Don't forget your Voter ID

If you want to vote in person in the UK General Election, you’ll need to bring photo ID with you. 

There are several different types of ID you can use. It’s important to make sure you have valid photo ID with you when you go to the polling station, otherwise you will not be able to vote. 

You can also use photo ID that’s expired – as long as you still look like your photo and the ID is in the same name you’ve used to register to vote. 

If you have a National Entitlement Card for concessionary travel, you can use that as your photo ID. These are available to young people aged 5 to 21, to people over 60, or to people with disabilities. If you think you may be eligible, find out more and apply.

If you don’t have any photo ID, you still have choices about how you take part in the UK General Election. You have to be registered to vote regardless of how you choose to vote. 

You can apply for a Voter Authority Certificate if you want to vote in person. It’s free to apply and you only need a recent photo of yourself and your National Insurance (NI) number. If you don’t know your NI number, you may need to provide some other form of ID to apply – for example, a birth certificate, a bank statement or utility bill. 

If your name is now different to that on your photo ID, or if you no longer look like the photo on your ID, you can also apply for a certificate. 

If you need a Voter Authority Certificate to vote in the UK General Election on 4th July, you’ll need to apply before 5pm on Wednesday 26th June 2024. Find out more and apply online.

Make sure you have the opportunity to use your vote and have your say in the UK General Election on 4th July. The choice is yours! 

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