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Community Asset Transfers

Expression of Interest

Community asset transfer involves the transfer of responsibility for an asset from Argyll and Bute Council to any suitable community, voluntary or social enterprise group/community controlled body.

Community asset transfer can take several forms:

  • a transfer of outright ownership
  • a request for a short or long term lease /licence
  • A request for "other use"

The Council is keen to work with groups to progress options for people to be involved in developing and providing opportunities or services for their local communities. It may also allow groups to develop commercial proposals which will support community benefit or may mean that public assets get used more frequently and more effectively.

There are three ways to look to progressing your interest in Council assets

1. Seek a commercial lease or offer to buy2. Enact the Asset Transfer Request process as part of the Community Empowerment Act3. Develop an arrangement by working in partnership with the council to achieve mutual goals and better serve local communities
  • We suggest that you consider using our Expression of Interest (EOI) process before submitting a formal ATR. EOI are an information way to engage with council officers and departments to access information and help build an understanding of what you seek to achieve with your request.  Through working with the Council it may be possible to develop common understanding and joint goals that would enable a request to be developed that could proceed in partnership without enacting the legislation.
Community-led ownership or control of land and buildings can be a powerful tool for communities to drive change and achieve their own goals, it can provide:
  • A base for activities and services that might not otherwise be accessible to members of a particular community
  • Improved social wellbeing, economic development, regeneration, public health or environmental wellbeing
  • Generate new income to the local area
  • Unlock access to funding and grants to invest in local services
  • Help build a stronger sense of community identity, cohesion and involvement

From time to time Assets become surplus to requirement or come under threat of closure.  Our normal course of action is to post those assets for sale through our Estates and Property Development Section.  We want to reach out to communities to see if there is any interest in developing a partnership approach to maintaining or jointly developing some of these assets that may have particular community interest.

Please use our Expression of Interest form to indicate you are interested in talking to us about an idea.

Expression of Interest for working in partnership bringing assets into community control

In the past there had been some public conveniences that had to close or were at risk of having opening times restricted and the challenges this has put on operational budgets. 

  • We are activly seeking to start a coversation with community groups and organisations about how we might be able to bring forward ways to secure the continued use of these valued local assets into the future. 
  • We would be interested in talking about any of our assets but in particular we are asking for groups who have an interest in supporting toilet opening times in the following areas.

Mid - Argyll             

Kilmartin  Crinan Toilets  Tayvallich
Kilmartin                              Crinan                          Tayvallich


Bridgend  Bruicladdich  Porthaven
Bridgend                               Bruichladdich                             Portnahaven
  • Agreements would be subject to individual circumstances and locally defined needs. We would expect a minimum opening times and need to ensure a basic cleaning routine which there is some financial support to put in place.
  • We have some draft agreements made with other community groups to be able to model any future partnerships around that we would be happy to share.
If you wish to discuss any proposal prior to submitting a written Expression of Interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us
Our contact information is detailed on the  Contact Us page.
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