Family research - Adoption

If you were adopted in Scotland, you can trace your original birth entry.

The Adoption Unit at New Register House can provide you with an extract of your original entry if you were born in Scotland. Write to the Adoption Unit providing details of your adoptive name, date of birth and your full postal address. You will be sent a declaration form to complete.

The Adoption Unit, New Register House, 3 West Register Street, Edinburgh, Scotland EH1 3YT

What might be revealed?

  • further information about place and time of birth
  • the original name under which you were registered
  • your mother's name and surname and possibly occupation
  • your father's name, if recorded, and
  • the name and possibly the relationship of the person who registered the birth.

This information may also give you a lead into Adoption records or Adoption Agency records. You will also be told the location of your Court records.
You have a statutory right to counselling services under the Adoption and Children (Scotland) Act 2007.

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