Council apprentices share their stories

Published Date: 

1 Mar 2019 - 13:53

This week is Scottish Apprenticeship Week 2019. As a council we are proud to run the 'Growing Our Own' scheme – introducing youngsters to a professional working environment.

Since 2014, Argyll and Bute Council has employed over 50 modern apprentices.

These are some of our current modern apprentices who are working throughout various departments within the council:

  • “My name is Cameron McCallum and I work as an apprentice in modern IT in the council's IT department. I learn through desktop, servers and comms. I learn about providing customer support for desktop, network and servers. This can be for corporate services or education. I enjoy being an apprentice as I am able to learn and gain as much experience as I can within a modern IT job through various teams i.e. desktop, servers and comms. I also enjoy working as an apprentice for Argyll and Bute Council as I am treated with the same respect as every other employee within the council and I am also able to build up my confidence in real work environment.”
  • “My name is Euan and I work in the Improvement and HR team at Kilmory castle. I was hesitant at first to opt for an apprenticeship but I am glad I did. An apprenticeship is great for learning new skills and ways of working.”
  • “My name is Rhian. I work as a digital marketing apprentice in the council’s communication team. I learn about how we can connect with customers in different ways through things such a social media to encourage people to visit, live, work or learn in Argyll and Bute. I enjoy working within an apprenticeship as it allows me to build on certain qualities and obtain new skills in a working environment.”
  • “My name is Lauren, I work within the Improvement and HR team at Kilmory. So far I have learnt about the recruitment and selection process, the systems used within the council and also day to day office tasks. I like being an apprentice as I am learning new skills and gaining experience while also completing a qualification and earning money at the same time.”