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If you have large items you want to dispose of that don't fit in your wheelie bin, such as old If you have large items you want to dispose of that don't fit in your wheelie bin, such as old beds, mattresses, furniture, large electrical appliances or other bulky items, you can arrange for us to come and collect them from your home.

If these items are in good condition, we would urge you to consider recycling them, either by selling or donating them. In some areas, household items that are still in good condition can be donated to charity and often collected from your home free of charge.  Details of local organisations are on our website.

In Scotland, each year we throw away around 5000 tonnes of sofas and 9700 tonnes of washing machines that could have been reused.

But, by reusing 15% of all sofas, we generate around £1.5m in sales and employment and save 1500 tonnes of CO2 equivalent. And by reusing 5% of all washing machines we generate £33,000 in sales and employment and save 1000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent*.

Councillor Rory Colville, Policy Lead for Roads and Infrastructure Services, said: “Please make reuse or recycle your first consideration when replacing bulky items that you no longer want or need. Many companies providing white goods will now take away your old appliance for recycling if it’s not fit to sell or donate to a new home. Recycling is not just good for the environment, it also helps to create jobs and boosts the economy.”

The charge for the special waste collection service is £69.90 for a 10 minute collection. If your items take longer than 10 minutes to collect from your home you may be charged for additional time.

The service has restarted after a lay-off because of Covid-19. It may take slightly longer than usual to get to you, so please bear with us.

There is a separate service if you have a commercial business and would like waste removed from your property. 

*figures from Zero Waste Scotland

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