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How and where do I register a Birth?

Any birth occurring in Scotland should be registered within 21 days of its occurrence by the Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Birth Registration can be made at any Registration Office in Scotland.

There is now the option to register a birth remotely via telephone or video call, please discuss this with the registrar at the time of booking the appointment. 

Contact your local Registrar for further information and to make an appointment.  You can also complete our online appointment form and the registrar will contact you as soon as received.

Who can register a birth in Scotland?

A child's father or mother has a duty to register the birth. In the case of the death or inability of the father or mother the following persons can register the birth:

  • Any relative of the mother or father, if he is married to the mother, being a relative who has knowledge of the birth;
  • The occupier of the premises in which the child was, to the knowledge of that occupier, born;
  • Any person present at the birth;
  • Any person having charge of the child.

A father who is not married to the mother can only register the birth and be named in the register as the father if:

  • He jointly signs the register with the mother;
  • He and the mother sign declarations (these are available from the registrar) that he is the father; or
  • A court declares that he is the father and the mother registers the birth.

What Documents Should I Take to the Registrar?

You should take with you:

  • The card issued by the hospital;
  • The marriage certificate of the child's parents if available.

Do not worry if any of these documents are not available as the registrar can still proceed to register the birth.
When the registration is complete the registrar will give you free of charge an abbreviated extract (i.e. excluding parentage details) of the birth entry.
You can obtain a full extract of the birth entry for a fee of £10.00.

What if the Birth Occurs Abroad?

You should register the birth according to local regulations in the country concerned and obtain a birth certificate. You may also be able to register the birth with the British Consul in that country for a fee. However, you are under no obligation to do so. A record of the birth will be sent to Scotland and you will thereafter be able to obtain a copy from New Register House. For further information you can contact your local registrar.

Who all do I need to inform of the birth?

There are various departments and organisations that may need to know about the birth of your child.  Please see our leaflet for more information. Here are some examples of people to contact after the birth of your child.

Your local GP
Once you have registered the birth of your child you will be issued with a form called EC58 which you can either take to your local GP reception or your health visitor/midwife will take this from you at your next appointment.

HMRC - Child Benefit
Call 0300 200 3100, apply online for child benefit or complete the application form in your bounty pack.  You will need to provide the entry detail after you have registered the birth

Argyll and Bute Council - Housing Benefit & Council Tax Relief
Ensure a change of circumstances form is completed and a copy of the child’s birth certificate has been provided to have your claim updated and the correct amount of benefit paid. 

Health and Social Care Partnership – Social Work
If you have a named social worker you should advise them that you have had a child.  Call 01546 605517 or visit your local customer service point to arrange an appointment.

Department of Work and Pensions
Contact your local Jobcentre Plus to update any benefit being received from the DWP

Universal Credit
Update your universal credit account to add your new child to ensure you receive the correct amount of UC.

Social Security Scotland – Best Start Grant
Grants can be applied for a child if you are over 24 weeks pregnant or have a child under six months and are in receipt of a qualifying benefit.  Your registrar can assist you with making an application online or you can apply online for Best Start Grants.

Live Argyll – Libraries
Check out what events happen in your local library for you and your baby - check on the Live Argyll website or email