Public backing for a rural growth deal

There is strong public backing for a rural growth deal for Argyll. Pride in the area and confidence in its potential came through clearly in the responses to our consultation.

These comments give an insight into the strength of support for a deal for Argyll.

  • "Having lived in many counties across the UK I decided to settle in Argyll as it is the most stunning and beautiful county I have lived in. The potential for growth and development is plain to see and other people in the community are of the same mindset however with ideas and drive we still need financial investment to fulfil this potential."
  • "There is great potential for growth in rural areas in Argyll, particularly the islands. The people who live here have great skills, motivation and ideas for businesses. We are always at a disadvantage because of transport costs and infrastructure failings."
  • “The region has a great deal to offer! Let's work to getting maximum investment and make Argyll and Bute a wonderful place for residents and visitors alike.”
  • "It’s very important to think of the future, both for opportunities for the younger generation and care for the ever increasing older generation"
  • "Although the remote beauty of the area needs to be acknowledged and protected, so too must the people who choose to live here. Attracting growth and thereby people will hopefully enable the care and nurturing of the area’s population to become rural-proofed, which might mean heightened facilities in remote areas."
  • "There is a need to be proactive in keeping growth going as the decline in population can only be halted with investment and attracting businesses"
  • "Fundamental to survival of the region as a thriving community"
  • "Rural growth is important to Argyll and Bute as it needs to attract a younger workforce to sustain all types of economic business including but not limited to fishing, agriculture, farming, small businesses, education and investment."
  • "I’m in favour of any proposal that brings employment and the chance of further prosperity to the area."
  • "It’ll bring more activity and prosperity to the county as well as benefiting residents."
  • "Argyll and Bute has so much to offer, but it needs some significant investment to make the area a place where people can live and work.”
  • "Extra assistance is required to kick start growth across Argyll and Bute.  From key infrastructure that supports the whole economy, business development support to area wide strategies, they are all in need of funding when cut backs are at their hardest."