Asset Transfer EOI

Expression of Interest

(following extracts taken from Scottish Governments Asset Transfer Guidance)

3.3. Community transfer bodies are encouraged to discuss their ideas with Argyll and Bute Council at an early stage. This may be when they have identified an asset they are interested in, or to discuss their ideas and needs and see whether any suitable assets are available.

8.2. In the past, most voluntary asset transfer schemes have taken a two-stage approach. Community bodies were asked to submit outline proposals or expressions of interest, and if this was given approval in principle they would be supported to develop a full case to go forward for a final decision.

While the statutory scheme requires a full request to be made to initiate the process, we feel it may still be helpful to view outline proposals as a  pre-application stage. Community bodies would then know whether they had support from Argyll and Bute Council before undertaking the substantial work to produce a full asset transfer request, or applying for funding.
We are calling this pre-application stage an Expression of Interest  you can download a form here or you can contact us to get advice on how to start a transfer request.

The statutory Asset Transfers Request process only starts after a validation letter has been issued by Argyll and Bute Council. 
We send out this letter to confirm all the necessary information for us to assess your request has been received.
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If you wish to discuss your proposal prior to submitting a written expression of interest, please don’t hesitate to contact us one of the team.
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