Asset Transfer Support

Information and links for support in finding more about Asset Transfer as part of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

Asset Transfer Support

Welcome to Argyll and Bute Council’s Asset Transfer support page for Community Transfer Bodies.

This page will host information and links to where you can receive support in finding more about Asset Transfer as part of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015.

This is a link to the full act Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015

In particular Part 5 of the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 which sets out the key rights and duties and provides a framework for the asset transfer process.

This is a link to Part 5 of the Act which deals with Asset Transfer in particular.

This link takes you to the Scottish Government website support page for Community Asset Transfers.  You can also download the Asset Transfer guidelines used to support the Act. There is also a summary guide that gives a quick overview.

You may find information on the following site of help when looking at Community Empowerment and Asset Transfers

The Development Trust Association Scotland (DTAS) run a service called Community Ownership Support Service (COSS).

Open this link COSS

They are funded directly from the Scottish Government and offer support to help community-based groups in Scotland to take on land or building assets for their community.

They also support local authorities, other public bodies and members of Community Planning Partnerships wishing to transfer a building or land asset.

The site hosts a range of publications, advice, fact sheets and tools to help decide on how to move forward.

Highlands and Islands also host Community Support pages for community assets you may find useful.

SCVO has helpful advice on its website for groups setting up a formal organisation, including advice on charitable status.

The Scottish Government Right to Buy pages have helpful information and a mapping tool you may find of assistance.

Argyll and Bute Council can help with finding out about your community’s priorities, help with getting local people more involved and support and local funding for community projects.  For more information contact the

Community Development Team



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