage Primary Block 3 Plant RoomEast Argyle Street,Helensburgh,G84 7EWStore/Workshop229891 / 682584PE11004580001
High Street Depot Amenity Services Container 1114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Amenity Services Container 2114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Joiners Workshop114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Open Shed - Amenity Services114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Prefab Shed/Store114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop208688 / 664168PP09708920001
High Street Depot Tractor Shed/Store114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop208688 / 664168PP09708920001
Inveraray Roads Store FormerNewton Row,Inveraray,PA32 8UHStore/Workshop209333 / 707921PR07705340001
Kilarrow StablesShore Street,Bowmore,PA437LHStore/Workshop131625 / 660103PP01900830001
Kilchattan Primary School External StoreUpper Kilchattan,PA61 7YRStore/Workshop0 / 0PE05205490001
Kilcreggan Roads Depot (Former)Fairfield Gardens,Kilcreggan,G84 0HSStore/Workshop222679 / 681056EST00071
Kilkerran Road Cemetery Grounds Maintenance StoreKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNStore/Workshop172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kilkerran Road Cemetery Tool & PlantKilkerran Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6JNStore/Workshop172791 / 619358PV03201340001
Kintyre RecyclingThe Roading,Campbeltown,PA28 6LUStore/Workshop171467 / 620857EST00175
Lingerton ContainerA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton Separation UnitA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton Staff OfficeA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton Storage Unit 1A83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton Storage Unit 2A83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton Storage Unit 3A83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton Storage Unit 4A83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton StoreA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lingerton WorkshopA83,Lochgilphead,PA31 8RRStore/Workshop0 / 0PV08206220001
Lochavullin Roads Garage (Store)Torran Gorm,Lochavullin Road,Oban,PA34 4PLStore/Workshop185701 / 729087PR06514280001
Lochgilphead Front Green Hut & Play Equipment incl paddling poolLochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JLStore/Workshop186120 / 687950PV08206260001
Luss Primary School External StoreLuss,G83 8NYStore/Workshop235811 / 693068PE11206710001
Manse Brae Area Office Block 2Manse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8QUStore/Workshop186468 / 687785PP08206390001
Mill Lane Site 7 Employability TeamMill Lane,Oban,PA34 4HAStore/Workshop185849 / 729326PV06507410001
Millhouse Roads Depot Tool StoreMillhouse,Tighnabruaich,PA21 2BWStore/Workshop195738 / 670628PR01106780001
Millpark Depot Grounds Maintenance WorkshopMillpark Road,Oban,PA34 4NHStore/Workshop185921 / 729113PP06507450001
Millpark Depot Welfare UnitMillpark Road,Oban,PA34 4NHStore/Workshop185870 / 729061PP06507450001
Moleigh Co-Mingled ShedLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh LORI Re-use ContainersLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh MBT Compost Clamps 1Lerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh MBT Compost Clamps 2Lerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh MBT Compost Clamps 3Lerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh MBT Compost Clamps 4Lerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh MBT Process ShedLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Moleigh StoreLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop186855 / 726806PV06507560001
Moleigh Weighbridge PortakabinLerags,Oban,PA34 4SDStore/Workshop0 / 0PV06507560001
Mossfield Park Equipment Store (Highland Games Container G)Glencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUStore/Workshop186566 / 729543PV06507290001
Mossfield Park Tool Store (Container C)Glencruitten Road,Oban,PA34 4PUStore/Workshop186566 / 729543PV06507290001
New Quay Buildings Unit 2Campbeltown,New Quay,PA28 6EDStore/Workshop172262 / 620259EST00197
New Quay Buildings Unit 3Campbeltown,New Quay,PA28 6EDStore/Workshop172262 / 620259EST00197
New Quay Buildings Unit 5Campbeltown,New Quay,PA28 6EDStore/Workshop172262 / 620259EST00197
Old Quay Store 1 - Oil TankOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDStore/Workshop172212 / 620512PR03201600001
Old Quay Unit 5Old Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDStore/Workshop172123 / 620470PR03201600001
Pennyfuir Cemetery StoreConnel Road,Oban,PA34 5TXStore/Workshop186664 / 731547PV06506990001
Port Askaig Pier Buildings Unit 1 - Jura Ferry StorePort Askaig,PA46 7RBStore/Workshop143151 / 669340PR02607900002
Port Askaig Pier Buildings Unit 2 - Creel StorePort Askaig,PA46 7RBStore/Workshop143152 / 669345PR02607900002
Port Askaig Pier Buildings Unit 3 - McEachransPort Askaig,PA46 7RBStore/Workshop143153 / 669349PR02607900002
Port Beag Shed 1Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185379 / 729772EST00337
Port Beag Shed 10Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185375 / 729760EST00337
Port Beag Shed 11Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185375 / 729760EST00337
Port Beag Shed 12Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185375 / 729760EST00337
Port Beag Shed 13Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185375 / 729760EST00337
Port Beag Shed 2Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185378 / 729770EST00337
Port Beag Shed 4Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185375 / 729765EST00337
Port Beag Shed 6Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185373 / 729760EST00337
Port Beag Shed 7Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185373 / 729758EST00337
Port Beag Shed 8Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185372 / 729755EST00337
Port Beag Shed 9Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185375 / 729760EST00337
Port Beag Sheds 3 & 5Port Beag Slip,Oban,PA34 4LSStore/Workshop185376 / 729768EST00337
Roading GarageRoading,Campbeltown,PA28 6LUStore/Workshop171456 / 620857PR03211700001
Rothesay Old Slaughterhouse5,Meadows Road,Rothesay,PA20 0EDStore/Workshop208497 / 664130PV09708990001
Rothesay Roads Depot Lighting Store19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDStore/Workshop208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Rothesay Roads Depot Open Store (Lean to)19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDStore/Workshop208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Rothesay Roads Depot Store (Vehicle Parking)19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDStore/Workshop208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Rothesay Roads Depot Workshop19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDStore/Workshop208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Tighnabruaich Pier Buildings Unit 1Tighnabruaich,PA21 2EAStore/Workshop198569 / 673310PR01510360001
Tighnabruaich Pier Buildings Unit 2Tighnabruaich,PA21 2EAStore/Workshop198583 / 673308PR01510360001
Townhead Cemetery Tool Store & BothyRothesay,Townhead,PA20 9JHStore/Workshop208606 / 663623PV09709320001
Ardencraig BothyArdencraig Road,Rothesay,PA20 9EZStore/Workshop*210522 / 664806PV09708570001
Cardross Crematorium ShedMain Street,Cardross,G82 5HDStore/Workshop*233260 / 678950PV10301990003
Chalmers Street Office Store67/69,Chalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA308DXStore/Workshop*185185 / 685596PV06911040001
Coll Middle Pier PortakabinMiddle Pier,Arinagour,PA78 6SYStore/Workshop*122594 / 756934EST00021
Coll Middle Pier StoreMiddle Pier,Arinagour,PA78 6SYStore/Workshop*122585 / 756934EST00021
Dunoon Pier Store & Welfare UnitArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJStore/Workshop*217647 / 676514PP00503140001
Faslane Cemetery BothyHelensburgh,Faslane,G84 8HLStore/Workshop*224925 / 689918PV10704040001
High Street Depot Derelict Sheds114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDStore/Workshop*208688 / 664168PP09708920001
Lismore Primary School StoreAchnacroish,PA345UGStore/Workshop*0 / 0PE06105920001
Lochnell Primary School Freezer StoreLedaig,Benderloch,PA37 1RZStore/Workshop*190660 / 738648PE04705860001
Manse Brae Area Office Shed Block 3Manse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8QUStore/Workshop*186468 / 687785PP08206390001
Manse Brae Area Office Store Block 4Manse Brae,Lochgilphead,PA31 8QUStore/Workshop*186468 / 687785PP08206390001
Port Appin BoathousePort Appin,Ferry Cottages,PA38 4DEStore/Workshop*190474 / 745534PR04512390001
Rothesay Old Slaughterhouse Annex5,Meadows Road,Rothesay,PA20 0EDStore/Workshop*208477 / 664117PV09708990001
Seafood Factory Rothesay15 & 19,Broadcroft Lane,Rothesay,PA20 9BAStore/Workshop*208888 / 664471PV09709000001
Tarbert Sports Area Marley GarageTarbert,Back Street/Easfield,PA29 6URStore/Workshop*186255 / 668384PV08410060001
Tigh a Rudha External StoreScarinish,PA77 6UHStore/Workshop*104035 / 744212PS06709750001
Tobermory School SQA StoreBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBStore/Workshop*150518 / 755447PE09110480002
Tobermory School StoreBack Brae,Tobermory,PA75 6PBStore/Workshop*150518 / 755447PE09110480002
Campbeltown EsplanadeCampbeltown,PA28 6EGSundries172051 / 620695PV03211240001
Decorative LightingPromenade,Rothesay,PA20 9APSundries208878 / 664701PP09709140001
Dunoon Promenade LightingDunoon,PA23 7HUSundries216965 / 676201PP00503410001
Promenade West Clyde StreetWest Clyde Street,Helensburgh,G84 8AXSundries229325 / 682348PP11011090001
Rothesay Promenade RailingsRothesay,PA20 9AGSundries208561 / 664890PP09709160001
Kidston CafeRhu Road Lower,Helensburgh,G84 8SFTearoom227976 / 682893PV11004870001
Dunoon Stadium Mobile ToiletsArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RLToilet Block217481 / 677894PP00503190001
Dunoon Stadium Toilet BlockArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7RLToilet Block217396 / 677700PP00503190001
North Pier Transit Berthing Facility (North Pier Pontoons)North Pier,Oban,PA34 5NHTransit Berthing Facility185765 / 730141PV06507520001
Old Quay Extended Transit Berthing FacilityOld Quay,Campbeltown,PA28 6EDTransit Berthing Facility172187 / 620495PR03201600001
Ardbeg Shelter at PalmyraArdbeg Road to Shore Road,Rothesay,PA20 0NLVictorian Shelter208360 / 666001PP09708540001
Ardbeg Shelter at Shore RoadArdbeg Road to Shore Road,Rothesay,PA20 0NLVictorian Shelter208447 / 666728PP09708540001
Ardbeg Shelter at Thomson FountainArdbeg Road to Shore Road,Rothesay,PA20 0NLVictorian Shelter208459 / 667063PP09708540001
Battery Place ShelterBattery Place,Rothesay,PA20 9DPVictorian Shelter209190 / 664929PP09708670001
Children's Corner ShelterArgyle Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUVictorian Shelter208516 / 664930PV09714590001
Craigmore Road Shelter opp CraignethanCraigmore Road,Rothesay,PA20 9LDVictorian Shelter210531 / 665447PP09708760001
Dhailling Road ShelterAlexandra Parade,Dunoon,PA23 8AWVictorian Shelter218102 / 677579PV00511180001
Esplanade Shelter (to East of Winter Gardens)Victoria Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AUVictorian Shelter208814 / 664796PP09708610001
Marine Place ShelterMarine Place,Rothesay,PA20 0LFVictorian Shelter208459 / 667065PP09709030001
Montford ShelterAscog,Rothesay,PA20 9ESVictorian Shelter210656 / 665218PP09708630001
Victoria Street ShelterVictoria Street,Rothesay,PA20 0AHVictorian Shelter208711 / 664820PP09709400001
Cabbies Rest Glazed CanopyRothesay Harbour,Rothesay,PA20 9AQWaiting Room208925 / 664770PR09709190001
Cuan Ferry Waiting Room SeilCuan Ferry,Cuan Ferry,Seil,PA34 4RBWaiting Room175377 / 714323PR06302590001
Dunoon New Breakwater Waiting RoomArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HJWaiting Room217595 / 676393PV00512180001
Fionnphort Waiting Room, PC & Snack BarFionnphort,PA66 6BLWaiting Room129990 / 723364PR11804130001
Gigha Ferry Waiting RoomGigha Ferry,Ardminish,PA41 7AAWaiting Room165372 / 649109PV03504400001
Kilcreggan Waiting Room and StoreShore Road,Kilcreggan,G84 0HHWaiting Room224182 / 680373PR11105660001
Pennyfuir Cemetery Waiting AreaConnel Road,Oban,PA34 5TXWaiting Room186623 / 731607PV06506990001
Port Appin Waiting RoomPort Appin,Port Appin Pier,PA38 4DEWaiting Room190276 / 745356PR04512320001
Ardentinny War MemorialArdentinny,PA23 8TRWar Memorial218907 / 687417PV00000190001
Ardfern War MemorialArdfern,Craignish,PA31 8QNWar Memorial180419 / 704190PV07202450001
Ardrishaig War MemorialChalmers Street,Ardrishaig,PA30 8DZWar Memorial185243 / 685438PV06900280001
Auchancorvie War MemorialSchool Wall Auchancorvie,Southend,Auchancorvie,PA28 6PHWar Memorial168087 / 616775PV04211300001
Bellanoch War MemorialBarnlusgan,Tayvallich,PA31 8PGWar Memorial179002 / 691077PV08510340001
Bunessan War MemorialBunessan,PA67 6DGWar Memorial139033 / 722028PV08601080001
Cairndow War MemorialCairndow,PA26 8BNWar Memorial218430 / 711340PV01309860001
Campbeltown War MemorialKinloch Road,Campbeltown,PA28 6DNWar Memorial172035 / 620732PV03201430001
Cardross War MemorialCardross,G82 5PXWar Memorial234509 / 677593PV10312010001
Carradale War MemorialCarradale,PA28 6RYWar Memorial181529 / 638467PV03302030001
Castle Gardens War MemorialArgyll Street,Dunoon,PA23 7HHWar Memorial217542 / 676543PV00503100001
Clachan War MemorialClachan,PA29 6XLWar Memorial176444 / 656070PV11602100001
Cove War MemorialCove,G84 0LTWar Memorial222414 / 680847PV10512020001
Craignure War MemorialKirk Terrace,Craignure,PA29 6AYWar Memorial172162 / 736777PV08702490001
Dalmally War MemorialNear Cemetery,Dalmally,PA33 1ASWar Memorial216606 / 727619PV05402700001
Furnace War MemorialFurnace,PA32 8XSWar Memorial202355 / 700113PV07604210001
Glenbarr War MemorialGlenbarr,PA29 6UXWar Memorial167017 / 637057PV03604430001
Helensburgh War MemorialHermitage Park,Sinclair Street,Helensburgh,G84 8TUWar Memorial229998 / 682840PV11012050001
Innellan War MemorialShore Road,Innellan,PA23 7TPWar Memorial215372 / 670825PV00705180001
Inveraray War Memorial Celtic CrossFront Street,Inveraray,PA32 8UYWar Memorial209669 / 708568PP07705270001
Inverchaolain War MemorialToward,Inverchaolain,PA23 7UNWar Memorial209077 / 675317PV01610810001
Iona War MemorialIona,Village,PA76 6SJWar Memorial128529 / 723925PV11804150001
Kames War MemorialMain Road,Kames,PA21 2ABWar Memorial197179 / 671379PV00805430001
Kilchoman Military Cemetery War MemorialPort Charlotte,Kilchoman,PA49 7UXWar Memorial125959 / 660153PV02708030001
Kilchrenan War MemorialKilchrenan,PA35 1HFWar Memorial203744 / 722476PV05705590001
Kilfinan War MemorialTighnabruaich,Kilfinan,PA21 2EPWar Memorial193442 / 678824PV01112000001
Kilmartin War MemorialKilmartin Church Arch,Kilmartin,PA31 8RQWar Memorial183484 / 698851PV07905710001
Kilmelford War MemorialKilmelford,PA34 4XAWar Memorial184901 / 713003PV05805720001
Kilmun War MemorialAt Cemetery,Kilmun,PA23 8SEWar Memorial216561 / 682070PV00905790002
Kingarth War MemorialKingarth,Kingarth,PA20 9NSWar Memorial209336 / 658468PV09505850001
Kinlochspelve War MemorialKinlochspelve,PA62 6AAWar Memorial165220 / 725798PV09009540001
Lazaretto War MemorialSandbank,Lazaretto Point,PA23 8QGWar Memorial217226 / 680423PV01209670001
Lismore War MemorialClachan,PA34 5ULWar Memorial186082 / 743446PV06105890001
Loch Awe War MemorialLoch Awe,St Conan's,PA33 1AQWar Memorial211620 / 726806PV06205940001
Lochgair War MemorialNear Lochgair Hotel,Lochgair,PA31 8SAWar Memorial192305 / 690453PV08106000001
Lochgilphead War MemorialFront Green,Lochnell Street,Lochgilphead,PA31 8JLWar Memorial186207 / 687942PV08206280001
Lochgoilhead War MemorialLochgoilhead,PA24 8AAWar Memorial219855 / 701834PV01006590001
Luing War MemorialAchafolla,Toberonochy,PA34 4XAWar Memorial174280 / 710449PV06306650001
Minard War MemorialMinard,Tullochgorm,PA32 8YBWar Memorial197879 / 696197PV08306830001
Port Bannatyne War MemorialShore Road,Port Bannatyne,PA20 0LQWar Memorial207456 / 667347PV09608000001
Port Bhan War MemorialPort Charlotte,PA49 7UNWar Memorial125959 / 660153PV02712040001
Port Ellen War MemorialPier,Port Ellen,PA42 7DWWar Memorial136440 / 645138PV02808150001
Rothesay War MemorialEsplanade,Rothesay,PA20 0AUWar Memorial208815 / 664745PV09708810001
Salen War MemorialSalen and Ulva Parish Church,Salen,PA72 6JBWar Memorial157225 / 743097PV09014070001
Shandon War MemorialHelensburgh,Shandon,G84 8NNWar Memorial226063 / 685294EST00097
Skipness War MemorialSkipness,PA29 6XTWar Memorial190310 / 657847PV11602140001
Southend War MemorialCampbeltown,Southend,PA28 6RQWar Memorial169199 / 610547PV04209820001
Strongarbh War MemorialDervaig Road,Tobermory,PA75 6PRWar Memorial150860 / 755413PV09110590001
Tarbert War MemorialLady Ileene Road,Tarbert,PA29 6TUWar Memorial186367 / 668831PV08410050001
Tarbet War MemorialChurch Road,Arrochar,G83 7AAWar Memorial230212 / 704086PV12512030001
Taynuilt War MemorialTaynuilt,PA35 1JEWar Memorial200365 / 731015PV06610260001
Tiree War MemorialPier Road,Scarinish,PA77 6TNWar Memorial104722 / 745249PV06714260001
Whitehouse War MemorialWhitehouse,PA29 6XRWar Memorial181637 / 661298PV08410050002
Blackhill Civic Amenity Welfare UnitLuss Road,Helensburgh,G84 9FBWelfare0 / 0PV11011250001
Campbeltown TLP Amenity Welfare UnitThe Roading,Campbeltown,PA28 6LUWelfare171407 / 620828PV03201780001
High Street Depot Welfare Unit114,High Street,Rothesay,PA20 9BDWelfare208688 / 664168PP09708920001
Rothesay Roads Depot Tool Shed & Welfare19,Union Street,Rothesay,PA20 0HDWelfare208601 / 664220PR09709360001
Dunoon Youth Centre22,Kirk Street,Dunoon,PA23 7DRYouth Centre217391 / 676585PE00503640001
Kilcreggan Tennis ClubKilcreggan,G84 0LZYouth Centre222500 / 680987EST00218