Outdoor events

Planning a Car Rally, Agricultural Show or Other Outdoor Event?

Mid Argyll Show

If you are planning a Car Rally, Agricultural Show or other outdoor event you may need to exclude the public for safety or in order to charge people for entry.  In order to do this for up to 5 days you may require a Section 11 Order.  You will need to apply for this at least 21 days before the event although it is free.

If the event will last more than 6 days this will require public consultation and you will need to apply at least 4 months before the event.  Please contact the Access Team if you think you may need an exemption for more than 6 days; generally this is very unusual.

If you need to apply for a Section 11 Order you can find this in the Section 11 Application Pack.

If you have any questions, need advice or wish to discuss whether or not an order is required please contact the Access Manager.

Current Section 11 orders

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