Advice for Food Businesses

How to register as a food business

Find out how to register a food business

Register as a Food Business 

If you operate a food business in Argyll and Bute, have recently taken over an existing business or wish to start a new business, it is a legal requirement for you to register with the Environmental Health Service at least 28 days before you intend to open. This registration is free of charge.

Apply for a Food Premises Approval Licence 

If you intend to manufacture, process, produce or handle products of animal origin  such as fish or fish products, minced meat preparations, dairy products or egg products from your establishment and supply these products to other establishments your operations may require to be "approved" under Regulation (EC) 853/2004. In general this applies to manufacturing.

The activities carried out in these types of establishments can be subject to specific requirements of food safety, authenticity and legal compliance.

You are strongly advised to seek the advice of the Council's Lead Officer for Food Control at the earliest opportunity and before you apply for planning permission, before you apply for a building warrant, before you outlay any expenditure or carry out any works.

You cannot place food upon the market unless you have received a formal approval from the Council.

Apply for a Street Cafe Licence

A licence is required to use a portion of a public street, road or place for the sale of food and drink and for the placing of tables, chairs or other temporary furniture outside a restaurant or cafe for patrons to use whilst consuming food and drink.

Food hygiene

The Food Standards Agency provides general advice on starting up a food business including helpful leaflets

If you are starting a business don't forget to register with Environmental Health.

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