Licensed Premises Statutory Documents and Notices

The Licensing (Scotland) Act 2005 requires certain documents to be kept or displayed on licensed premises. 

These are:

  • Section 52 – Summary Premises Licence - must be displayed on the premises and easily visible to those using the premises.  The summary licence comprises the licence and a set of mandatory licence conditions.   The licence comes stapled together from the licensing board which should not be removed.  It is recommended that display is in a clear plastic polypocket at the bar or reception under the control of staff.
  • ”Section 110” Notice - must be displayed customer-facing at each point of sale of alcohol within the premises (e.g. bar, checkout, etc.)  If there is no conventional bar, it is acceptable to display at reception or payment point on the premises.
  • Schedule 3 – Training Record -every member of staff, who is not a personal licence holder, and who is involved in the sale and/or service of alcohol, must be trained by a personal licence holder or accredited trainer, with a training record being completed as evidence of the training having been provided.  The training record must be kept on the premises and available for inspection by a licensing standards officer.
  • Schedule 3 - Alcohol Authorisation every sale of alcohol on premises must be authorised by the premises manager or other personal licence holder.  In Argyll and Bute it is expected that this authorisation will be given in writing and kept with staff training records.
  • Schedule 3 - Age Verification Policy -there must be an age verification policy in relation to the sale of alcohol on the premises. An age verification policy is a policy that steps are to be taken to establish the age of the person attempting to buy alcohol on the premises (the customer) if it appears to the person selling the alcohol that the customer may be less than 25 years of age (or such older age as may be specified in the policy).

If you require further information on documents and notices please contact one of the licensing standards officers.