Help for young people who feel unsafe

Published Date: 

27 Mar 2020 - 12:59

For most young people, being at home is the safest place to be during this coronavirus outbreak but we know this might not be the case for everyone.

If you feel worried, upset or unsafe, either for yourself or someone else during school closures, the following people and organisations can help:

  • If possible speak to an Adult you know and trust who can listen and take action to help.
  • School staff are still available for you to talk to, either online or on the phone; they will have let you know how to get in touch.
  • Childline You can contact them about anything and whatever your worry they are there to support you and help you find ways to cope. There are lots of different ways to get in touch with them. You can also get help from other young people through their site. or call 0800 1111
  • provide a safe space where young people can get their questions answered accurately and without judgement. They respond to all questions within 24 hours.
  • Social work are there to help and support children and young people who are at risk of harm or don’t feel safe at home. You can call them during office hours on 01546 605517 or evenings and weekends on 01631 566491 or 01631 569712. Harm can means lots of different things – you can find more about this on Argyll and Bute’s Child Protection Committee website
  • Police If you or someone you know is in immediate danger call the Police on 999 who will take action to keep you safe.
  • With schools being closed, pupils will be spending more time online and it is more important than ever that you are protected from cyberbullying and online grooming. or help you report abuse and have lots of information on how to minimise these potential risks from others online. The school’s digital team also have a link to this on their virtual learning page

If you don’t have a phone or internet access at any point during the school closure try and let your school know as soon as possible. They will ensure you have the ability to stay in contact with school staff and receive information.

Please share this information with younger children you know and on social media.