We are committed to making sure that when we deliver our services, nobody is unfairly disadvantaged because of their background, wealth, income, or where they live.

This is because we know that these things can make it more likely that people:

  • Do less well in school
  • End up with fewer skills
  • Work in less secure or lower paid jobs
  • Are more likely to be a victim of crime
  • Are not treated with dignity or respect
  • May experience poorer health.

Therefore, where we can, we will work to deliver services that will reduce inequalities of opportunity.

We have an Equality and Socio-Economic Impact Assessment procedure that helps us to think about how our activities might affect different groups. You can find out more about the impact assessment process, and the results of our impact assessments here.

This helps us to meet the requirements of the Fairer Scotland Duty, which came into force in April 2018.