Neighbours helping each other

Working with your wider set of neighbours can help lift the value of all your properties and save you cash. In the case of the raised backcourt decks over shops, working together may be essential and unavoidable. But, by working with your neighbours in other tenements, you could:

  • Co-ordinate a painting or stone cleaning scheme to make an impact and lift house values across the whole street.
  • Get a contractor to give you a discounted price for cleaning all the gutters in the street.

Campbeltown THI

The THI has already demonstrated that, by all owners getting together to use one builder who can bring in a large crane, a gutter cleaning programme can be cut from as much as £1000 to £200 per tenement.

"The Townscape Heritage Initiative (THI) has helped secure major restoration schemes including the Old Schoolhouse and the Royal Hotel, with more to follow, including several vacant buildings.

But tenement owners also have a role to play in the regeneration project. Well maintained tenements show an active, prosperous town with a future".
James Lafferty, Campbeltown THI Project Officer

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