Fees introduced for electric vehicle charging points

Argyll and Bute Council has increased its electric vehicle charging network to 28 points across the area as part of its commitment to reduce the impact of climate change.

Its new policy of recovering costs for the electricity drawn to charge private vehicles comes into effect on 9 April 2021. This will bring Argyll and Bute in line with many other Scottish local authorities.

Read more information on locations of the EV charging points and fees.   

So far, EV users have been able to charge their vehicles free of charge. However, the council agreed at its budget meeting on February 2020 to introduce a nominal fee to cover the cost of the electricity, with a small contribution towards the upkeep of the system.

People rely heavily on private vehicles in rural communities. In the HITRANS area, vehicle ownership is 18% higher, and average distances travelled by road are estimated to be around 20% greater, than the Scottish average.

Investing in EV technology helps people connect in a way that is more climate friendly. It also helps remove barriers to accessing employment, education, leisure activities and essential services.

The council’s EV charge point network has been made possible through funding from the Scottish Government, via Transport Scotland. 





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