Help keep children and young people safe on-line

Published Date: 

6 Jul 2020 - 11:54

Argyll and Bute Child Protection Committee (ABCPC) is urging families and communities to find out how to help children and young people stay safe on-line. 

This messages comes on the back of increased concerns from Police Scotland about online child abuse crimes. 

As children and young people spend more time online there is an increase in the chances they will see something which isn't intended for them, be targeted by cyberbullies or on-line criminal offenders. 

Families and communities being aware of the risks and able to help children and young people to be vigilant can be the first step in staying safe. 

Help is available in understanding risks and steps to take to help keep children safe. This includes support and confidential helplines for anyone with concerns about, or affected by online abuse or cyberbullying. 

The ABCPC lists help available on its website at

If you are aware of on-line crime you can report this to Police Scotland by telephone 999 (emergency) , 101 (non-emergency) or in person at any police station. You can also report a crime anonymously online with Crimestoppers

If you're unsure whether someone's behaviour online is a crime or not call 101. This is a non-emergency police line that can offer advice on what you can report as a crime. You can also visit the Youth Hub on Police Scotland website for advice