Personal Licence (to sell alcohol)

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Scottish Government has introduced some changes to the licensing process for some licenses, which mainly relate to the extension of timescales.

Find out more about the changes to alcohol and other licenses here

This is a portable licence granted to an individual enabling him/her to sell alcohol at a premises licensed for the sale of alcohol. The licence's duration is ten years.

How to make an application

Completing your application

How to Apply

Apply Online
If you would prefer to apply by post, you can download and print the application form 

The information you have supplied on this form will be used for the purpose for which you have provided it, and appropriate measures are in place to protect your personal data.  A full privacy notice, which provides information about your rights under current data protection legislation and details about what will happen to your personal data can be found here:

When applying for a licence, an individual must submit:

  • An application form 
  • Relevant qualification certificate
  • 2 passport photographs endorsed (signed by a person of standing in the community)
  • The appropriate fee of £50.00

Payment Details

The fee is £50 and this should be paid by cheque, made payable to Argyll & Bute Council. Alternatively, you can phone us on the number below and pay by credit/debit card.

An applicant for a personal licence must be over 18, hold a licensing qualification from an accredited trainer and must not have had a personal licence revoked in the preceding 5 years.

Contact Details

Please contact Kelly Coffield on 01546 604355 or on email at

Argyll and Bute Council
Governance & Law
Licensing Section
PA31 8RT

The Application Process

The Application Process

The Licensing Board must notify Police Scotland about any Personal Licence application, who must respond to the Licensing Board within 21 days with any comments/observations if any. 

The application must be granted by the Licensing Board if Police Scotland is not aware of the applicant being convicted of a relevant or foreign offence.  If however, Police Scotland reports that the applicant has been convicted of such an offence, he may recommend that the application is refused.  The Licensing Board would have to hold a hearing in this case. 

Regulation Summary   
A summary of the regulation relating to this licence

Requirements of Personal Licence Holders

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 (Part 6) imposes certain requirements of Personal Licence Holders who have been charged or convicted with any relevant offence  as follows:

  • Where a Personal Licence Holder is charged with any relevant offence, that person is required to inform the court that they are a Personal Licence Holder; and
  • If convicted of any relevant offence, the Personal Licence Holder must notify the Licensing Board within 30 days of the conviction.

Other requirements of Personal Licence Holders include:

  • To notify the Licensing Board of a change of name and/or address;
  • To report the loss or theft of Personal licence; and
  • While working on licensed premises to produce the Personal licence to Police Scotland or a Licensing Standards Officer for examination

For further information on the requirements of Personal Licence Holders or any other aspect of alcohol licensing, please contact your Licensing Standards Officer.

Objections and AppealsObjections and Appeals

Appeals against the refusal of an application must be made to the Sheriff Principal of North Strathclyde, Paisley Sheriff Court, St James Street, Paisley, PA3 2AW.

Appeals can only be made under one of the following grounds:

  • the Licensing Board erred in law
  • the decision was based on incorrect material facts
  • the Licensing Board acted contrary to natural justice
  • the Licensing Board used their discretion in an unreasonable manner
  • if any of the following steps were taken and are disproportionate, that is that at a review hearing of a premises licence the licence was suspended, varied or revoked or the licence holder was given a written warning or that a personal licence was revoked, suspended or endorsed

Any person may apply to the Licensing Board for a review of the licence. Grounds for review are that one or more of the conditions have been breached or for any other ground relevant to the licensing objectives. A hearing must be held in relation to the application.

If felt necessary Police Scotland can recommend that the application is refused on the grounds that any criminal conviction could be cause to refuse the application for the purposes of crime prevention objectives. This must be served by a notice within 21 days of receiving notice from the Licensing Authority. Police Scotland can only object if they suspect that the applicant or any connected person may be involved in serious organised crime.

Any person may object to an application or make representations in support of an application, modifications to an application or conditions to be added to a licence. They can do this by notifying the Licensing Board.

Any person may apply to the Licensing Board for a review of the licence. Grounds for review are that one or more of the conditions have been breached or for any other ground relevant to the licensing objectives. A hearing must be held in relation to the application.