Council Leader calls again for a permanent solution for A83

Published Date: 

5 Mar 2020 - 16:17
Rest and Be Thankful

The Leader of Argyll and Bute Council calls again for a permanent solution for the A83 following a new funding announcement from Scottish Government (5th March)

Councillor Aileen Morton said:

“The issues with the Rest and Be Thankful have been recognised for over a decade now, a decade in which a sticking plaster approach has been taken by the Scottish Government. This is a vital route for Argyll and Bute, for Scotland, and it’s time for a more substantial commitment to be made. 

“The process the Scottish Government is currently going through to review potential transport projects across the country is a long, drawn out one. This was first suggested as a way forward for the Rest and Be Thankful in October 2018. We have no more information now than we did then and the final STPR report isn’t due to be available until spring 2021.

“Considering the mitigation measures failed yet again Argyll and Bute Council is still asking for a permanent solution to be identified, funded and delivered as a matter of urgency – it is likely to require a substantial sum of money to do this but that must be better than spending more money on works that don’t ultimately solve the problem.”