Child Protection

Under Pressure Campaign 

 All parents and carers know that bringing up children is really hard work.

person holding heads in handsAfter a difficult couple of years, this winter has brought yet more challenges with increased living costs putting families under greater stresses and pressures.If you’re struggling to look after your children it’s ok to ask for help and support. There are people and places who can offer a helping hand, and it’s always better to ask for help than let things get worse. Talk to a friend, a neighbour or someone else you trust, like a health visitor, a community worker or teacher. Or if you’re a neighbour, a friend or family member who can see that a parent is struggling, offer to help.

If you’re worried about neglect or abuse

If you’re concerned that a child is being neglected, abused or harmed you need to report it.

Report concerns to  the social work department on 01546 605517 or Police on 101. If someone is in immediate danger call 999.


I am a child / young person...

All children have the right to feel safe and to be protected from harm and abuse

If you are worried about abuse, neglect, bullying or anything that makes you feel unsafe, we can help

I am a parent / carer / concerned adult