The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005, Schedule 3, (paragraph 6) details training requirements.

The Licensing (Training of Staff) (Scotland) Regulations 2007, detail the training programme required and subjects to be covered.

Every person involved in the sale or service of alcohol in Scotland, whether paid or unpaid, full time, part time, or on a casual basis must be trained.  There are two levels of training:

a)     Personal licence training; and

b)     Staff training.

Personal licence training

This training is certificated and allows the trainee to apply to the licensing board for a personal licence.  Once a personal licence has been granted, the personal licence holder is then eligible to train staff, and to authorise and supervise the sale and service of alcohol on licensed premises.

Staff Training

This training can be provided by a personal licence holder or “accredited trainer” and must be of at least two hours duration covering the 16 points of licensing.

Training Records

Training records for every member of staff must be kept on the premises and must be produced to a Licensing Standards Officer on request.  Staff members who have successfully completed the training, must sign a declaration to this effect, which will be countersigned by the trainer.  This declaration will form part of the staff member’s training record.

Licensing Standards Inspections - Evidence of Training

In Argyll and Bute it is expected that the syllabus used to train staff will be available for inspection.  It is not sufficient only to produce the training declaration document during any licensing standards inspection without reference to the training materials used. 

There are excellent staff training books and online staff training courses available and a quick internet search on terms such as - "staff licensing training" - will give access to accredited training materials.

“Accredited Trainer” – is any person who has gained a qualification accredited by the Scottish Qualifications Authority.

If you require further information on training or training materials, please contact one of the licensing standards officers.

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