Protecting children e-learning module

Argyll & Bute Child Protection Committee expects that all staff and volunteers working with children and young people have, as a minimum, foundation knowledge of child protection.

An e-learning module is available which offers essential information on child protection issues for those who are waiting to start their training with us, or who only require basic level information in recognising and reporting situations where there might be a need for protection.

Although the resource has been developed for NHS services and staff members, it is also available and relevant for a wide range of social care, education, voluntary sector services, and the general contact workforce described as those who, as part of their job are likely to come into contact with children, young people and other family members. 

This resource is based on the National Guidance for Child Protection in Scotland (Scottish Government, 2010) and it also draws on the NES Core Competency Framework for the Protection of Children. Please note you are advised to read your own agency child protection policy in conjunction with this module, so that you know how to share concerns and access help and advice in line with your agency’s child protection procedures.


The module will take in approximately 60 minutes to complete and the resource provides you with the opportunity to learn about:

  1. How the Getting It Right for Every Child approach supports the protection of children.
  2. What children need from those who look after them, including the potential impact of adversity in parents'/carers' lives.
  3. The different dimensions of children's growth and development - physical, social, educational, emotional, spiritual and psychological.
  4. The general impact of the wider world of family, friends and community on children, including general factors affecting unborn children.
  5. The kinds of events, characteristics and circumstances that can give rise to concerns about children, including unborn children.
  6. General principles of information sharing, including the distinction between circumstances where there is a need for consent and where there is not

To access this module please email with your full name, job title, agency and email address. They will send you a link with login and password details for access. Once you have fully completed the module you can print out a certificate for your records.