Rural Growth Deal

Rural Growth Deal for Argyll 


Images of ArgyllArgyll, Bute and our 22 other inhabited islands bring together much of what is best about Scotland – natural resources that drive forward national and international business markets, expertise that inspires innovation, and people committed to developing the prosperous future the area needs and deserves.

Argyll therefore provides opportunities for sustainable economic growth that would benefit life in Argyll, Scotland and the UK.

To turn opportunity into success we must reverse the decline in our population. Forecasts estimate that by 2027 Argyll will need 10,000+ more people to boost business development activity and deliver services for Argyll and the West Coast of Scotland.

There is strong, clear local backing for a rural growth deal for Argyll. More than 900 people took time to respond to our consultation, with 97% saying they support a rural growth deal. 

Rural areas and the people who live here can make a strong contribution to the Scotland and UK economies. Argyll has natural resources and ambitious communities - these have already resulted in world class food and drink exports and a tourism industry performing well above the national average.

Now there is also an opportunity to harness innovation and business excellence. Residents of rural communities have the same right to access new opportunities that will bring inclusive growth just as those in cities do. It is in everyone’s interest that rural Scotland thrives.

In the words of one of the many local people supporting a deal, “[Argyll’s] potential for growth is plain to see...with ideas and drive we still need investment to fulfil this potential.”

Along with our partners, the council is working with UK and Scottish Governments to bring about transformational investment that will deliver economic success across Argyll.

Councillor Aileen Morton
Leader of Argyll and Bute Council

Vision for investment

With public backing we developed the vision, ‘Argyll, the natural choice’ to highlight why our area deserves investment. While the bid will be submitted from Argyll and Bute Council, the vision refers to ‘Argyll’ as our ambition is for a deal that will bring success to Argyll, Bute and other islands.

Our rural growth deal proposals are about placing investment where it will best develop Argyll as a successful region and economic driver for Scotland and the UK.

We developed them in discussion with partners, and with feedback from the public.

The proposals are designed to deliver success across Argyll and Bute, based on three key drivers:

  • Connecting: our high value business sectors with national and international business markets; our local economic successes with national strategic priorities
  • Attracting: additional skills, training and learning opportunities; new residents, visitors and businesses
  • Growing: doing more of what works; making more of our natural and built resources

Find out more about living, working and learning in Argyll and Bute.

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