Update on bin collections

Published Date: 

1 Apr 2020 - 13:24
tin cans stacked on top of one another

We appreciate your co-operation and patience as we make changes to our waste collection services during the coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic. This is to make sure that we have enough resources to deliver critical services in a way that meets government guidelines and keeps the public and our staff safe.

We are continually monitoring the resources available and will let you know if more become available.

Meantime, please continue to put your general waste bins out as normal. You can check when it’s next due to go out here: https://www.argyll-bute.gov.uk/planning-and-environment/bin-collection . However, if it takes us a bit longer than usual to collect it, please bear with us and leave it out. We will get there.

It’s understandable there are some concerns that we cannot uplift recycling materials at the moment. Here are some things you can do to store safely your recyclate at home until it can be uplifted:

  • Make sure you wash out plastic bottles (especially milk bottles) and trays thoroughly.

  • Squash plastic bottles and then put the lid back on.

  • Stack trays the same size inside each other to save space.

  • Flatten cardboard boxes and paper.

  • If you can, crush your cans.

  • Rinse and flatten Tetrapaks (juice cartons etc).

  • Once your bin/bag is full, please start storing the recycling in plastic bags, or inside large cardboard boxes, in a dry place.

Thank you.