Can you make a better journey in 2024?

Did you know that around 60% of journeys, we take, between one and two miles are by car? Choosing to use the car less, even just once a week, can make a big difference to your health, purse and the planet.

That’s the message behind a new campaign from Argyll and Bute Council aimed at encouraging more people to make small changes to everyday journeys.

Communities across Argyll and Bute are out and about travelling in different ways to get to where they need to go. Many residents are already doing what they can to reduce their carbon footprint. The Better Journeys campaign looks at small changes people can make by mixing and matching how they travel.

What small changes can you make?

  • Can you leave the car at home and cycle to school with the kids in the morning?
  • Are you able to lift share with colleagues to work instead of taking multiple cars to the same location?
  • If you only need a few items, can you walk to your local shop or take the bus?


Win a prize

As part of the campaign, the council has launched a photo competition and is asking residents to share their better journeys stories. Next time you’re wheeling down to the park, walking to the shops or hopping on the bus, take a photo and enter the competition with the chance to win a £50 Love Local gift card. To enter, simply upload images to

Councillor Peter Wallace, Depute Policy Lead for Roads and Infrastructure:

“New Year is traditionally a time for resolutions. This year, we’re asking Argyll and Bute communities to make their resolutions count by mix and matching journeys where you can and when you can.

We understand, it’s not always possible to leave the car at home all the time but small changes, even if it’s just once a week will make a big difference to your health, purse and the planet.

Air pollution is the biggest environmental threat to health in the UK. By reducing car use, where possible, you can help create a climate friendly Argyll and Bute and make a positive difference.

Please share your better journeys with us and help inspire others to make a difference.”

More information about better journeys is available on the council website

Transport Scotland through the Smarter Choices, Smarter Places (SCSP) with Argyll and Bute Council funds the Better Journeys campaign.

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