Keep it up

Keep it up - prevention is better than cure

Roof & gutters

  • Get gutters cleaned annually
  • Get the roof, chimneys and flashings looked over annually and loose slates refixed.

Downpipes and drains

  • Keep cast iron rainwater goods properly painted – if they rust and leak, this could lead to dampness and rot.
  • Treat blocked drains quickly 
– they are designed to take water away from your building.

Drawing of tenementWalls

  • Make sure all repointing is done with lime mortar– this will help remove dampness from the structure and help preserve the stone, delaying expensive repairs.

Preventing Rot

  • If you get a roof leak or leak from a pipe, overflow etc. fix the leak and ventilate the area well to dry timbers quickly (much dry rot can be prevented or even cured by drying alone.) 
Lift floorboards etc. and use dehumidifiers if necessary.


  • Paint your windows regularly – this will help preserve timber windows. Pay special attention to window sills – often the first part of the window to suffer from rot and the place where water ingress can lead to rot below.
  • Replace mastic sealant around windows – it keeps out draughts and stops water penetration.
  • Getting older timber windows repaired and draught proofed is often much cheaper than getting them replaced.

At ground level

  • Make sure damp courses are not “bridged” by build ups of soil or rubbish at ground level.
  • Make sure airbricks are not blocked. Lack of ventilation can lead to rot in timbers of the sub floor.