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Find your bin collection calendar by entering your postcode

Your bin collection dates for 2023 are available here using our postcode lookup - just enter your postcode, select your address, and you can find all your upcoming collection dates for 2023 and a downloadable PDF calendar.

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Find out the bin collection arrangements in your area - your bin calendars, what goes in your bins for rubbish and recycling, and where to find local reycling points in your area:

People unable to access the internet can check their next bin uplift day by calling 01546 605514 and pressing option 2 for a 24/7 response, or one printed calendar can be requested by people without internet access by calling 01546 605514 and choosing option 3. Please remember, staff are mostly working from home so it may take two to three weeks before someone is in the office to print out a calendar and send it.

If you can't find the rubbish or bin collection information for your area, or if you require any further information, please call the Contact Centre on 01546 605514.

Rubbish and recycling collections for businesses - For commercial rubbish and recycling collection dates please see your individual contract agreed with the council. Find out more about commercial waste collections here

Assisted bin collections

Did you know that we can provide an assisted bin collection service if you are not able to put your wheelie bin out for collection yourself? (for example because of mobility problems or illness).

You can apply for an assisted collection if you have no other member of your household who is able to help, and you are not able to put out your bins yourself because of a mobility problem or illness.

To apply, please fill in our online form, call us on 01546 605514 or email and an application form will be sent out to you.

Some basic guidance on the use of your wheelie bin

If you have any general enquiries about the use of your domestic bin you can get in touch with us using our online form.

The wheeled bin must be used, and no excess or side waste should be placed outwith the bin.
Please return your bin back onto your property as soon as reasonably possible after collection.
Do not leave a bin permanently on the footpath.

Points to Remember

DO make sure your bin is available on your designated bin collection day, by the time stated for your area. Bin collection times may vary due to operational changes. However, we will try to catch up as soon as possible.

  • DO make sure the lid is fully closed with the handle facing towards the kerb.
  • DO make sure your bin is returned to your property after rubbish collection
  • DO maintain access to your street on collection day. If access to your bin is impossible, we will be unable to empty it.
  • DO use the kerbside recycling collection services where available or take recyclables to a recycling site.
  • DO compost your garden waste at home or take it to a recycling and civic amenity site.
  • DO use our chargeable special uplift service for items not suitable for your wheelie bin. Restrictions apply so please fill in our online request form or contact 01546 605514 for advice.
  • DON'T place hot ashes in your bin.
  • DON'T leave your bin permanently on the footpath
  • DON'T pack it too tightly.
  • DON'T leave excess waste beside it. Waste presented for collection should be contained only in the wheeled bin with the lid fully closed. EXCESS WASTE WILL NOT BE UPLIFTED.

Homes on unadopted roads

We will collect bins from unadopted (private) roads providing that the road is safe for the bin lorry and to do so is operationally suitable. If your road is found not to be suitable then we will arrange a communal collection point where your private road joins the public road.

Please don’t, under any circumstances, put potentially flammable items in your household wheelie bins.

  • Batteries: these can be recycled safely at shops selling batteries or at our civic amenity sites.
  • Marine flares: please contact your nearest marina who will be able to advise you on the correct disposal route.