Better journeys photo competition winners

Making small changes to every day shorter journeys can make a big difference.


That’s the main message behind Argyll and Bute Council’s better journey campaign to try encourage more people to leave the car behind for shorter journeys where possible.


Around 60% of journeys, we take, between one and two miles are by car. Mixing and matching how you travel can make a big difference to your health, purse and the planet. Whether that is walking to the shop, cycling to school, taking public transport or lift sharing to where you need to be.


The council launched a photo competition in February and invited people to share their better journeys.


Photo competition winners


First prize – Cowal Befrienders

Congratulations to Cowal Befrienders for their fantastic photo of volunteer Kate taking Kath and Mary from Ardnahein Care Home out on the trishaw bike at Westbay, Dunoon. A special trip to celebrate Kath’s 102nd birthday. They win a £50 Argyll and Bute gift card.


Proving there are no barriers to enjoying being outdoors and making a better journey, Robin Miller, (Project Co-ordinator) from Cowal Befrienders said:


“We’re delighted to win the better journeys competition. We took the photo on a beautiful crisp January day in Dunoon, with Kath celebrating her birthday. Using the Cycling without Age Scotland Trishaw has helped us to build connections with the local care homes and the community. We can provide a unique and sociable outdoor experience for older people, with everyone stopping to talk when we are out on the bike. It’s a great way to help get older people out and enable them to chat and share stories.”


Well done to our runners-up:

Claire Coe from Helensburgh for her picture taken on the nursery drop-off as she cycles with her child admiring the blossom filled streets.


 “We try and make a better journey where and when we can, by cycling or walking to the swimming pool, to the local shops or to the Edible Community Garden in Rhu. For us travelling together as a family, is great fun, good for our health with lots of fresh air, and you feel closer to nature.”

Alison Ralston from Campbeltown, pictured cycling on her way to the childminder with her son.

“My 17-month old son and I cycle three mornings a week to his childminder's house. We've been cycling since he was 11 months old. He absolutely loves being on the bike and seeing everything that is going on. He watches out for the local plane going over and says hi to all the people, dogs and cats we meet on our route. It's a great fresh air start to both our days.”

Claire and Alison both win a £25 Argyll and Bute gift card.

Councillor Andrew Kain, Policy Lead for Roads and Infrastructure said:

“Thanks to everyone for entering our better journeys photo competition. It’s fantastic to see so many people making small changes where they can and breaking down barriers, no matter what age from the ladies enjoying their trishaw trip to parents cycling with their young children.

We know it’s not always possible to leave the car at home all the time, but we hope the winning photos will help inspire others to make small changes, even just once a week, to make a big difference and help create a climate friendly Argyll and Bute. ”

For more information on how you can make a better journey, visit


Transport Scotland through the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (SCSP) Fund and Argyll and Bute Council funds the Better Journeys campaign.

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